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  1. Thanks Scott, I wasnt really sure where I should have posted it, so I'm glad someone helped. Gill
  2. I also have a default on my credit report even though the debt was written off due to a D R O I received in May 2009. I have contacted Barclaycard and asked them to amend the details but they have ignored my letter. Is there anything else I can do? Also can a debt that was also written off by a D R O be sold on to someone else? I ask this because Shop Direct Finance (Littlewoods catalogue)sold my debt to a debt collector in 2010 ,5 months after the D R O ended. They knew it was unenforceable but still sold it on. Now this debt collection place has started wriing to me, over 2 years after the
  3. Do you have an address or e mail address for them?
  4. I had a debt to a certain credit card and I applied for and got a Debt Relief Order naming this firm as one of the people I owed money to. After a year the debt was deemed to be written off, but after that year, the holders of the debt, Apex of Stratford upon Avon, sold it on (knowing full well it was uneforceable) They sold it on to arrow global. I informed them of my DRO and gave all necessary info. Then I get a letter from one of arrows 'clients' (arrow under another name) I also gave them all the info, and heard no more till last year when I had a letter from Drydens solicitors asking for
  5. Thanks for that Ims. I wasnt sure whether they'd be able to keep any monies claimed or not. The DRO expired in May 2010, and I have not heard from G E Money (that's who the store card was issued by) since then so I can safely assume they have written this debt off now. (I hope)
  6. Dont know if I'm in the right place or not, but I have a question I hope someone can answer. I obtained a DRO (Debt Relief Order0 in May 2009. After 1 year the order expired and all debts were deemed to be written off. What I want to know is, I know I was mis sold PPI on one of my store cards, but seeing as that debt has now been written off, if I claimed, would they be entitled to keep any payments owing to me? Or, indeed can I still claim against them? Thank you.
  7. I recently had a letter from Arrow Global saying Nat West had passed on a debt of mine to them. I know this is not true because Nat West passed the debt on to Apex Credit Management of Stratford upon Avon some 3 or 4 years ago and I had been paying them every month till I got my DRO in May 2009. I wrote to Arrow and told them this and even gave details of my DRO if they wanted to check. I sent the letter recorded so I know they got it, but today I have received a letter from NCO saying Arrow Global have passed the debt on to them!!!! What I find really rather odd, is the fact that AG and NCO
  8. That's great. Many thanks for your help. I'll write to them later on today.
  9. That's what I thought. Are there any templates that I can use to word this letter? Many thanks for your reply. It is much appreciated.
  10. Further to my last posts regarding these people I have as recommended, started my own thread. With regard to the responses I received, Apex's role in this was that they were receiving payments from me because Natwest had passed the debt to them. No, I hadnt paid the debt off fully. As I previously explained in 2009 my finances were at rock bottom so I applied for and got a DRO in May 2009. Apex was listed on this DRO. This DRO expired in 2010 so why are AG contacting me when the debt has been written off? Chancers springs to mind ...
  11. I received 2 letters the other day. One was from Nat West informing me they had sold my debt on to Arrow global. I found this very strange because this debt was passed onto Apex of Stratford upon Avon 3 or 4 years ago!! The letter was allegedly from the credit card dept of Natwest, whose head office is in Southend on Sea. This being the case why was the address on the back of the envelope the same as the one from A G, which was a Scottish address?? The second letter was from A G saying I owed RBS/Natwest £xxx.xx. Now as I have already stated, this debt was passed on to Apex and I had been payi
  12. Great, thanks for that. Its strange but only last week a letter came to my address from MH, to someone who hasnt lived here for over 10 years!!!! Getting desperate I think ..
  13. I dont know if I'm in the right area but I'm sure if I am not, someone will point me right direction!! (thanks) Today I received three letters from Provident. They say Mackenzie Hall have appointed them to collect my 'outstandind debt' Firstly, I have no idea what these debts are for although they have given names, secondly one for sure that has been listed is not mine, I have never dealt with this company, thirdly, one has used the wrong inital for my name, and all 3 give me different title (i.e miss, Mrs , and a Miss C ****** which is not my name. They also state a Provident agent will c
  14. Funnily enough, I received an e mail from them this afternoon. They are refunding me less £10 admin fee and booking fee, so I'm happy.
  15. Good thinking! I hadnt thought about that. Its bad enough when they say they charge £10 for 'adminstration' when they finally refund you!! What makes me mad though is I cancelled the ticket a day before they took the money out of my account. I know it's probably becausee it's all automated etc, but it still makes me mad Thanks for the advice
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