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  1. hi , i have already posted this twice so if you can see it and i cant sorry!! here goes on the 30th jan i had a cheque bounce , making me overdrawn for a few minutes until the cheque bounced and the money put back in then on the 3rd feb i was hit by overdraft charges of 60.00 for being overdrawn earlier jan , well i say the 3rd it was exactly the 2nd feb at 11:52pm which left me overdrawn until 12:00am when my child benefit went in and covered the overdraft. i wake up to this , this morning £40.00 returned cheque fee £60.00 overdraft charges - for being overdrawn by prob 10 glorious minutes:rolleyes: so again my child benefit is gone , so i am skint until thursday and i am overdrawn again which is going to knock money off my child tax credit.and guess what again i will be looking to next month -more lovely bank charges any advice for me as it all seems a bit harsh and i am fuming at the moment for some people like me the benefits is all we have and its lining the banks pockets!!?? thanks in advance
  2. OMG i am fuming with my bank!!! Right here goes, on the 30th jan , a cheque bounced , leaving me overdrawn , then the money went back in , thus the cheque bouncing. on the 3rd feb i was hit for bank charges of 61.00 (from being overdrawn earlier jan) but as they decided to take it out at 11:52pm (i saw it being taken out) , it left me over drawn until 12:00 am until my child benefit went in ,thus covering the overdraft with my child benefit and leaving me with zilch:( i get up this morning to -£40.00 returned cheque fee and a £61.00 overdraft fee -for being overdrawn by 61.00 for 8 glorious minutes!! so theres gone my child benefit this week and guess what i'm overdrawn again because of the £101 they have just robbed of me , guess what i'm looking at next month , more lovely bank charges:rolleyes:. i'm getting really fed up with it now , for some people the benefits -like me-unfortunately is all they have and at the moment they are lining the banks pockets any advice for me should i get onto the bank cos they have taken the p ? thanks in advance
  3. right i am back again basically had another letter through the post from dukes saying that unless i pay in amount IN FULL then i am back on the list for the removals team:( i have no way of paying the amount in full (i wish i had that kinda money) hubby is still out of work so we are still really struggling on benefits. is there nothing else now i could still try ?? or is it a case of game over cos i dont think the council are going to take the debt back at the moment it just looks like i am waiting for the inenvitable to happen an i am going to lose all my goods, sounds stupid but i darent leave my house i dont want the heartbreak of coming home to find i have nothing left. i am never going to get myself in this situation again believe me -it's horrible, the last couple of months have been just terrible with this hanging over my head, even the birth of my son was ruined by this i was scared of them turning up when i was in hospital:( if anyone has any advice it will be so appreciated!!!
  4. just a quick question my bank has been making deductions on my account for being overdrawn (15 pound a month charge and then 15 pound everyday it is overdrawn) the only thing that goes into this account is benefit payments (child tax , dla , child benefitand dla) and they always take it out on a sunday when i get my carers which means i end up with no carers and are overdrawn again (yet more charges:rolleyes:) is this right ?? i am being left with no money half of the time due to thier charges:(
  5. hi , need more help i did everything i was told to do up there^^^^^^ the council told me that they would talk to the baliffs and then in turn get something sorted out with me . right that was probably 12 weeks ago (yes i know i shouldnt of left it that long without getting something sorted ), since then me and my partner have gone onto jsa , (which in turn reduced some of the debt because of the council tax benefit) then yesterday while i was out i had a letter posted through the doors again from dukes saying "final notice" basically if i dont contact them to arrange full payment (which there is no way i cant afford to do atm) or they will advise the council to A - issue a warrant for my arrest:eek: B - get a bankruptcy order on me C- put a charge on my house??? so at the moment i am absouletly crapping myself expecting to end up in prison:( i just dont know what to do now , i wish i could pay the whole bloomin thing off and get rid of it but we have hardly got any money to live on as it is any advice on what to do next pls????
  6. Originally Posted by labrat check with the call center as well, as aside from a few rare models they should all be re-imaged when the laptop hdd was replaced... can i ask what re-imaging means??
  7. hi , the old hard drive was sent back with the laptop , they said that they found a fault with it , yet it was working perfectly before the laptop went in?? . the call centre staff at pcworld said that they should of not of touched the hard drive OR got my permission first which they didnt do , cos tbh i would of told them to leave it alone.then they told me to take the new hard drive out and put the old one back in , we did and it is still coming up that there is no operating system on the laptop??.they said they rarely come with the discs and you have to buy them off them of course;) but i wont on principle!! . the model? all i know is that is a compaq presario i think v6000 . we brought the laptop less than a year ago and paid in full for it and pay out a cover it for repairs on a monthly basis , this is the second time its had to be repaired fair enough it was only £450 which probably isnt a lot compared to the prices of some out there but to me it is alot , especially if i cant even use the damn thing and i refuse to pay the £60 pound they are quoting for the discs cos they did this in the first place!
  8. sorry if its a bit all over the place lol what i also meant to say there was pcworld are saying that the hatdrive shouldnt of been removd and the laptop should of been brought back working yet they will not take the blame for this and say its my problem now
  9. :mad:hi , just need a bit of help over pcworld a few weeks ago i sent my laptop back to be repaired as 3 of the keys had sprung off , i was unhappy with that anyway as it is under a year old but luckily we were covered for the repair (pay monthly to cover the laptop if it needs repairs) anyways it came back a few days later and they had yes replaced the keys , also , they had removed the harddrive and put a new one in also they said that we needed to reinstall the laptop again using the recovery discs we were given when it brought it , we had no discs i am certain of that!!, so apart from having a laptop that wont work because we havent got the discs , i have lost everything that was on my laptop , all the photos of my children that cannot be replaced and other sentimental things:evil: we have tried ringing pcworld , who say that we should of been informed that they were messing with the harddrive , they can not see why there was a problem with the harddrive as the laptop wasd working perfectly fine apart from these keys.also they will not provide us with these discs , yes we can buy them , but i am refusing to do so , they did this in the first place!! all i am getting of them at the moment is , youre not covered under the warranty for that , so its ok for them to bugger my laptop up and lose all my stuff!! i am in the middle of writing a letter to them to complain and demand something done , but have i got a leg to stand on as it were or are they right they cant do anything and it will be pointless pursuing this???
  10. sorry yes i sent the letters ,i explained my circumstances also in another letter i.e that i am 40 weeks pregnant the stress the bailiff action is causing me and that i was not unwilling to pay the council tax bill but i couldnt afford to do so at the rate the bailiff had set and i didnt want to deal with the bailiffs in question and i wanted them to take the debt back from the bailiff and set up a payment plan with them .i am not sure whether i should of sent the letter but i felt i needed to explain myself a bit more. i will do as said up there^^^ thanks , i will have to try and get on to my doctor or midwife for some kind of evidence as all i have is my maternity notes and a very big bump lol.thanks for the advice
  11. i told them i was 40 weeks pregnant and the stress its causing me (the baliffs) but they aint interested
  12. i didnt get a matb1 from the midwife either because i didnt need one at the time:(
  13. yes i contacted the council and there response was that they cant do anything to intervene once its in the bailiffs hands
  14. i cant get into the doctors until next week:( my husband is classed as unemployed as of today and will be signing on jsa on monday , not the ideal situation but that is where we are at. the council have contacted me today and they said they are totally unable to intervene once the case has been passed to the baliff ,, so i need to contact the bailiff and discuss my circumstances with them, who say i need to contact the enforcement officer who turned up at my door .just feels like i am back at square one at the moment worrying if they are going to turn up and take my things again:(
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