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  1. Sorry about the delay in my reply getting a bit stressed about the procedure!Trying to ignore it until tomorrow but getting difficult anyway thanks again for all your help..
  2. There were also CCTV images that were shown to me at the time of the the fact finding interview, Am i allowed to have a copy of the images that were shown during the Fact finding interview?
  3. May i ask another question, I now have been informed of the date of the Disciplinary interview which is Tuesday(After Bank Holiday Weekend considering i got the letter today Saturday!) can i contact the Manager involved and delay the proceedings in order for me to gain a copy of the Company's search policy? Also to raise the grievance about the staff search do i need to do this before the interview or during?
  4. Yes i am being Disciplined,Thank you for your helpful replies they have been a great help! I will use that as a defence as it clearly states in my Fact finding Interview that i did have to be elsewhere and i stated that my Judgement at that time was a bit clouded..
  5. Oh Don't get me wrong i didn't refuse the search(technically) i was actually in a rush to be somewhere very important (i won't mention were on here) i produced what i had on my person that can be clearly seen but i didn't stop i explained that i was finished..It's just i was in a rush but they are claiming that i did refuse a stop and search.Really all i am guilty of is not waiting in line.I was not concealing anything (It was just my Judgement was a bit clouded on that day which i explained)But as you know when you do make a mistake everyone else has the perfect Human Being Syndrome!
  6. Hi, thanks for the swift reply. The Breach if Contract is to do with staff searches and my refusal! i was on the premises leaving via staff entrance but the search was conducted after my Clocking off!! This is were i'm confused if i am still under the terms of the contract should i not then be paid, just need some clearance on the matter before i decide what to do,Thanks..
  7. Hi, could someone please give me some advice as i am a bit confused about a contract and working hours.I work part time and have signed a contract of employment stating that i work 20 hours per week .My question is when is the contract in use and when is it not? When i am doing those working hours i.e 9-2 if i "clock off" at 2 pm am i still under that contract even though i have finished my working day.When is the contract in effect only during working hours??I'm sorry but i am a bit confused ??
  8. Hi,just had a visit from them,they do not give any details of the debt on their calling card..Is there any chance someone could post a link to the letter revoking them from visiting? had a browse but could not see it.Thank you..
  9. Well, the phone call from the ASDA branch manager on monday never happened!! I can't believe it, i waited until 1pm for a phone call as i had a Buffet for 40 OAP"s i had to prepare for at 5pm...My next step is to contact the Area manager of ASDA by letter which i will probably start tomorrow... UPDATE**checked online bank account this morning(Wednesday) money has still not gone back into bank account!!
  10. I understand you are just trying to explain how the system works and i thank you..I am trying to get as much information as poss about the transaction that's why i am asking you questions about it..So when the manager does explain ASDA's side of the story i can understand better..
  11. Totally agree, i have seen situations were people goto their local garage to buy petrol and have forgotten their purses or wallet's, they just ask the driver for their name and address and ask them to pay the petrol charge as soon as they can they don't hold the car in the garage until it is paid.. It's called common sense alot of staff are to scared to use it,as their training does not allow for it now..
  12. But the transaction couldn't have been declined as she had asked ASDA's head office to cancel the charge of £138.00! so how can you cancel a declined charge??
  13. I agree,When i approached her she acted as though she couldn't care less it was the attitude,either pay for the shopping again! or i am not interested! The Barclays bank staff couldn't have helped me anymore even the Bank manager gave me her own mobile number to show the the ASDA management.. Well hopefully getting a call today from the branch.The actual branch manager, my first sentence will be to thank him and his staff for ruining our Easter bank holiday!...
  14. Thanks everyone for your replies expecting a phone call Monday, will keep you updated.Still in shock this morning I woke up and thought it was just a bad dream until i looked in the fridge for something to eat and it was still empty LOL. Anyway Happy Easter to one and all...
  15. So if the bank had given me the authorisation transaction number would this had made a difference??are they aloud to do this?? Also would she have presented this transaction number to the client i.e Asda instead of the customer! proving this transaction was valid??.. Meaning if only the manager/asst man had called the branch when asked to by the bank manager(hand written note that i tried to show management at ASDA)she could have quoted the transaction number..Thus saving me alot of grief! To be honest after the second time i approached the manager/asst manager with the hand written
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