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  1. Thanks for that letter Scabhunter, the actual 12+2 days is up on the 20th, but I'll be certain to get that letter off to RED first thing in the morning on Thursday, I might actually send it on Wednesday so it's at their offices on Thursday.
  2. Yep, your right cashins, none of those terms are on the sheet at all, in fact it says at the top 'Application form' so I guess now I have to send off another letter informing RED of that. There is a template on here for that isn't there? (Many thanks for the info by the way)
  3. Looking through other threads I found a form that is exactly the same as the one I received this morning. Is it a True and enforceable CCA? or do I have to write another letter to RED? [Copied form from zazen.warrior's thread]
  4. Hi all, well got a reply from RED this morning, along with a reply from Lowells. The Lowells letter was advising me that they have requested the CCA from capital one and the RED letter had a copy of the CCA attached. I can't post the actual CCA up at the moment as my scanner isn't working, but the jist of it is, that it is a single sheet, badly photo copied on one side, doesn't actually have any details as to what the agreement is for. It does have the word SOLD written on the bottom and most importantly has the date of the 30/11/00 on it so it's 8 years old.
  5. Arrrrr, so I take it they are not very good at what they do then?
  6. Many thanks for moving it. Do you know I'm not sure, but I think it's over six years old. Could be a bit less, but as I said before I have memory problems. I do know I had a Barclays card in 04 and that was a year or two after the Cap 1 one I believe RED are part of Lowes Finance? I'm not sure but when the lady at the post office looked up the address that was the company name she came back with, along with Npower !!
  7. LOL, now that must have made you smile.
  8. Many thanks for the welcome SOD'EM Oh yes, sent it recorded and even got the postal order printed out so it's all fully readable. My wife has just asked me, "If they don't send the CCA are we going to claim the £1 back from them?" I spent a good day reading the site, so I got plenty of ideas and hopefully this will sort it out once and for all.
  9. Hi, well what can I say? I guess like you I am having problems with debt and with DCAs. Every one I am dealing with paying off small amounts, except one from Capital One. That is in the Hands of RED, now normally I'd be quite happy to deal with them. But the first thing I knew about them was when they left a computer generated (?)message on my phone asking me to call RED. I had no idea who RED were, they left no details about what the call was regarding and frankly I don't deal with computer voices, and have an minor phobia of using the phone ( I have to gear my self up for a week to even
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