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  1. Nevertheless, I have signed a Tenancy Deposit scheme Agreement in 2007. So my understanding is that the deposit is covered by the TDS.
  2. UPDATE ON THE SITUATION : Hi all, More than two weeks ago, I have specified the landlord that I disagree with the fact that he wants to charge me the FULL REPLACEMENT of the floor after living 5years in the flat. The letting agency specifically said that the deposit was HELD BY THE AGENCY UNDER THE TDS. 2 weeks ago, I notified both the letting Agency and the landlord that I DO NOT AGREE with the landlord about the amount he wants to keep from the deposit. Thus I specifically said that I do not want anyone to take money from the deposit until we find a solution. However, after two weeks, the estate agent just replied, saying that "the deposit is held by the landlord, and NOT by them". Is that something authorised ? I thought that under the TDS, the deposit was held by the Estate Agent, and NOT the landlord ? What should I do in order to get my deposit back? Should I contact the Alternative Dispute Resolution services ? If so, do you know anyone I should contact at the ADRS ? Thanks for your suggestions, I really don't know how to sort this and get my deposit back... Sandra
  3. Hi, My name is Sandra, I've left my flat after 5years living there. It was left in good conditions, although the wood floor has been damaged by my fault. The size of the damage is like less than 1squared meter, however it cannot be replaced locally. Thus the landlord said he will have to replace all the wood floor. The cost represents 1,500pounds. I understand it makes sense to charge part of the repairation, however I do not agree with the fact that I should pay the FULL REPLACEMENT of the wood floor : After 5years living in the flat, the wood floor was anyway not brand new and the varnish thus, unable to protect efficiently. The time spent in the flat is so that I don't think it makes sense to charge the tenant only, and if landlord changes the totality of the floor, I would expect to share the price. Could someone please confirm if this makes sense, and, if so, how to complain? My deposit is held by the estate agent via the Tenancy Deposit Scheme .. Many thanks in advance for your help and suggestion, Sandra,
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