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  1. Not really a help but i have a similar problem in that Top Cashback keep leaving sales off my account. Help, please.
  2. I have a longstanding policy with D & G for repairs to my Hotpoint washing machine. The engineer came yesterday on an appointment with the company for a repair - it was purely a matter of the filter clogging and he repaired this satisfactorily. After he left I put my washing in the machine. Part way through the cycle the machine stopped and when I pressed the button to resume there was a very loud grating noise which sounded mechanical. I stopped the machine and rang Dom and Gen to complain and asked for the engineer to return - I pointed out that it was obviously a result of his work. My machine is old (9years) but up to this point has functioned without problem apart from one previous blockage. They attempted to contact him but could only leave a message. After several mixups they then booked me another appointment in 12 days time! There would seem to be no system for an urgent return! They did say that should there be a cancellation I'd be notified. I have spoken to three different people with no luck and feel absolutely frustrated. My washing will have to remain in the middle of a cycle for all this time and I can't do any washing (having already waited 2 weeks for the previous appointment). I imagine that 2 weeks soaking in water will damage the clothes. Is there anyone out there who can advise me on how to complain about this and possibly gain access to somebody who can arrange for an early re-visit?
  3. Peppermint Patty

    DVLA Error

    This morning we had our car impounded by the police because DVLA informed them that our car was not taxed. When we got home we checked and have a receipt etc from DVLA for the tax which had been paid in February 2016. I checked the site and it shows the car as untaxed. Contacted DVLA and they are checking and will call us back. My question is how do we proceed to make a claim for vehicle recovery, taxis while without a car, hospital and doctor's appointments etc where we need to hire a taxi from DVLA. It's obvious;y their mistake. I should add that we are both elderly and unable to get around easily either.
  4. The land registry have refused to register a part of my farm access road which runs between two other properties. On my deeds it is a part of a field and the written part includes it as our property. On the map it is left uncoloured. I've queried this with a solicitor whose father drew up the deeds and he states that it was his job as a small boy to ink in the areas on the map. It would seem therefore that it is a mistake. When the deeds were drawn there was only one property besides ours in existence. As per LR's policy only the property area is designated and not any roads by them. In the LR's literature it states that where a road is unmade (this road has always been stoned by the farm ans so is technically made up although not tarmacked) the properties abutting it own the road to the middle. Well there are actually three properties abutting and this is not covered in the LR literature. In my opinion as the farm has had unfettered use of this area for a minimum of 75 years and have always maintained it, it can be argued from that standpoint that it belongs to the farm. In fact the road was actually dug out by the farm. The other point is this area is designated as grazing land of our sheep and is shown as so on DEFRA maps. I know this sounds complicated but it has now arisen (after 26 years of our occupancy) because one of the neighbouring properties is objecting to our stopping on that area (essential for us as it is the only access to our residence) and is accusing us (with police support) of harassment because we stop there!. Is there anyone out there who can advise, please?
  5. I signed up for an 18 month package with AOL who have been my internet provider for years.In the last few weeks I've been having shut downs of site, been unable to read my email, been unable to send e mail, being unable to open web pages (just getting blank windows), can't open the Help Page, can't open My Account page, can't access on line technical help and much much more. I have no problems with Google Chrome (my other browser) so it's obviously an AOL fault. These are intermittent faults but sufficient to be very annoying. When I say intermittent - sometimes 2 or 3 times in 4 hours. The final straw was when I spoke on landline to a so called senior technician I was told it was all because my computer is slow. I realise my computer is slow but I allow for that.My question is - can I get AOL to cancel the contract on the grounds that they are'nt fulfilling their responsibilities?
  6. Just to say thank you again to all advice. We have received an apology from Tescos and cancelling the ticket. Without your advice I would have entered in to no doubt protracted correspondence and had no end oh stress.
  7. Dear All Thank you so much for the advice - I will do as you say. A127, yes I will be writing to Tescos - the store manager at Ludlow and their CEO who I've seen from the Tesco site is Sir David Leahy. We also wondered whether to complain to the police? - because of the time of day and the light conditions we didn't see the notice until well on our way when my husband's vision was obscured by it at a right hand bend on a country road. It caused a blind spot and was potentially dangerous obscuring oncoming traffic or pedestrians. I feel in view of the comments taht this organisation should have as much hassle as possible. Am I just being vindictive? I would appreciate your views. I will now take time to read the further info on the site. Thank you again
  8. Parking Ticket I have been issued with a ticket stating that we were parked in a disabled bay at Tescos. The issuing authority is Central Ticketing. Yes we were in a disabled bay but were displaying a blue parking badge alongside a valid parking ticket. Although the ticket stated that it should be displayed on the dashboard our vehicle hasn't got a dashboard and the ticket and blue badge were laid side by side on the front seat in full view. This has always been acceptable wherever we have parked before. The box on the slip for 'No ticket' was not ticked so I assume that the attendant had seen the ticket and was blind to the badge. I feel that he was predjudiced by the fact that our vehicle is a very old decrepit Landrover - perhaps if it had been a modern Discovery he wouldn't have taken this precipitate action. The fine is £70 which as OAPs we cannot afford. The slip offers an appeal process but as we have committed no offence we will not appeal. Can any one advise on the best way to deal with this? Are we actually liable?
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