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  1. Read through that previously, and also currently reading through the discussion thread on it. Both very interesting reading. Im just unsure what to do if my letters to MINT keep vanishing, as its not really something to take them to court with (invalid default and then termination) but to use if they take you to court
  2. Yes complaint letter went off to the Information Commissioner and im thinking going to go to court to demand the release of information about me. Robinson Way have closed their files and returned the account back. Wonder who will be next
  3. When account was originally closed after the above account closure document with special instructions for a/c to be written off was processed, it went out to debt collectors MCS but then recalled after a couple of months and re-opened. Nearly a year down the line from then it was then closed again and sent out to MCS again. However this time it was just a bad debt memo that went to MCS and no account closure documents or a/c to be written off. this fwas rom the SAR received. Also in SAR was a final demand (not default notice) requiring to pay outstanding balance, and if dont the
  4. This is really odd because they are still trading, do we know what happens with things like their courses, investment club etc?
  5. Sorry for the delay, had some family issue that took the wind out of my sails... I have had a further phone call, but not letter. They have made an offer which very nearly clears the balance. I would have to sign an agreement or something about this though.
  6. Sorry for delay here. I had a family issue that knocked the wind out of my sails for a while... I have wrote a couple of letters to Mint in reference to the Default Notice, but mysteriously they keep vanishing. Plan is to do SAR and place account in dispute over the amount owed. As I now believe I owe the arrears stated in the invalid default notice only, as the account was subsequently terminated. Any other suggestions or thoughts?
  7. Update Firstly sorry for the delay I had a family issue that knocked the wind out my sails for a while... I clarified that the account had been sold to / owned by Halifax / Bank of Scotland group. I have a terms & conditions or agreement? with no signatures from either party with bank of scotland. Which was sent when the account was transferred over. I did have an arrangement with HFC to pay £5 a month until further notice, however when the account was transferred to HAlifx/BOS they immediately sent out the default notice and initial communication with them confirmed th
  8. Bankfodder "If you have charges going further back, then claim those as well. I think everybody should claim the charges back to 1995. I think that there is a very good basis for arguing that all charges claim back to 1995 should be repaid -- and we are working on arguments and templates to support this. Watch this space" Would be very interested in that! Only issue is under DPA banks only keep hold of information for as long as is necessary. And in all cases I have struggled to get statements for more than six years as they say they no longer have them... Without stat
  9. Is that a private link? I get a message about the link being invalid...
  10. Uggh some not good news coming out lately is there...
  11. I cant see anything about them dealing with agreement disputes, and they only offer telephone advice, you still do all the letter writing etc. Wouldnt you probably get the same advice from CAG? If im looking at the wrong part do tell me though!
  12. Blimey one letter costing £500 My other agreement is also with Mint, funny eh both are HFC and Mint. WIll have a nose on their website and see if I doing a general internet search brings up any feedback from people using them. Yes I saw that OFT thing, as you say about time indeed!
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