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  1. hi all...thanks for your input. The card changed from a create mastercard to a lloyds tsb mastercard.....the original agreement has all the prescribed terms on it but tghey have not sent all the original t&c and they have not supplied a copy of the new t& c so I dont know if they are or were the same ???? I requested a balance transfer according to their letter but i cannot remember it was 3 years ago....
  2. Hi all.....I wrote to them to say they had sent a copy of teh wrong agreement and could they send me the copy of my new agreement for my new card. The old agreement has all the prescribed terms on etc so seems ok. This was their reply 'You requested a balance transfer, which can be seen on your statement dated 17th July 2006. You did not sign an agreement for this as the T&C remained the same, the card number,did, however, change.' Any ideas on how to progress with this one. Like I said the old agreement seems fine. I dont understand the significance of the new cca 2006 if some
  3. thankyou everyone...i think i will just write back and say they have transferred the balance to a new card and can they send me that signed agreeement and see what comes of it ...will keep you posted.
  4. hello...i could really use some help with this question so i know how to approach it ???
  5. bump can anyone help ?? think i will do an sar to get rest of statements and all paperwork it may shed some light on it. Could really do with knowing if they shoould have a signed agreement for the card.
  6. Hi there....i am battling numerous different debt but am a bit stuck on my lloyds tsb credit card. I have done a cca request and it came back with a signed credit agreement for a create card which has all the prescibed terms on it and was taken out in feb 2004. It also came with a number hand written on the top and a load of statments going back to March 06 (no sar done ) and upto march 08. Mt question is....as i was looking through the statements i noticed that the accounts switch from a create card to a platinum card in july 06. The statements have a new card number on and they als
  7. thank you very much i will do that. i am so grateful. Have not heard from barclays since i sent them an email last week asking for the bank details to pay this months rent. will keep you posted.
  8. the other thing is...the contract states the amount of the first rental as £2898 but it does not say deposit. Does this mean i am not entitiled to any money back. Thanks
  9. hi again.....i have had an email from barclays and would really appreciate you looking at it and gioving any advice. I have not stated at any time to them that i am hiding the vehicle and I have no terms and conditions attached to the contracts as they are asking for. i am not denying they have title but am disputing the fact that the first month payment was in fact a deposit. I am going to write back today and ask for bank details to pay this months rental and say reinterate the fact that i want to keep the vehicle and pay for it or they give me some money back for it. Here is the email.
  10. hi you...i did just that and have hidden the car for now. Letter was faxed last thurs to barclays and administrators and had no response yet. Fingers crossed thanks for all your help...will keep you posted.
  11. hi again... right i spoke to barclays today and they are not interested in doing a deal i.e taking over the contract...nor are they interested in the fact that i have paid a deposit and have a contract and said they will get a court order to get the car back. I am going to write to them tomorrow and the administrators just so that i have something in writing to prove i have corresponded with them. They are no interested in any vehicle excpet a jag that I have. I told them i had lost a deposit and they said they ahd lost a lot more and want to recover some of the money. Any ideas on w
  12. thanks for that so basically i now wait to see if they supply the AQ. They have rejected my £200 F&F so i dont need to respond to that. should in ring the court to find out the date and what is happeneing as i think it was well over 2 weeks ago.
  13. hi there... I am defending a ****y court cliam aagianst CL finance for £809. I sent of the defence and returned the AQ when asked to the court, i think it was the 13/2, along with draft directions that they produce agreement, default notice and notice of assignment. I sent them CPR letter when i got the court papers and to date i have had nothing from them. I sent them a F&F offer of £200 which i have just had rejected.....however last week i got a letter from the court to say that they had to file their AQ as they had not done so yet...however it did not have a date on it b
  14. thanks for all the advice will keep you posted am on with this today to try and get it sorted.
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