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  1. I am struggling financially so applied to Yes Loans as my credit score will not allow conventional borrowing. The guy on the end of the phone was in a call centre and I could barely understand him over the chatter. He took my card details and said it had been declined for the charge of £69.50 I said I didnt have any money until Thursday and to call me then after I had a chance to read terms and conditions. They debitted it anyway. I called and asked for them to reimburse the fee as I would not be using them to obtain a loan and he assured me they would help me find a loan. I couldn't pay
  2. Hi, thanks for your quick reply! First I had heard of 'social tariff'. I did owe money before having the meter installed but this has since been paid back and now it's the charge that has accumulated just for having the meter in the first place. For example I had a bill in October for £250... and have recently received another for £300.. we have had maybe three days of heating in our house for the last year alone. I will call NPower again with this information although last time I demamnded to speak to managers and have someone to assess the meter etc etc, i'm not usually walked over! But
  3. Hi, I've looked for legal help on this matter and have been in touch with the MP, CAB, doctors, etc etc everyone and anyone. Here's the story: I have two children a boy being the eldest and a daughter the youngest. 11 years ago I was moved from a 3 bedroom maisonette (previously deemed unsafe for young children) to a 2 bedroom house just 5 weeks before my son turned 5 years old. Atlantic H.A. policy is two siblings of opposite sex where the eldest is 5+ years old are entitled to their own bedrooms. Craftily they moved us just before this time and 11 years later my son has just turned 16 years
  4. Hi all, I have requested British Gas to take over my electric and gas meters as i'm currently paying in excess of £50 a week alone in electric to NPower for our small 2 bedroom house. I'm a single mum of two teenagers and self-employed. Business is dead at the moment so our sole income is tax/child tax credits. I can't afford gas, in fact I only put money on my gas card when the cold is unbearable as we only use the gas for heating purposes, a couple of weeks ago I put £15.00 on the gas card that only gave us around £4.50 of gas. The bill for my gas is currently at £300.00 because i'm not putt
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