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  1. Have received the attached from HSBC and not sure what i should/could do next. Can anyone give me any advice ? Thanks HSBCresponse.pdf
  2. Thanks JM. Do have the T&C's,forgot to post them.They seem just standard,but as the rest of the agreement,no page numbers or anyhting on them. Can anyone give an opinion ? Thanks
  3. Is anyone able to offer any advice ? Thanks
  4. can anyone offer any advice ? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply JM, I have attached the ML agreement now.From reading the signature does not seem to be in the correct place and there is no sign of the pages being linked.I'm not at all sure if this is correct and a valid reason though. The loan was made up of a personal loan,credit card and overdraft and i,m paying around £15 less a month than i was before. Was going over my o/d limit and getting charges so they put all three (loan,c/c and o/d) on the loan. Thanks hsbc.pdf
  6. Hi, Hoping someone may be able to give me a bit of advice. Got myself in a few financial difficulties and seemed the only way was to agree to HSBC setting up a managed loan. Foolishly did not fully read or understand what i was signing up for. As many of you know the interest and length of loan is just mad !! Looking at the agreement i think it may be unenforceable due to the signature not being in the correct place. Can post the agreement as I'm not totally sure. If this was the case,would i be able to challenge this as i took it out Dec 2007 ? Not sure of my options as April 2007 seems to be the key date ? Thanks for any help
  7. Thanks for the responses. Will send them a letter and see what they say.
  8. I requested a copy of my CCA for a credit card i opened in 2000 with HSBC,the card is still being used. There reply was : I refer to your request for a copy of your signed account. Due to the time elapsed since your account was opened in 2000,we are unable to provide a copy of the signed agreement.Therefore is enclosed a copy of the terms and conditions at the time of your credit card application. As the account is still being used do they need to provide a copy ? Thanks for any help
  9. I sent the "Account in dispute letter" as shown above on the 28th Nov and have not had any reply. Can anyone help me out with my next step. Thanks
  10. Maz, Have seen your thread:D This is the first one for me,so not quite sure of the next step ? Can you offer any advice ? Thanks
  11. Hi Maz, Yeah, that is the same letter i got. Also had the current T&C's showing the £12 default charges.But i also got the previous T&C's,same format but a little less than the current.Shows the £25 default charge and a different APR. The new T&C's have a few additional paragraphs Neither are dated,although on the last page i have what looks like a standard form number and possible dates. T68R - AABSTA/BSAAAA 05/05 T68R - AABSTA/BSAAAA 06/08
  12. Thanks for the replies. I've been looking around for the account in dispute letter,but can't find it.Can someone give me a link ? Thanks
  13. I sent the template letter to request a copy of my agreement with Bank of Scotland for my AA credit card. They have replied with the a letter saying what my balance is,credit limit and interest rates. At the bottom of the letter in bold is : "Please note that the information we have provided you with is all the information we are required to provide you with Under Section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act.Please also note that we are not required to provide a copy of the original signed agreement under section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act." Is this true ? Thanks
  14. Hi All, Been looking around and can't seem to find an answer. I have a managed loan with HSBC that was taken out in Dec 2007.All over the phone.Kind of got forced into it.I don't ever recall signing any agreement and looking at the forums in seems to indicate that without a signed agreement the debt may be unenforceable. Is that correct ? Thanks for any response.
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