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  1. Autumnleaf, I have had no 'customer return form' from IPWFI. I have had no paperwork from lifestyle at all other than a letter saying that the payment was complete. I did call the company direct and they had no details about us. From what I understood from the so called installation manager, once completed, lifestyle faxed the details to them and then we would receive the guarentee but this never hapened. I do not even know what this form looks like.
  2. Well, I knew the company was in trouble! This would explain why I left 7 messages in just over a week and not got one reply! A company that treats it's customers like this deserves it!!!!!!!! The only thing that I still have not got is the 10 year Guarentee. Anyone any ideas about how we get this now the company has gone? I feel that I am lucky to have got mine completed, just not got the Guarantee. I feel sorry for all the people that have not got their conservatory finished and paid the money!
  3. I can't believe it, our conservatory too was supposed to be finished on August the 8th also. The Builders Name starts with M and has 4 letters for your info. I have just paid someone to finish the floor at an xtra £150 out of my pocket + the amount we had left to pay the original builder, but at least I get rid of the stress and hassle although it is not the point. You agree a job they should do it from start to finish in a reasonable time. It was supposed to take 8 weeks weather permitting and here we are in November and still not complete!!!! I have also decided to find a plumber for the radiator myself as I know it would get done. Then ours will be complete at last. How did you go about sorting legal advice as I want to take action as well but not sure where to start? Oh and by the way, if this is the builder you will be waiting forever. Apparently he is back on the scene and was supposed to phone us to arrange fitting of the floor last week, not heard a thing. As with all the others you always chase them but get no response! For those who have finally got those completed (If there is anybody!), have you received the guarentee paperwork for the conservatory that comes from lifesyle? My frame has been fitted now for 3 weeks and not seen any such paperwork from them.
  4. Just to advise that there are 2 lifestyle Conservatory companies in Worthing. The company that I am talking about has this address: Lifestyle Conservatories Ltd. Columbia house, Columbia Drive, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3HD. Is this the company that is registered with the Worthing Chamber of Commerce and what can they do to help sort the problem out?
  5. Autumnleaf, not being funny but I would not even bother with them and get a refund fast. I am still having alot of hassle and never get any returned calls. I have also heard alot of stories about conservatories arriving the wrong sizes after months of waiting. None of the trades people that do work for lifestyle want to do any work for them anymore because they are not getting paid from lifestyle. The builder that we had went off with some of our money which was for the floor on completion. I have just paid the extra amount needed to complete the job for someone else to do it. And now, I have also had to find another plummer to fit the radiator as the company we were given do not want to use lifestyle customers or have anything to do with lifestyle! This company is a complete nightmare and very un-professional. I would strongly recommend anyone not to use them. This is my own opinion but you decide.........
  6. For all those who had a good experience of this company, you were lucky!!!! I ordered in June 08 and we are now end of NOV and still no where near completed! I never get returned calls, you can never speak to anyone and reception only takes messages. We have had so many problems from shoddy work to excessive timescales. What was asked and agreed at time of ordering, was not listed on the job sheet. They are unable to communicate with their contractors and I feel like I am managing them all and sorting problems. Windows arrived broken and 3 weeks to get them replaced etc. I could not list them all on this page. I personally will never use this company again and will never recommend. Oh and by the way, I have heard that they are in trouble and even their website has now been removed!!!!!! you have been warned and I am just hoping that my issues get resolved before they go....
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