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  1. If you paid for it with a credit card then they are responsible as well as Comet so ask for a refund from your credit card. The other option is to write to Comet plainly stating that you are rejecting the machine as it is unfit for purpose under the SOGA and that they must collect it within a certain time frame. If they don't then charge them storage for it. Do not go down the route of accepting repairs. This can lead to all sorts of problems later if something else goes wrong. They will claim that you accepted it with it's problems etc. You want your money and nothing else so you can go
  2. Comet have an appalling record when it comes to customer service and offering refunds under the SOGA when things go wrong. We are demanding our money back for a television that developed a fault after only 3 weeks. They basically laughed at us in the store and walked away. They are responsible and you must be prepared to fight for your money back. Brown stains on your washing can be caused by a pump failure. It is leaking and a pig of a job to do. My advice is to ask for your money back because it is not unreasonable of you to expect a washing machine that cost nearly £500 to last more t
  3. You may have resolved this issue by now, but I used a company for a similar incident with very good results. The company is called xxxxx solicitors from Birmingham. The chap who helped me was xxxxxxx and I was very impressed.
  4. As you have proof that he agreed to pay you back, take him at his word and start a claim in the small claims court. You can do this from the comfort of your computer.
  5. This sounds like the woman is trying to avoid paying you, a popular occupation on Ebay. I would remind the woman and Ebay of ' Caveat Emptor ' or buyer beware. Stick by your description and the fact that you have been open and honest with the buyer. I can't see what Ebay can do about it other than close your account. They won't start putting negative remarks on your feedback because that will make Ebay look to be riddled with crooks. If Ebay do get stroppy and close your account, open another one if you feel you have to use this awful site. There are other ones that are cheaper and less hassle
  6. These charges are quite simnply unlawful. The Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Ombudsman Service both say that a bank cannot charge you more than it costs them to refuse a DD or standing order, bounce a cheque. The cost to the bank including a snotty letter is, at the most, £4. By charging you £25 they are imposing a penalty which they are not lawfully entitled to do. Forget all their twaddle about it being in their terms and conditions, it simply isn't lawful and you can ask for your money back if they take it. If they get stroppy threaten them with the ombudsman and the small claim
  7. You would find it very diificult to challenge these tickets because you should know not to park on the zig-zags outside a school from the Highway Code. I take it you took a driving test and signed a document at the end of the test when you passed stating that you would drive in accordance with the rules and regulations of the road. Forget about son's bad leg because he would have walked further from his classroom to your car than for you to illegally park on zig-zags. The purpose of these markings is to protect children. They are to give them and motorists a clear view so to stop children ru
  8. It is an old trick by councils and debt collectors they use to send out letters with words ' bailiff ' ' legal action ' etc on them to frighten you into paying up. As for the council not responding to your claim and seemingly decided that there is no case to answer, I would make a formal complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman. Also, the council is responsible for its bailiffs. Make your formal complaint to the LGO and keep appealing. The council will try and exhaust you by dragging your complaint out. It stinks I know and has very little to do with democracy and councils being accoun
  9. I'm pleased that I could help. Now you can challenge their charges and reclaim your money back. It also tells you how to complain about bailiffs to the court and about the Police if they ignore your complaint. Also you may want to check out the regulations on parking tickets and enforcement. The councils are acting illegally on many occassions when they fine people for parking infringements - and they know it! To them it is just another racket to screw money from motorists or people who don't have their resources to fight back. BE aware that they will drag any correspondence to the utmost l
  10. I am very surprised at the way this council is handling this debt. Their insistence on demanding what you plainly cannot afford is just plain silly and unreasonable. Sometimes it takes a court case for these people to see sense and that you simply don't have the money they are demanding. The court is going to accept what you can afford to pay and the council are obliged to accept it. Have you written to them asking them to verify this alleged debt with dates, how it occurred, why they have waited so long to collect etc? I had dealings with Manchester City Council over an overpayment of housi
  11. I've always found the website ' Screw the Bailiff ' very useful with copies of letters to send and what to do at various stages of dealing with bailiffs.
  12. Hello pb2223 I find this website very good for information on dealing with bailiffs. It is called ' Screw the Bailiff '. It will give you details on what they can and cannot do and templates of letters to send and how to claim damages/costs from them. Bailiffs work on fear. This is how they extract money from vulnerable people. Do not open the door to them and certainly never let them in.
  13. The first I would do is contact the local council and ask for them to send a surveyor to assess the new developments with the cracking walls and unsafe chimney. If that chimney fell it could kill. If you are in receipt of any benefits you would be entitled to free draughtproofing and insulation. This would mean thick loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, draught strips around the doors and windows. Hot water tank lagged. But this would be pointless if the plaster on the walls has blown. Asking the council to visit and survey the building will help your position no end on the housing list
  14. Firstly write to the council asking them for details on the right to appeal. In that letter you want to ask them why they think this debt is recoverable. Why they have waited so long to contact you. How they have come to the amount that they have and for what period it covers. There is an absolute time limit of 13 months for you to appeal and it is not unheard of for councils to fail to notify you of a debt outside this period so they can claim that you cannot appeal. This is being very disingenuous. You can still write and ask for an appeal outside this time limit and I would stating that you
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