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  1. couple of useful links for you: https://www.econsumer.equifax.co.uk/consumer/uk/order.ehtml?prod_cd=UKCPO Experian WiseConsumer
  2. quick question and apologies if this has been asked before (it is a long thread ) should a DN state the account balance as well as the arrears?
  3. don't know if anyone has heard of Coward doing this before- might be a new ploy to watch out for... I recently had a directions hearing after HC had finally disclosed documents. As well as a "reconstructed" DN (which a few others have received lately) HC had also supplied a Notice Of Assignment. At the hearing the judge asked what the issues with it were. I replied by saying I'd never seen it before and that any NoA should have been sent by recorded delivery. The judge seemed to agree while HC's rep was scribbling this all down. Just over a week later I was awoken one Saturday morning by the postman who had a letter from Cowards that needed signing for. I was surprised to find that it wasn't a notice of discontinuence but the NoA that I said I'd never received
  4. apologies if anyone has posted anything similar before but I can't find owt... as I understand it, a DCA can only claim the arrears at the time of default when an account has been terminated after issue of a flawed DN. what (if anything) can the DCA claim if: a) MBNA 'closed' the account (comms log and statements show '28/02/09 CHARGE OFF ADJUSTMENT £XXXX Cr and balance as zero b) MBNA subsequently issue a default notice dated 6th March 09 with remedy date of 23rd March and served via 2nd class c) the alleged debt is assigned to CLueless Finance on 20th March 09 (yes before remedy date on DN) Opinions welcome please
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