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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Well you might call it assumptions and without bothering to find out the facts but that's why I'm here. I explained I did not want to complain before it was done because I didn't know myself how it would affect me, I think I was probably a bit naïve as to just how much of an impact this was going to have on my property. If it is true that you have to put all complaints in at planning stage I did not know but l I still struggle to understand why if after the works you cant complain about the excessive noise which wasn't expected. The trees, well they were in the plan originally so this is a fair objection. Yes I could plant my own but I wouldn't be doing that if the road wasn't there or they had planted trees as expected. They are saying they ran out of funding. I didn't come here for an argument and I'm not just out to get compensation for the sake of it, my main concern is getting back the privacy, trying to mask out some of the noise and pollution and claiming for any loss in the value of my home. I did not know you had to do these things at planning stage, to me you cant tell the impact till its finished If the value of my house is affected surely I should be compensated
  3. Thanks I will ask them. Really they couldn't judge the noise until after the road is built properly I would think because its more than I expected. I never expected a bus route or the amount of huge lorries going down and even throughout the night. Before it was built I just though the trees would hold back a lot of the pollution and noise and never thought it would travel through the ground. At least 3 houses that I know of that also back onto the new road are rental properties and I'm wondering if they are bothering to do anything
  4. I have just contacted the project manager and it seems there is only going to be 1 tree planted and its not really going to have an effect on my property, I asked if they could plant something in my garden to screen some of it because there is no room the other side and he says they haven't got the funding for that, hes sending me a plan to show where the 1 tree will be but its not going to improve on my privacy, noise or pollution. I mentioned the noise even traveling through the ground and he said nothing at all, I just need to know what I can do about this
  5. I don't understand what you mean by that? Of course its not going to be dug up and put somewhere else as you put it, confused by your comment. Are you saying I shouldn't expect financial compensation just because its already there? and if so why not? Firstly, there were many complaints and concerns prior to the road being built but nothing was going to stop the powers that be. Since its been built I realise that this definitely would have an impact if ever the house was to be sold. The noise, the pollution, the privacy. I don't want to have to move. I would wish for them to at least plant some trees at the end of my garden as there is no room for any behind the fence and plant trees beyond the fence of my neighbours as their gardens aren't as long as mine and there is room the other side next to the road. The trees would help towards the pollution, perhaps a little towards the noise and definitely the privacy
  6. A new relief road has been built at the end of my back garden due to a town centre improvement scheme and this has caused more issues than I expected. Is there anything I can do? The distance between my fence and the road is just a pavement it is that close, no boarders or anything. I do have a fairly longish garden but its still too close for comfort to me, if a car or van crashed into my fence its a worry. I thought they were going to plant trees at least along the end of the gardens but it has not happened and the road carries big lorries, a bus route, vans, cars in fact all vehicles. I had hoped that trees would block out some of the noise and pollution but the noise actually travels through the ground so nothing is going to stop that. The heavy vehicles travel overnight too plus its not nice having lorry and van drivers going by with full view of my garden and through my windows. The bus passengers also can see so my privacy has been completely taken away. They put up a 2 metre fence but it should have been much taller. Before the work started I got lots of solicitors letters asking to work on my behalf for compensation but I wanted to see how things panned out after the work was done plus I was a bit wary of if it was the right way to go about things so I left it. Before the road was built it was tranquil, it was first allotments then part was changed to a car park which was very rarely used because no one wanted to pay. Its completely changed the house and I've been here 28 years. What can I do and how do I go about doing it? I hope this has been posted in the right place
  7. Thankyou very much for your advice, I definitely wont be paying the base layer above the quoted price. I am sure there wont be any more issues with it as the agents have agreed to pay the extra and I only have to pay the base layer the quoted £800, they know they have no choice now.
  8. Thanks again The agent sent the sub contractor, Hansons only provide the garage and put it up. I did call Hansons and they told me to call the agent manager and see what she said even though she hadn't called me back in over a week. When I called the agent back again and asked the secretary if she had passed on my enquiry to the manager she said yes and it was up to the contractor how much he charges and has nothing to do with them. I told her it was stated in the quote I received and agreed to so it should have been up to the manager to clear that with the contractor before giving me the quote in the first place then and to please ask her to call me back to discuss it. The manager called back in about 10 mins saying she had just spoken to the contractor and told him that they were prepared to forgo their commission from his work if he would agree to charge me the £800 quoted but I don't believe they would have done this if I had just accepted it quietly and paid the contractor £950, they really should check with the contractor first before quoting or at least state estimate. Thankyou for your help
  9. Thankyou, Hansons garages are a reputable company that the garage is coming from and is being installed by, the deposit went to Hansons via the agents. I don't think cancelling will make a lot of difference apart from me having to go back to the beginning of the wait list and I would still want the same garage anyway so it would just mess things up more. Hansons will cover the guarantee not the agents. Its the £150 under quote from the agent I need to find out about, whether the agents are liable to cover this extra cost as they obviously did not check with the builder first before quoting and now I'm left having to pay the extra which I hadn't expected from the quote
  10. Thanks for your reply I paid the deposit by phone to the Agent with debit card, it was about £485.00 which went directly to Hansons as its showing as deposit on the order confirmation copy that Hansons posted to me. The incompetence of the Agents who it states are a family owned and operated buisiness that sell sheds and garden buildings and have Hanson garages on show at their site didn't become obvious until after the deposit was paid when things started to wrong with dates, communication, organisation and planning. On the quotation there is also separate quotes for the dismantling and removal of the asbestos garage and one for the fitting of the electrics afterwards, the electric job price is clearly stated as 'estimate' and the word estimate is definitely missing from the garage base skim price. Should I inform Hansons of this problem with their Agents? In the letter to the Agents should I directly ask them to pay the £150 they under quoted for the base to the builder themselves? I have now found out that the lady that did the quote is the managing director, don't know if that makes any difference or not.
  11. No the work has not been completed, the deposit was paid some time ago when I first got the quote and due to the agents messing up organising jobs and dates its been delayed by 1 month for the garage to be put up. The base is due to be done now on 17th Sept, still no call back from the agents on their under quoting the base cost. Do I have any rights to expect them to pay the extra cost of it?
  12. Yes just the one quote, I usually have several but with this I wanted a local company and I think the prices are similar all over, its a Hanson garage. I assumed that the local company were going to put it up but it became apparent that they just get the sales and then Hanson do the building after the base is prepared, I only found this out afterwards. I don't want to cancel it now as I would still have the same garage and the old was has been taken down now. I think the lady that quoted me is the manager of the local buisiness
  13. I had a quotation for a concrete garage from a local agent, part of the quote included the separate price for the base to be slightly extended and skimmed. This did not say estimate, it said quote. The person that does the bases apparently does not work for agent but they provide him with work, I'm not sure if they get any commission from his work. The agent quoted £800 for the base complete with prep to completion and said it would not change. The base builder came to view the job and said its £950 and that hes doing it cheaper as it should be £1100. When the base is done I have to pay him not the agent. I called the agent to tell them as I agreed to have the garage from them based on the overall quote but the person that did the quote was not in that day and the lady said she would inform her when she was back in which was last Tuesday 18th and she has not called me to discuss this as yet, I have a feeling she isn't going to either. How do I stand, should the agent compensate me for this extra £150 or do I have to just accept it and pay the extra? How should I go about handling this situation?
  14. I am wondering why the officer only seemed interested in the revenue informing them of my isa, I gave him all my bank statements but he did not even want to look at them not even to see the balances or how many I had or the numbers or anything. Shouldnt he have checked through them? Does anyone have any idea of what the form he filled in might have been? he said he just wrote down what I told him but he didnt read it back to me or give me the oportunity to read it he just pointed to where I needed to sign it. He didnt say if there would be anything further from this or not so because he didnt say that will be the end of the matter I'm wondering if it wont be.. I got the feeling he might not believe me when I said no I had no other income from anywhere at all and had never gone over 6k on my isa but perhaps its me just as usual worrying about everything. I'm condfused as to why the revenue would say I had 2 isas at one timedo you think they will be tripple checking that? I do think though that after calling them twice prior to the interview and asking what it was for and being reassurred that it was a routine review, they could have told me it was a query from the revenue about an isa but they did not. It might be because they want to see your reaction when told to judge if they think you are lying, I suppose its understandable they have to do thier job. I dont really believe there are reviews without some query or report on them no matter what they say. Do you think he will be back again? I've now closed the new savings accounts I opened to create the £1 a month dd 'd to keep the reward accounts going and I'm going to close the two extra reward accounts as well, Tthe £5 a month reward from each of them is not worth the worry plus they may consider it income do you think?
  15. The interview at home was today, the man was here probably 10 minutes. I rang a second time yesterday and he answered himself, I asked what the interview was for. He checked my file and said it was just a review and absolutely nothing to worry about and he said he wanted to reasure me it had nothing at all to do with my dla and esa claims it was basically so they had all info on me bang up to date. He gave examples such as to check if I'm working or have any other income. He seemed not to want to worry me and said as soon as he walked through the door that he would be 5 mins. He explained about reviews and how departments talk to each other and said he had been contacted by the inland revenue saying that I have an isa and he had to check if it was below 6k. He asked if that was right and I said yes, he then asked if it was below 6k and if it had ever gone over 6k and I confirmed yes and no. He then said the revenue had told him that at one time I had 2 ISA's at the same time but I said no I had never had 2 at once. He then said well they don't always get it right and then went on to ask if I had any other form of income from anywhere such as pensions or work or anything and I said no. He then asked for proof of my ISA and I gave it to him, its below 6k so he didnt seem bothered he said we dont care as long as its below 6k. He filled in a form as I was answering the questions, just a sheet of paper I think it was pale green. He explained that a v in one part meant verified meaning he had seen proof of my isa balance. I had to sign it to confirm my answers but now I'm worried what I have signed as I didnt read it. Since hes gone its bugging me why revenue say I had 2 isas at one time, unless it was an overlap or something when transferring in a isa year. I think I remember once not tranferring one but just taking it out in full to put it into another new one, that may have been classed as having 2 even though one of them would have a balance of 0, thats all I can think of but do you think they will come back to me about this? He wasnt interested in the bank accounts even though I gave them to him he didnt even look. He didnt even ask about accounts or savings accounts just the isa. I am now closing the savings accounts and reward accounts and just keeping my main one, its really not worth the hassle or stress. I dont care about getting the rewards from the halifax accounts. I dont think its that straight forward though to close the accounts especially the savings ones as I cant go to a branch due to my health issues, you cant close them over the phone, online or by post. I dont know what I've signed though
  16. Thanks, Well all I can do is provide the info that they request and try and keep calm and get it over with which is not easy for me I will probably be a complete mess I cant stop shaking since I got the letter to be honest. Does anyone know if these officers have actually read my esa form or have details on my conditions as its quite embarrassing if they know intimate details about me, I'm just wondering how much personal information about my conditions and the care I recieve that I should be going into detail about with the compliance officer?
  17. I cant give reciepts for my odd job man and private home help etc as I pay those cash in hand and dont get receipts. My daughter also gets me lump sums of money out every so often so I have money on me for anything I need to pay for, it saves her going back and forth and I just let her know when I'm running low. I just tell her to get the max amount out each time so it lets me which is £300 with halifax. They may think that is a large amount but I cant go myself and I try to cut down on trips to and from the cash machine that my daughters need to do for me. God knows with all this I feel really worried, I just hope they are going to be understanding.
  18. Thanks, Could they ask me to name the people I pay in cash? I don't know if they would want me to. The interview might not be all about the money though, its only a home visit because I've requested that but what are they likely to ask me? will they go through my esa application again or ask me to do anything physical or look around my house? They can look if they want but I just want to know what I should expect
  19. To be honest I opened the 3 reward accounts simply because they reward £5 a month for each account, thats £15 a month including my main account which works out at £180 a year and its a lot to lose. Halifax have stopped it now though and only allow 1 reward account per person. I have had the accounts for a few years now and have just transferred the 1k a month between them to keep them open but they only changed the rules in April so that you have to have 2 monthly direct debits per account set up before 16th April. Because I found out late about the new rules I set up several dd savings accounts for £1 a month in case some didnt make it in time by 16th April with the intention of stopping the uneeded ones later. I also set up 2 lottery dd in case the savings dd's didnt go out on time with a plan to stop those also once the accounts were saved. If it wasnt for the rewards I wouldnt keep them. Im begining to wonder if they are worth it now. The previous months before April dont look quite as bad as you can see its straight forward transferring between the accounts but with all the adding savings accounts dd's, the lottery dd's and a few utility dd's until the accounts are saved it looks a mess. I have already swapped the utility dd's back to my main but that will only show on next months dd. I could close some of the savings accounts now and just keep the necessary 2 per account but I thought it might not look very good until they have sorted this stuff out but then I'll close them. Also could I or the people I pay get into trouble for paying them cash in hand for doing jobs for me?
  20. Just bumping this up in case anyone can advise on this please?
  21. Thankyou, I looked again at my accounts and it does look quite confusing, because I have to fund each account with 1k a month to fit the rules of the reward accounts and I dont have 1k in each of them to do a clear 1k transfer and back I have to do several smaller transfers to make up the 1k all in one day so I don't know how they will look at that. As statements conclude by totalling money going in that month and money going out that month at the end the totals would look like I have had a lot of money going in unless they tediously go through a day to day work out, they will probably not be happy having to take so much time on them. Do they normally take statements away with them? Also as you mentioned not going over 6k in total accounts including ISA I have noticed that on some occasions it has happened for short periods like a few days to just 1 day. This has happened at times when my esa payment has gone in very close to my dla payment and added to the isa its gone over the 6k. I took some out of the isa yesterday to pay my water rates that I'm overdue with so that has dropped it a bit now but it doesnt stop what is showing on some of my past statements but its too late now anyway. For example last month it went over because my dla and esa went in within a week and then the isa interest went in and although the isa is below 6k all combined it took it over 6k, I forgot about the interest. My daughter was very ill in hospital at the time and everything just got left because I couldnt cope with dealing with anything because of the worry, no bills were paid no shopping bought so the balance stayed the same for a bit longer, I didnt even check my account it was the least important thing, shes still not better either but out of hospital now. So its definitely gone over at times, sometimes a few days sometimes longer but does it have to be a full month over or any part of it and if its less than £250 over does that still count? I don't care about any money they will take off that I should have been charged but how will they sort it out and can I get into trouble for it? So even this last months statement shows it over as it was the time my daughter was in hospital and the interest from isa went in and esa and dla, its made a bit of a mess of things.
  22. I had a letter from the Jobcentreplus saying I was invited to an interview with a customer compliance officer. I think it was a regular letter that is sent out, it just said the visit has been arranged because your circumstances may have changed and we need to ensure your payments are correct. I rang to request a home interview due to my health issues and the man said yes no problem and he would find my file and get his diary then ring me back. When he did he seemed to think there had been a mistake and said dont come to the interview but he would check through my file and if he does have to interview me he would send another appointment for a few weeks time at home. I have now recieved a home interview appointment, no specific time just between 9.30am - 3.30pm. I am of course like most people having these interviews really worried and nervous. I feel a bit more nervous because I'm thinking why does he need to interview me now after first seeming to think it was a mistake. I rang them again to ask what was the reason for the interview, this time a lady answered, last time it was the actual man that was going to interview me. She checked the system and said there is nothing noted on there then asked if there have been any changes and I said no so she said and its just a review type check and nothing to worry about. I am worrying though and keep wondering why. I recently set up 3 new savings accounts all to be funded by £1 a month just to keep the new rules for halifax reward account as they now require you to have at least 2 direct debits from them to keep the reward, could it have triggered an interview? I also have 3 reward accounts using one as my main account and the others just basically to get the monthly reward, I have to fund them by 1k a month but only do that by transferring between one to the other. I'm worried if these accounts will confuse the situation. I have an ISA for my funeral expenses depressing as that sounds but its below the allowed threshold. They have asked for id and bank statements but didnt say how many months worth, how many should I supply? as I have to request these from halifax as I have online statements or would they accept printed ones for the time being? thats if you can print them directly from online. Also, will this interview be just about my ESA Support group benefit alone with Jobcentreplus as its headed from Jobcentreplus customer compliance or will it take into account my DLA HRC HRM awards as well? Sorry its so long but any knowledge from other members would be much appreciated, Thanks
  23. Lady_K


    I feel I have been infairly overcharged for delivery on 2 chests of drawers from Achica.com. They go by the weight of an item. This is the delivery charge information on the website: Delivery costs. Delivery costs are calculated according to country of delivery and weight of the parcel. UK Mainland: 0-2kg = £4.75. 2-5kg = £7.95. 5-20kg = £9.95. 20-35kg = £19.95. 35kg+ = £44.95. My order was for 2 chests of drawers. Both chests weigh less than 20kg each so puts them each into the £9.95 delivery charge area. I have actually been charged £45 delivery for both of them. I have wrote to them asking if they would refund the extra £25 as I thought there may have been an oversestimation on the weight of one of the drawers. As I half expected they have wrote back to me with this Thank you for your enquiry. Please be advised the weight of the Flemish Oak Chest of 6 Drawers is 19 kgs and the weight of the weight of the Flemish Oak Chest of 5 Drawers is 19.5 kgs as the total weight of your order is 38.5 kgs I cannot make any amendments to the delivery charge on your order. My sincere apologies any inconvenience caused. This feels a very unfair and crafty way of overcharging people and £25 over the real cost is a lot to overpay. If I had ordered them both separately they would have both come up at £9.95 delivery each. Can they really justify charging the £45 when surely they will have had to pay the same costs themselves wether I had ordered them as separate orders or as one? They were not even shipped by the same courier company either so they were sent just as though they had been ordered separately anyway. Can I do anything about this? There is also no phone contact for this company at all, it is all email and I really dislike that. Should I contact them back again about this?
  24. Hi, I've tried to look on the Halifax website but I'm still having difficulty understanding the rules with this Cardcash/Easycash adult account. (it says cardcash online but it might have been changed to easycash) I am just wondering if they will charge me for this and if so how much roughly? I donated an amount to a charity using paypal on 19th October at about 10pm if that makes any difference. I didn't have sufficient funds in my paypal so they took some from my cardcash account £6.25 to make it up. I had recently added a new card to my paypal account for my reward account and just assumed that the £6.25 would be taken from that but looking at my paypal account now I see they have the cardcash card down as primary so it came from there. I only had 37p in my cardcash account so there wasnt enough but its saying cleared in paypal but nothing is showing in Halifax. I only noticed yesterday 19th Oct as I had only been checking my reward account expecting it to come out of there so when I didnt see it I checked paypal and realised it had taken it from the cardcash. I instantly transferred £50 into the cardcash just in case. Still today nothing is showing and its still showing cleared in cardcash. Do you think I'll be charged and if so how much and when? Thanks for any advice
  25. Thankyou, The valuation report gives a valuation on £129,995 and a rebuild cost of 25k The broker tried to give the impression still that there is a need to cover next doors in a very confusing misleading way to me when I rang. But when I said I always thought that it was included in buildings insurance if there was any problem with adjacent properties and he then said yes they would be covered up to 2 million pounds so I don't know why they go on about having to allow for next doors in the first place. He did say if the rebuild costs in the valuation report are lower and they want to change it there will be no charge and a refund for the overpaid premium. He did state though that whatever it says on the valuation report to add an extra 10k to cover for plans to be drawn up and site clearance etc but is it necessary to add this extra 10k or would those costs have been taken into account in the valuation report rebuild cost? I will be looking into my own cover when it comes around again in April, I did query the cover they advised me of last year but was assured it would be enough but I do feel mine is a little on the low side
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