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  1. Disrepairs in privately rented accommodation The landlord's responsibilities The landlord has extensive duties to do repairs. These duties arise from a number of sources:- • the tenancy agreement • section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 • duty of care (breach of which may cause actions for nuisance and negligence) • other responsibilities given by statute • Defective Premises Act 1972 • Environmental Protection Act 1990. The landlord is responsible for a statutory nuisance caused by something inherent in the structure of the property. The landlord may be res
  2. how have you worded the tenancy agreement ,does it state that the garden is to be kept in a tidy state by the tenant, all fences(especially the one on the left) are the responsability of the landlord unless damaged by the tenant. The tenancy agreement must point out who is responsible for what, and once the tenant has signed for the tenancy then all points must be upheld .But if the lack of fencing was pointed out to the tenant before they took on the property, and they still agreed to occupy the property, then THEY should make the garden safe for the kids.Lo
  3. Can anybody please advise.I bought two personalised rings from the bradford exchange for my wife(her ring size is an N),this was via the Chat magazine advert.The bradford exchange had a ring sizer printed in the mag,i sized up one of my wifes rings on it ,which according to the ring sizer was a 9.5.The rings they actually sent were a size S ,way to big,i complained to them about this,and was told that because they were personalised they could not be exchanged,and that they had sent the size 9.5 as ordered,they recKoned that 9.5 was a size S.I then placed one of the rings they sent onto the rin
  4. Twoman is incorrect,if a direct debit is set up for a certain amount then ANY attempt to take more than the set up amount is classed as theft,and can be delt with as such,plus you have the banks money back guarantee with a direct debit which you don't get with with a standing order.The only difference is that with a direct debit you MUST let the bank AND the creditor know if you cancel the direct debit,a standing order YOU can cancel without informing the creditor.
  5. Just make a direct debit out for £1 p.m .They cannot refuse it no matter what they write to you,they will always bitch about receiving low payments,cos they want the debt paid as soon as poss.SOD EM.They have no legal right to demand a financial statement from you,but if you send one you can always end up with £1 left at the end of the month.
  6. As i understand if they cannot provide you with a credit agreement then they must provide you with the terms and conditions of the loan i.e;amount lent amount to repay,amount to repay p.m,interest rate p.a,total to repay inc interest.If they cannot provide EITHER( the last need not have a signature,only your name)then they are in breach of OFT guidelines.Complain to the OFT.
  7. A lot depends upon if the Debt collectors actually BOUGHT the debt,or are just acting on the other parties behalf.If they have bought the debt,then your obligation to littlewoods has ended,the debt is now owned by the debt collector who DO NOT have a contract or credit agreement with you,and will NOT be able to provide one.
  8. I have had a letter from fredrickson /arrow global claiming that i owe an ex ammount of money,i sent a request for an original signed copy of the credit agreement (plus £1),i received a reply stating that they were unable to provide the CCA and sent my £1 back.They have since sent me a letter claiming that i have not made adequate arrangements to clear the debt,yet they cannot provide me of PROOF of the debt.Should i just ignore them or send them a letter stating that i will report them to the OFT for harrassment.
  9. Write to retsons asking if they have bought the debt from hfc.If they reply that they have then ask (in a letter)for an ORIGINAL SIGNED copy of your credit agreement,and a direct debit mandate form ( you'll probably get the form ,but not the credit agreement )There is a letter on this site which sets out the procedure for asking for the credit agreement which FORCES them to reply one way or another.If they can supply the credit agreement,then just make out the direct debit for £1 per month.They will scream and shout but it is very very rare that they refuse.
  10. Hi knigget,i used the very same letter to Active Kapital over a £1300 debt to loyds tsb,they sent me a letter stating that they could not provide the relevant paper-work therefore they were no longer persuing the debt, this was after only 4 days . GREAT RESULT..I have since passed this letter to several friends who were amazed when i showed them the reply i received from Active Kapital.
  11. give them an ultimatum,i.e. tell them they have 10 days to comply with your request,if they cannot then" their failure to provide all of the required documentation within 10 days from receiving this communication constitutes your agreement to the following terms,1,the debt did not exist.2,it has been paid.3,any contract was voidable from the start.4,you accept liability for any damages i suffer as a result of your actions.5,you abandon this claim and will pursue this matter no further .I presume silence to mean acquiescence in all these matters.
  12. The reply they sent you is cobblers,firstly they go nowhere near the courts to determine the offer,secondly they have no legal right to ask you for your financial details.They will and must accept the offer of £1pm,they CANNOT refuse regardless how many snotty letters they send you. People like this prey upon people who cannot or dare not stand up to them,They soon buckle under when faced with a stubbon punter.
  13. CK EDRUPT cannot refuse your offer of payment,even if after a month you find you can only afford 50p and reduce the payment they CANNOT refuse,they may and probably will sent you snotty letters ,but as long as you stick to your guns they WILL accept,and there is bugger all they can do about it.
  14. Tell ck edrupt that you are gratefull for their offer but at the moment you cannot afford to take them up on it,then offer them £1 pm,and send the first £1 with the letter as a show of faith.OR you could tell them to get stuffed because of the extortionate interest rates of up to 1060% (£200 settled over 14 weeks) and to take you to court,its extremely unlikely that they will take you to court ,because the amount does not warrant it.The question is..if you owe £115,why would they accept £85....reason....they do not want to go to court because the judge will take one look at the interest rate a
  15. If a debt collection agency rings you up ,just ask to hold the line for a second ,then make a cup of tea and read the paper,its their money not yours,put your phone on loud speaker and listen to the desperation in their voice,then hang up when you get to the sports page,remember you are NOT under any obligation to speak to them at all.They soon get fed up of calling.
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