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  1. Thank you. I can get back to my day off now - appreciate the quick response.
  2. Hi again. I received several notice of sums in arrears letters this morning. These letters also state that "you may have to pay default sums and interest in relation to the missed or partly made payments referred to on this notice". The sums in arrears refer to all of my student loan debt. What should I do? Is it continue to do nothing?
  3. Is there CAG guidance like the letter of claim link above for Scotland?
  4. OK, I've reported as spam. It's finally sinking in, slowly but surely. This is a real education. They haven't emailed me, but I emailed them when this all started before coming on this forum. If they email back, should I just say I prefer letter?
  5. Hi, I received a text message from Capquest today saying "we recently sent you a settlement offer, you can discuss this offer with us by text." I now notice there are various 'settlement offers' that went straight to my spam folder going back to Sept last year. They are totally erratic, with settlements varying from one text to the next (3 monthly instalments of £1200 on one text and 3 monthly instalments of £300 or £500 in others!). I still haven't had a letter confirming my deferrals. I imagine you're going to tell me to do nothing?
  6. Do you mean the arrears are not real because I have always been below the repayment threshold or they are not real simply because they are a DCA? What will happen in four years time when my debt is due to be wiped if I haven't paid what they are calling arrears? I can't find threads where anyone describes this. On a separate note, do you ever do awareness raising sessions or adult education sessions around these kinds of issues (paid, of course)?
  7. What usually happens next? When they first called me, they told me that while I owe 'arrears' my debt won't end after 25 years.
  8. Hi again. This morning I received a notice of sum in arrears. What should I do?
  9. Hi, I still haven't heard back from Erudio about my backdated deferral. I asked above if I should send letters from mental health professionals etc. to Capquest and you said not to. Should I send this evidence to Erudio though? In the call I had with Erudio, before coming on here, the call handler asked me to send in as much evidence as possible. However, all I've sent is SLC deferral forms and brief cover letter explaining reasons for failing to defer and notify change of address. The loan is "on hold" with Capquest until 12th march while Erudio deal with this. I know they're the same company.
  10. Should I be doing anything just now, or just waiting? Can they put a decree on my credit file or would I get notification of this first and a chance to defend myself? If I defended myself and was unsuccessful, would a decree go on my credit file? Can it only be a speculative claim they are making or is there a chance I could end up with a decree? I'm sorry to keep asking questions..the more posts I read, the more anxious I become.
  11. Ok, if there's anything I should look out for on the portal, please let me know
  12. should it contain records of correspondence with Erudio? Or just with SLC?
  13. Thanks for clarity. It was someone on here said they did it, they weren't advised to do so. Yes, I've never been over threshold, or even close. Yes, I saw that as well that SLC are in admin role. On SLC portal, I can only see my post-98 loan.
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