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  1. Thanks every one, i think i'll probably take the fine.
  2. Hi, i wonder if anyone can advise, i was stopped by police officers with a mobile hand held speed camera in liverpool (37 in a 30 zone). when i produced my license at the local station the desk officer pointed out that the registration number the issuing officer had wrote on the ticket was different to my cars, (last three letters where different). the issuing officer asked me the registration number and i told him the correct one (and repeated it), he either wrote it down wrong or misheard, (he did not check the plate on vehicle). anyway, the desk officer told me that because t
  3. Just had a response from companies house, they have made them change their Liberty Services website and put their registered address on it, carparking partnership website still the same though.
  4. Had a response from companies house, they are going to contact Liberty services limited regarding their non compliance.
  5. Had no reply from trading standards as yet, but Companies house have contacted me asking me to confirm that Car Parking Partnership are a limited company. did some digging and found this, Liberty Services Looks like this parent company are very big in supplying the stuff for anyone to put tickets on your car. will this have a bearing on paying or not? one comment on this page Liberty Services "the likelihood that a notice will be paid unchallenged is increased" Can i take it that their products are made to look as official as possible to get the public to pay
  6. Thanks everybody for your advice, i'll let you know what happens. Cheers.
  7. Hello everybody, Hello to everybody, this is my first post, i would be grateful for any advice you can give. last week my girlfriend park her car in a disabled bay, (she was with a disbabled passenger) put up the disabled badge. and came back to a parking ticket. see image. After some digging i found that this is a private firm not council or police. my question is this. should she pay this fine, and can these people enforce this, or are they just out to fleece the public. the area she parked in does not have any on street parking and the car park is the only pla
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