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  1. Last night I got a call from the police to say my daughter, who is 15, had been accused of shoplifting by a shop keeper. On her way home from town she went into a shop with a friend (more of an acquaintance) who had offered to buy my daughter a packet of crisps. Daughter handed a packet to the friend then walked about 6 feet away to look at something else. A few minutes later the friend then put the crisps, along with another packet, into their bag and ran out of the shop. My daughter was a bit confused as to what was going on and started walking towards the door.
  2. Reference not a problem now and they are giving standard reference as they do for all employees. I think the manager will take her time with it though.... Still no word back about my notice period but apparently the manager said to someone she thought I was leaving end of January which is what I wanted to fingers crossed. Spoke with the manager again yesterday and she gave me my shifts for xmas and new year. Company policy is that employees have to work either xmas or new year, xmas being counted as any day from 24th, 25th, 26th, new year being any day from 31st, 1st, 2nd. Among othe
  3. Thanks for the replies. Quick update! Went to work the day after I posted and had an awful day and ended up going to the doctor and being signed off sick for 2 weeks. i've spent most of that time sleeping and trying to get back to normality. I was absolutely exhausted with the ridiculously long hours and work load. During this time I have been offered another job which I applied for before I went off sick, and I have accepted it. I have written to the director of my current company asking if my notice period can be reduced to the same as other deputies in my company as I believe my
  4. I am currently working as deputy manager in a residential care home. I am handing in my notice tomorrow as I feel I can no longer work with my manager. I love the home and all the staff and was delighted when I was promoted a year ago, around the same time we got a new manager. The new manager is awful. She is lazy, shuts herself in her office all day, doesn't know her staff, doesn't know the residents. The only time she comes out of her office is to have a quick look round the home looking for faults. I have had issues on and off with her since I started in my current job. I
  5. Have managed to edit the post a bit. Hope it makes for easier reading! Have never had an EPC for the property. Didn't know these existed. Thanks
  6. Sorry, doing it from my phone and can't seem to get it right!!
  7. To add to all the issues, just been to the front door and there is a small pile of snow inside the door where the door doesn't meet the frame! About 4 inches long, w inch wide and 1 inch deep!!
  8. I moved into an old farm cottage a few years ago which is owned by a country estate who have a factor who deals with lettings. The previous tennants moved out due to the disrepair, damp issues etc. The house was renovated before I moved in, including new oil central heating system. The house looked lovely. New carpets, magnolia walls throughout, new kitchen, new radiators. Fast forward 3 years! No end of problems with the heating. Heating The first month or so the new boiler kept breaking down leaving me with no heating for periods in late winter/early spring. Plumber said it was
  9. Hi Honeybee. It was the farmer's quadbike and he allowed them to go on it, but I was there and knew they were on it.
  10. Just found this on a website: "Damage done by children. If a child causes damage , a conciliatory approach to settle the matter is probably the best solution. Legally, the child can be sued for damages if s/he is old enough to know what s/he was doing. In practice, this is unrealistic since few courts would look favourably on such an action, and a child is unlikely to have much money to pay any damages. However, the parents of the child may be liable for negligence and damages if they have trusted the child with something dangerous that was beyond her/his capability to use responsibly,
  11. Today I recieved a letter from the trailer insurance company: "We write to you regarding damage caused to (trailer owner's name) horse trailer by a quad bike being driven by your daughter. Please note from the circumstances of the incident we will be looking for reimbursement of our outlay as the quad bike was being driven by your daughter when it collided with our poiicyholder's parked trailer. We will provide evidence of our outlay in due course in support of the claim, however we can confirm that the cost will be in the region of £570. Please can you acknowledge reciept
  12. Thank you Unclebulgaria, that's reassuring. Any further help you can offer Honey bee would be appreciated. Don't want my friend to be out of pocket over this but very worried as just don't have the kind of money the repairs will cost. Thanks x
  13. Long story!! I am a single parent with an 11 year old daughter. We have a pony which we keep at a livery yard on a working farm. A few weeks ago we were at the yard and the farmer was there with his quad bike. He allowed my daughter and another child to drive the quad bike. While they were on the quad bike it skidded into my friends horse trailer causing 2 small dents and the plastic wheel guard was damaged. Luckily the children weren't hurt. My friend pays around 5 or 6 pounds a month for insurance for the trailer. She said she could claim for the damage and myself
  14. Ricyd - a while ago in my Barclaycard thread I asked about whether I would have to go to a court in England if it came to court action and I was advised by Slick who is a member of the Site Team: "If you or the bank start court action and a defence is filed, you would seek and get a transfer of the case to your local county court. This is where the case would by run from and where any hearings would be held" Hope this helps.
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