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  1. Hi Labrat. Thanks for that. The TV was carried to and from the van when collected and delivered. Who knows how it was transported and packaged in between, good point. I`ll emphasis the sticker too which is another good idea. I`ve already sent an email to customer services outlining the details but I`ll also sent one to the CEO which can`t hurt. Thanks again....
  2. Hi DX100uk. Thanks for your continuing help. I`ve been going to the "go advanced" page but I`m still struggling to find any "Manage Attachments". Sorry this thread is going a little off-topic now but I`d appreciate if you could help me finish this last bit of my post by adding a pic. I`d attach a screen-shot so you could see what I`m seeing but............ Thanks Again.
  3. Thought it would be interesting to other CAGgers to see the state of the telly that KnowHow thought I`d sent as a warranty fix (and what state it was returned in). Still struggling to attach a pic though. Been through the doc you kindly pointed too but can`t find a "Manage Attachments" button anywhere. Thanks Again.
  4. Here`s a picture of the returned TV. As you can see, it doesn`t look like the sort of thing that would warrant a warranty repair request.
  5. All sorted in the end.I think we just bit the bullet and cancelled.
  6. Had to accept 50/50 on this one I`m afraid. No proof that they were at fault and they`re saying they weern`t at fault. Pah.
  7. Hi All, I`m still waiting to hear from the insurers on this one. I don`t know if no news is good news, or if it`s just a stalling thing? Thanks,
  8. Surprise...... I spoke with the KnowHow support this morning. After explaining the situation they spoke to the technician who looked at the TV. They claimed that they received it in the cracked stated and I must have broken it. Unfortunately I don`t have photos of the screen before I sent it off, but as I said to them, the photos would only prove that the screen wasn`t broken when I took the photos. I do however have a recording of the phonecall I made reporting the fault which clearly describes the original warranty fault (Faded image on corner of screen) and no physical damage. There`s also a signed sticker on the screen to detail any screen damaged which has nothing described on it. Looks like I cant post a picture as I`ve only 7 posts and need 10. Any ideas folks.
  9. Hi all. My sons 50" lcd TVs developed a slightly faded section on the bottom corner part of the screen within 10 months of purchase from currys. It was still watchable but as it was within 12 months I raised a warranty repair request with knowhow. The TV was collected and a few days later was contacted by knowhow to say that the TVs fault wasn't covered by warranty as it had suffered damage and the lcd screen was cracked. I was a bit surprised as the tv was wall mounted all the time and the fault didn't seem to look like a cracked screen. (I work in IT so I've come across many that have). They offered to repair the screen but the cost would be similar to a new tv so I declined and arranged for the to to be returned as I resigned myself to having a tv that was ok but not quite 100% and puzzled why they discovered it to be damaged rather than just faulty. However, when the tv arrived back I was rather stunned to find that the tv was now in a very sorry state indeed. The top edge of the frame was bent up and two large cracks were now visible on either side of the top of the screen as if it had been prised out or into the case where the frame was bent. When I plugged the tv in to see what it looked like, the lcd was shattered across the whole screen making it completely useless (I'll post a pic when I suss out how). I'll be calling knowhow first thing in the morning to try and get a resolution but looking at their online reviews I may be up against it. Fortunately I have evidence of the pre repair condition and recorded the initial phone call placing the warranty repair request and checking if I needed to package the tv for collection (which they stated it didn't as the collection person would do that). I've an extremely strong case for a replacement tv or similar but would love to have some feedback from you folks as to the best course of action before I start the process tomorrow. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, My wife had an accident parallel parking the other day. It`s with the insurers at the moment but it would be good to have a view of who`s to blame so we`re prepared for anything that they may come back with. First the good news: It was a low speed impact and no one hurt. The Incident: My wife was parallel parking into a space on her side of the road. She was positioned parallel to the car in front of the space and had just started to reverse with the wheel going to full lock. A car travelling from behind overtook her at this point and my wifes front driver wheel and the other cars passenger wheel/arch bumped as the car continued past us. My wifes wheel was knocked out of alignment and the other car has scuffs on their wheel arch/wheel. There was no other damage. Our thoughts are that the other car passed too close (if they even should have passed) and my wife was only just starting the turn manouver, as only my wifes wheel was hit. From what I understand this indicates that they were only about 6 inches away from the car when passing, otherwise they would have hit the front of my wifes car too as this would have been further out in the road if hit. Any thoughts on how the blame might be allocated? Feel free to ask any more about the incident in case I`ve missed anything relevant. Many thanks. I forgot to say that the other cars "REAR" passenger wheel arch/wheel bumped.
  11. Hi all, My wife had a parking charge/fine stuck to her driver window yesterday. Unfortunately the windows all opened when she remotely unlocked the car when approaching and now the ticket is stuck in the window mechanism in the door cavity. Fortunately the window is still working but where do I stand if either, the window stops working and need a repair/is damaged, or the ticket needs to be removed by an engineer (I`m not a techie) to prevent damage happening? Either way a cost we`re not happy to stump up. As an aside, the ticket was "incorrectly" given as the system mistook an F for and S when paying over the Ringo mobile service but that`s another issue. I`m going to have to wait for the post notice to arrive to find out who issued it and what the details are. Then I can appeal etc. Thanks. Paul4Lena
  12. Hi Caggers, My wife was recently in a car accident. Fortunately no-one was hurt but we`re now in a situation where the other party is denying fault and we`ve been stuck with having to pay the excess of £75. The accident happened down a single lane country road. My wife saw the other car approaching a came to a halt. However, the other driver had the sun in their eyes and was distracted, pulling the sun-visor down on the passenger-side for their child. The other driver failed to notice my wife`s stationary car and, although tried to brake, hit the side/front of the car causing damage to the bumper/wing/bonnet. The other driver got out and apologised to my wife, they swapped details, and both went on their way. Later that day I phoned the drivers partner, to start the insurance process rolling, who offered to pay for the damage by going through their recommended garage. I wouldn`t have been happy to do this anyway, but my hand was forced as our car is leased meaning we have to go through the authorised repair procedure/garages etc. All repairs have been done but we had to pay £75 excess which I was expecting to be able to reclaim. I`ve just spoken to the insurance company and they`re claiming that the other party is denying responsibility for the accident, and as the accident was on a single-track road, they`re going to go 50/50 meaning we`ll not be able to claim the excess back. As you can imagine I`m rather annoyed. I`m hoping that this is just a tactic that insurance companies try to save costs rather that the other party being dishonest and lying about the events. Obviously I`m disputing this. Could anyone advise me on the best course of action to take please so that I can have a better chance of getting the £75 back. Many thanks, Paul4Lena
  13. Hi, My father-in-law received an overpayment on his private pension just before he died last year. Unfortunately he left nothing in his estate (apart from about £6k of debt). Now the pension company is demanding repayment of the overpayment from his widow, who was part of his scheme. I realise that a wife (or anyone else for that matter) is not responsible for her husbands debts when they are solely in his name. However, as she is receiving part of the pension, they are demanding that the overpayment be taken from her pension payments. I`m a bit stuck, as the pension is "sort of" linked between them but as far as I can see she shouldn`t be penalised, as the overpayment went into the black hole of his debts when he died. As you can imagine, my mother-in-laws finances aren`t brilliant either so, although it`s only about £100, it`s going to be a bit of a knock. Are they able to demand this or are they just trying it on in the hope that she accepts the debt? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks, Paul
  14. Hi, I`m after a little pre-advice before I phone the Hachette Customer Services to complain about the non-cancellation of my Hello Kitty Partwork. Back in August I sent a cheque for the outstanding amount along with a letter informing them that I wished to cancel the subscription to the hello kitty partwork. I sent this recorded delivery of course. The cheque was duly cashed and the letter confirmed as delivered. However, I`ve now received another set of the collection along with a futher payment request. Unfortunately my daughter has opened the package so it`s not really returnable. I don`t have an issue with paying this one and keeping the Hello Kitty bits but I`m concerned that I`m going to be stuck trying to cancel the subscription without any joy and having to keep returning the stuff. Or even worse, getting nasty demands when I refuse to pay for any further items. Could you let me know where I stand and what is the best tack to take when talking to Hachette to explain. I cant think of anything I`ve missed. I`m up to date with previous payments and I`ve cancelled by letter which was sent recorded delivery and confirmed as received. Many thanks, Paul
  15. Hi all, My son has recenly moved from an independant to a state school. A move we`ve not regretted. In addition, we`ve since discovered that his education and social levels were well below par for his age. Without going into the issues in depth, he has had to have extra, regular, one-on-one help to bring him up to speed and has been referred to an Educational Psychologist which has come as a complete surprise. I`m going though an official comlaint with the old school but have yet to have a satisfactory reply. We`re still paying a terms notice and would like to stop the payments (at least until the issues can be resolved). I would appreciate any advice on the best way to tackle the old school as it`s claiming that he was at normal peer level when he was there and also some ideas on the payment/holding of the fees. Thanks.
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