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  1. I have sent a letter to RBS,saying they did not comply with my SAR and I will wait another two weeks for the documents. NatWest has now sent me a cheque for £10 back saying they have given me all the info I need to claim back PPI and they have satisfied my request. I could scream.
  2. I have sent SAR letter to Natwest on the 18/11/2015. They have responded with the letter asking for my reasons, otherwise they may not be able to satisfy my request. I have emailed them back, that I wish to reclaim mis-sold PPI. I have then received a letter on 29th Dec, which I don't quite understand, with a form to fill, which is asking for information that I would have if they honoured SAR. I am not sure what to do next. They keep asking me to phone them, unfortunately I had another surgery on my cervical spine, and my vocal cords don't work. Any help much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I hope you can help me reclaim PPI from NatWest bank. I am unsure how to begin, and was advised not to use any companies advertising to do it for you. I have fallen ill in 2004, and defaulted on my loan repayments in 2006. NatWest never paid the insurance. I forget their reason for it. I have had several loans with them that have always been extended, and topped up over the years , and I was always told, to be approved for the top up, I have to have PPI. I do not have any paperwork anymore, apart from one loan agreement. I was wondering whether I can still claim PPI that far back, and how do I obtain all my loan agreements. I have a short window in which to attempt to do this, as my health is failing again, and I am scheduled for surgery. Recovery time is about a year long, so it will probably be too late to claim then. Thank You
  4. Hi! I was just wondering whether I can still claim for mis-sold PPI from NatWest. I have had a loan with NatWest that has been extended several times over the years. In 2004 I had a stroke and I am since disabled on benefits. In 2005 I defaulted on NatWest loan repayments after running out of my savings. Many Thanks
  5. I received a letter from Frederickson saying that they are no longer acting in relation to the matter and are unable to provide the documents I requested. They also say I must request them direct from their client the Capital One. Does that mean Capital One still has my account and the £4 are still going to them, or should I stop paying until I know who has my account. It's all very confusing. One good thing; the telephone calls have stopped.
  6. Should I stop paying £4 to Capital One or can I change to £1?
  7. Have received a letter from Fredrickson today, demanding immediate payment in full as instructed by Capital One.
  8. @coledog; many thanks, am printing it all out, ready to send off on Monday. I have had two phone calls from Fredrickson so far today but they are recorded? That really stinks, can't even tell them to stop phoning. Whatever next!
  9. Thanks for all your help guys. Since I didn't hear anymore from Capital One, I just kept the £4 repayments and did not send them any bank statements. However, last week I received a letter saying that my account is now in default and they now have the right to demand the payment in full. The next day I started to receive phone calls from Fredrickson every day or even twice a day. They ask for my personal information but when I ask to know who they are and why they are calling me, they say that they cannot disclose that information. They sound quite a nasty bunch. I suspect Capital One has passed my account onto them. I told them I will only respond in writing but the phone calls persist. I find them very difficult to deal with. I can't disconnect the phone since I have severe spinal cord compression and it wouldn't be very safe for me. I will sent CCA this Monday and see. Just want to say that since I found this site they do not scare me anymore and the information and support you guys offer is worth gold. Thank you.
  10. I am just worried they may take me to court as I am not up to it, health wise. It’s a credit card debt of about £6000. I am making a payment of £4/mth since state benefits are my only income. I have nothing to hide and all the information I send them is correct but I feel very uneasy them having copies of my benefits now. I had their credit card for some years before my life was turned upside down in 2004 and I ended up on benefits with a debt which seemed to have grown out of all proportions. Should I just ignore their last letter and hope they don’t take it any further? Many Thanks
  11. I have been sending my income and expenditure to Capital One for the past three years now, but on the last update they wanted proof of my benefits which I have sent. They are now requesting a copy of my "Bank Statement" and I wonder whether I need to do as they ask to avoid them getting a court order. I don't know what to do next. Any advice much appreciated.
  12. 2£ done, would love to donate more, as I think you people are great. Good luck
  13. Yes rory32 I think I will eventually have to, although I would prefer to avoid it for a couple of reasons. My health being one and there is also a very good chance I may loose the place I rent now. So my aim is just to get people off my back till I am better, but thanks for your comments.
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