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  1. Thanks for that ericsbrother and thanks for your help in the past . I am using all the avenues open to me by not paying . The car is still there .Tomorrow is am off on holiday . Can't see how I am going to look like a muppet to my neighbours I don't care about that in any case . Will not be communicating with them in any case not sure about the car disposal though must be their problem I would have thought?
  2. You may think everything in the garden is rosy and perfect but that is only YOUR opinion . They have removed the clamp from the car don;t know if that means anything.
  3. Thanks renegadeimp I am not bothered about the car or owing them money my question really is about the right to take control of the car in private car park. This is a back garden of a house converted into flats .There are notices everywhere saying it is private land resident only parking. I know that I have been told that they can leave it indefinitely but should I maybe send the log book of in their name so I don't get any more problems . At this moment I they may think I am on holiday I will be in 10 days .Meantime I have a scrap car in the car park.
  4. I don't think I am superior to anyone but parking rules are bent by traffic warden every day leaving you to jump through all the hoops that are set up to make you think it is easier to pay that defend. I don't have the time money or inclination to play all these games that are more designed relieve you of money more than keep order. What is the saying "let the punishment fit the crime " . It has become let us make as many rules as we can and make as much money out of them as possible .Carry on paying for your right to say "I am paying so you should also. Me, I am going to push this as far a
  5. I know that they this is what they want .Citroen cars can be dropped down to the floor just on the key .It makes them very difficult to get underneath.
  6. I am sure my neighbours would love that . I am thinking that they may have trouble removing the car as its in a small car park . It is a citroen so I was going to drop it down on the suspension
  7. Yes I am sick of this system I need a life not dealing with petty rules that cost you way more than you can earn.
  8. thankfully I am asset free You know cant get blood out of a stone
  9. Hi there the private land thing is one thing I was looking at because I hope that they will take it and maybe I could go after them for my perfect car! I am not bothered about "owing" them money I just want them to work hard for nothing Its already sorned and like I said this is private land. we will see thanks
  10. thanks for that "or can be removed after the date etc" would that be by myself ?
  11. Hi this is a continuation of an old parking ticket . I have had my car clamped by the enforcement after they visited me with regard to an unpaid parking fine . It doesn't bother me as the day before the engine blew up so it looks like a good car but is really scrap . My question is how long will it remain here before they have to move it or de-clamp it. The second question is because this is private land it seems they have taken control (on a highway) is this right . I don't want to make any contact with them . Thanks
  12. There were marked spaces before No numbers or anything . I looked at the starter agreement which mentions the need to keep the car park clear of untaxed cars Just cant put my hands on the lease at the minute.
  13. Does that involve applying to the local authority to put them up in the first place? Sorry just looking for an easy out.
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