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  1. the original fitter that put the conservatory up also done the electrics. they were wired wrong. Another fitter took the conservatory back down as it had been fitted so badly and reconstructed it. He was very helpful but had to make a good thing out of a bad construction. he came back many times. They sent another electrician called (edit) who was very helpful and he too tried to put things right but he was unable to put right what was wrong in the first place because it was such a big job and i dont think there was any money left in this job to correct things. The conservatory should really have been taken down and reordered as nothing fitted properly. It was actually more work for them to do what they did. I know the original fitter left some time ago and i was told that all the jobs he done were having to be done over again. (edit) is the man who constantly fobbed me off with his promises to do things. #Each time i waited two weeks for him to call me back and he didnt. It was me who had to call him back each time. He said he didnt call me back because he didnt have any news. THis happened every couple of weeks. Had he got his finger out and not fobbed me off the conservatory would have been finished months ago. I have no certificates for the work done. Technically the conservatory was finished but lifestyle did not pass on the insurance to IWFPI who give the 10 year guarantee which covers you once the conservatory has been built. their number is 0844 800 4125. contact is jane. I have delivery notes with the numbers of people who make the glass and those that supply ancilliary parts. I phoned them and they are trying to help me. Dont know if you have delivery notes etc but it may be worth you checking with them to see if they can help you. The original fitter was (edit). The second fitter was a different andy. Second one was very helpful. If you need (edit) or (edit) 2 number email me on (edit) i will give you his number. Report them to watchdog as others have done. You can contact them via bbc website.
  2. i have heard that lifestyle have gone into liquidation. they have changed their address from worthing to oldebourne house 4th floor 46-47 chancery lane wc2a 1je. got that from companies house. i have had a nightmare with them since april. conservatory leaking like a sieve. electrics condemmed no certificates. conservatory not useable in any way. has ruined flooring etc .will give you administators number if u need it.
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