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  1. Ah, I see. Thank you for that. Do you know why the file is still live and not dropped off Equifax's records? Since cleary there has been no payment since Jan 2002 when it was first Q'd. Sorry for so many questions
  2. There are no defaults listed on the file. It just says Q from Jan 2002 to April 2003. Does a query keep the file live or something? If it does then that would mean April 2009 that it will drop off the credit file - is that right?
  3. Who would I send it to? Mortimer Clarke Solicitors or Marlin Financial services - Although there is no address for Marlin, just an 0871 number!! I think they could be all the same people.
  4. Hi All, I'm after some advice please. I today recieved a letter from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors requesting that I contact Marlin Financial Services and make payment for the sum of £484. They mentioned that Credit Acceptance Corp UK ltd was the original client. I had no idea what they were on about so looked up my credit file. It stated on there that there was a balance of £484 and the company name was that of Marlin and it was for Hire Purchase. I'm confused because the only thing I can think of that was on HP and in the region of £9000 was a car, but that was, as far as I was concerned, paid for. It states the account started back in 1997, with 42 payments of £235 to be made. File also says 'Q' meaning that it had a query on it since Jan 2002 - Apr 2003, then just says not updated. It strikes me that if the payments were for 42 months and started in 1997, then surely (even with two payment missing, which I don't believe), the debt would have been paid by the end of 2000!!! Do you think this company is trying to pull a fast one? should I respond? I've just no idea how to prove that I don't owe anything All help, direction and advice will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thank you for the advice 42man. What about what the CRA says - do I just ignore it and wait for it to drop off the file?
  6. All I know and remember is that I have made no payments from September 2001 as that's when I last earned any money, despite what the CRA says.
  7. Has it been ever known for DCA's or Creditors to make payments to keep an account live? It all seems very odd as the CRA says no payments for about 7 months, then payments, then settled. I have not worked since Sept 2001 and have been a househusband with no income since then, so definately no payments by me.
  8. Well yes. Scottcall suddenly sent a letter asking for money and I could only find something that was vaguely similar on Equifax. So my thinking was that this must be 'Statute Barred'. It says settled on equifax, but also says payments made, but I could not have made them. It made me think that maybe someone has made payment to keep the account alive!?!?
  9. Thanks for that. What do I do if they have no records as it was back in 2001, or would they keep records this lone anyway? TIA.
  10. HI All, How do I check when a last payment was made to a creditor? I have checked with the CRA and it says Dec 2002, but that can't be so as I have not been able to work since Sep 2001 (no income whatsoever). The CRA say's in Jan 2003 SETTLED - I never settled it! All help appreciated. TIA.
  11. I just had a letter from Scottcall demanding payment for an old debt that I was unaware of. So I checked on Experian and Equifax to find out what on earth it is. Nothing on Experian, but something on Equifax that does not make sense. It seems that Equifax have me down as making payments in 2001 up until September, then missing payments until April 2002 and then recommencing payments until January 2003 where it states SATISFIED/SETTLED. This can't be the case as I have not worked since September 2001 as I damaged my back and became a full-time househusband. So really it should read no payments since September 2001! There is no default date on the file, just a satisifed date of 2003. How can there be payments registered when I had defaulted in 2001 when I stopped working. Would this not have dropped off my credit report by now had it not shown satisfied in 2003? Is there anytihng I can do about it? Will the debt be 'Statute Barred'? All help appreciated.
  12. As far as I am aware I have never, ever had an overdraft at any bank in my life, but without further investigation I could not swear on it! Although I suppose the bank could call it an unofficial overdraft if a couple of payments came out of it for my car at the time - I really don't know! Its got too close to the line, as in the court hearing is on Tuesday and I had no defence etc., so have payed it. I have a string of other DCA's after me for other debts from over 6+ years ago (bad time of life), but am more aware of what I should be doing to address the issues now - thanks to the forum.
  13. Thanks for your quick response. I don't know anything about the debt as my partner returns everything to sender if it is not addressed to either of us. She was unaware of my previous name as it was so long ago that my name was changed. She mentioned that about 3 months ago we received a letter from the County Court Bulk Center in Northampton, she did not open it, just returned to sender. I have had no credit in the last 7 years as I have not been working and am presuming that it must be a CCJ for something. I have looked at my credit file on Experian and that's fine, so am now waitng for my file from Equifax. If a DCA has gained a CCJ after 6 years is there a defence I can use if it comes to enforcement? and or removel of the judgement from my credit file? TIA.
  14. Hi All, Is it possible for a DCA to get a CCJ on a debt that is over 7 years old? And if so is there any chance of defence? TIA
  15. Hi There, I have just got my pin no. to CreditExpert and have found that I had a judgment agist me in 2004. So HLCF Ltd must have jumped on that and enforced it. However, this judgement was in 2004 and what is for was a personal overdraft that I never had with Barclays. The default judgement is dated as 04/12/2002, judgement dated as 01/04/2004. As the default was initially 04/12/2002 is there anything I can do? Can I overturn the Charging Order? or is it all too late and have to pay it?
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