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  1. Ahh I recognize those letters. They are the ones before I got the other 3! Don’t worry though WJParking will go away, just keep ignoring them.
  2. hi everyone. just to update you on my parking ticket i had back in october 2008 from WJ Parking. well they have sent me a total of 5 letters now. but i have ignored them all, and its now been a good few months and i havent heard a thing. thanks for all the advice i got on here, it has really helped, and saved me a lot of money! kee up the good work. and for anyone who has a private parking ticket..just ignore them. it worked for me!! thanks again overandout
  3. i agree with al27. i had the same with a company called W J Parking. had a ticket last october. had 4-5 letters all saying different things, one threatning a home visit. but i just ignored every letter and i havent heard anything for months now! just sit tight and file the letters away when you get them. the only way they will get money out of you is to take you to small claims, then win. which isnt worth their time or money! my advice - ignore them!!!
  4. hi everyone, just to keep you posted. i rang my lease comapny today and they confirmed they had had nothing through the post about the speeding, and now its been over 14 days i would be in the clear! thanks for you advice everyone! overandout
  5. thanks guys, well i will have to hope that nothing come through! i will keep you posted though! thanks again
  6. hi guys, i was driving up to plymouth on the duel carrage way on saturday.as i came over the brow of a hill i noticed a mobile speed van about 300 meters ahead of me at the bottom of the hill! it was really quite a distance away. i was doing 80 at the time and slowed down to 70 as soon as i saw it.the van seemed so far away that i could even make out it was a speed van until i got closer but slowed down anyway!there where plenty of cars in front of me and we where all doing the same speed. i am wondering....what are the chances of getting caught? do i have to be within a certan distance for a
  7. hi everyone, just to update you. i have now received my 3rd latter from W J Parking, although this is from a company called CCS Collect. they are threatning a home visit within the next 72 hours, this is to agree payment and investigate my home situation prior to recommending court action. any views on this? should i just keep ignoring? this has been going on for 6 months now. could this start coming to an end soon. the longer it goes on the less worried i am getting as i know they will have to take me to court and win if they want money from me..!! has anyone else had a CCS letter? cheers ove
  8. THANKS ONCEMORE...no i will just keep ignoring them!
  9. Hi everyone...an update of my situation. Yesterday I received another letter from CCS (who are acting on behalf of w j parking) stating they are now preparing legal papers. And that they have given me one last change to pay (quite sweet of them really) should I just keep ignoring? Or do you think a letter to CCS saying that the fine is in dispute? I would rather just keep ignoring. Is anyone else having hassle off w j parking? cheers overandout
  10. its an acer aspire 5920g. bought for £599 in july last year. cant see anything on the internet that says about the problem, and my friend has got the same one and he hasnt had any problems...think i am just unlucky!!
  11. hi there, thanks for the advice. i have had to send my laptop off to the tec guys for the second time now for the same 2 problems as before!!! i am going to be drafting a letter to the manager of the store and explace to him the problem si have had with the laptop and the fact that i beleve that the faults will be ongoing even after the warrenty runs out. i stated that it was not fit for purpose and not of a satisfactory quality, this being covered my the sale of good act 1979. just want to know if anyone else has had any luck in this kind of situation? cheers overandout
  12. hi, i am looking for some advice. i have an acer laptop which i bought from currys last year, i have 5 months left of the warrenty. however i have now send the laptop back for repair 2 times for the same thing. what i was wondering is. does there come a point where i can say 'enough is enough' i would like the whole laptop replaced as my period of warrenty runs out and the problem is still on going? where do i stand as far a rights are concerned? cheers overandout.
  13. thanks for that oncemore. how long ago did you get your ticket? have you had many letters? just wondering how many more i should expect?
  14. hi thanks for all your help! and sorry to hijacking this thread! i have started my own now. thanks guys overandout.
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