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  1. Helios, it states in my post that the car is 5 years old just in case you missed it. Yes I did buy a car 250 miles away but did not send him a payment of 17k I paid a deposit of £500 and when the garage tells you the car is in excellent condition why not believe them. I have approached the garage at least five times now to try and resolve this matter and they don't want to know. Also I'm sure that you would hope most garages would sort out or at least inform potential buyers of any faults that would occur within the first week or so of ownership. Thanks for the advice Helios although it wasn't really advice it was more a case of fighting for the dealer or stealer.
  2. Thanks Sam, as I said all along I was looking at buying a car not a new one but one that matched its description. I asked about the car before I paid a deposit which as it was around 250 miles away was all I could do. I was arrured that the car was as described so a deal was made and I arranged to pick it up the following week (during which time the garage said it would undergo a full health and safety check). It is five years old and has covered 65000 miles so I like others would expect the car to be in good condition and as it had these checks done it would show up any faults or concerns such as tyres, brakes etc. If Mr Average was to buy a car this way I`m sure he would not expect to have to fork out so much money in the first week or so, WOULD YOU ?
  3. Does anybody know if the credit card company would pursue the garage in the event that they refund me ?
  4. I paid £17000 for the car and noticed things were not as they should be two days later , I approached the garage straight away with my concerns. He said he would sort out a couple of small issue`s with the car and stamp the service book to give it a full history, that statement alone sent alarm bells ringing so I booked the car into Audi to have a health chech done (this is free). It came back with approx £2500 work of work being needed to make as described as in excellant condition. I informed the dealer this and he said he would fix the wipers and re-gas the aircon but thats all. He then told me I knew the condition of the vehicle when I bought it and he was not at fault. I have printed out the advert and kept it for my records and have printed out all emails that were sent. I can acceppt that I missed the tyres but when I asked if the car was as described in the advert and was assured that it had no faults I feel that it was mis advertised. Heliosuk I`m not hoping for the condition to match a new car but I like many others would expect a decent car when spending £17000 on it. Its not just the aircon unit but Pads and Disc`s and a knocking noise in the rear brake drum (which according to the garage is the movement in the electronic parking brake, which Q7`s dont have) Missing service etc etc.
  5. Hi Rebel, yes I knew that the credit card company is jointly liable but I was wondering if they purue the dealer to reimburse them if they pay out a claim.
  6. I`ve already sent a letter off to the Garage and he replied saying that I had known about the faults when buying the car. I only wish I could name and shame this rip off merchant. Does anyone know if I claim through my credit card do the credit card company the money back from the dealer as I want this dealer to know he cant treat customers this way and get away with it.
  7. Good afternoon everyone, I bought an Audi Q7 from a garage a few weeks ago and have found that it has a number of faults. The Aircon is not working, pads and discs need changing, missing a service although it was stated as having FSH, 2x tyres need changing as they only have 2mm of tread on (I should have checked I know), new wipers front and rear and a few other small defects. This car was described as being in excellant condition. The garage doesnt want anything more to do with it so I`m going through the legal route. Opinions please.
  8. Thanks Pompeyfaith I have even considered getting video proof of the transaction via a friend filming it. Not sure what to do if anyone else has any imput the please feel free to post even if its just to say about there own past problems.
  9. Hi everyone I`m hoping someone can help me with my problem. I am looking to buy a car in a private sale, the only point is I know there is outstanding finance on it. The present owner informed me of this and stated that the finance would be paid off within seven days of the sale, he also told me that he has informed his finance company of his intentions. Now my problem is if I had a bill of sale written up with this information included would I then be covered legally. I have heard of all these horror stories about companys taking vehicles back because the client has stopped paying.
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