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  1. Oh yes, yes, yes. Our cat Eric is insured on a life long policy and in 2008 he had to have his thyroid gland removed. Unfortunately, this also damaged the parathyroid glands resulting in the necessity for daily doses of AT10 to force the body to absorb calcium from his food. I claimed for the costs of the surgery and after what seemed like a lifetime, we actually received the cheque from E&L. Since then we have been paying for the AT10 ourselves @£70 per bottle as a gesture of good will in return for them paying the major bills. We get through 4-5 bottles per year. A few weeks ago I claimed for one bottle of AT10 as a one off as we had had a lot of expense. I was then told that they could not pay as we had not covered the £75 excess for the year. It transpired that most companies insist on an annual excess before they will pay out. At that, I totted up how much we had paid out and not claimed for during this year in respect of the removal of the thyroid gland and claimed for the lot. We were then told that the excess was actually now £235 as we had not paid any excess since day one on this condition thus the excess had been rolled up. I then proved that they had deducted the excess from the original payout so they then reduced the alleged excess by £75. The moral of this story is; If you are considering insuring with E&L, DONT. If you are already trapped with an ongoing claim, keep all documentation & vets invoices because you will need them. If you have a lifetime cover, make sure you claim for every single item of expenditure because they will deduct £75 every year. If you don't have to claim for a while, they will roll up those annual excesses and ambush you with them when you do eventually claim so, be aware. If you are insured but not in mid claim, get out now. Eric also has diabetes and we have been paying for Insulin and syringes ourselves but no more. I am now totting up ALL unclaimed costs since the policy began and going for that. All good will has now evaporated. Our vet also drew a sharp intake of breath when we first told him who Eric was insured with and we too have to pay the bill ourselves because they cannot afford to wait while E&L faff around pontificating on whether to pay up. I could wax lyrical about this company but, I am now at the point where I am referring the matter to the Insurance Ombudsman over their policy on excess and for the shortfall in payment due to this "rolled up excess". YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
  2. Miss Muppet It's not that expensive, in fact it was the best quote I could find. The total is just under £16/month in total for one dog (a 4 year old German Spitz) and one cat (a moggy just under 10 years.) I havn't checked the small print but I am sure there is no minimum contract period and even if there were, I wouldn't be too unhappy. Despite the negative posts on this forum, I can't, in all honesty, fault this company.
  3. I took out policies on our cat and dog earlier this year (2008). Sadly, our cat developed hyperthyroidism in August and had to have his thyroid glands removed in September. The initial vets bill was quite substantial thus I claimed on the insurance policy. After a rocky start with what seemed like an age waiting for E&L to accept liability, they finally paid out and I have just received the second cheque for the continuation of treatment with no quibble or question whatsoever. In hindsight, I think I may have been somewhat impatient in expecting an instant response at the start of the claim but the bottom line is that I have now been reimbursed for the whole amount (£600 so far) which is not bad considering the whole process has only taken just over 1 month and that the policy was only taken out in January. I have to speak as I find and thus far I cannot fault E&L Insurance.
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