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  1. Thanks for the information. I have had a stock reply acknowledging the complaint letters, and have been told that they will respond within 28 days. I am assuming that I need to await their response before taking any further action? I will contact ABTA on receipt of their reply and see what they say.
  2. I would really like to meet the joker at TC who comes up with these ridiculous "Health and Safety Regulations" I'd hazard a guess that he is on a bonus for the most ludicrous ideas and obstacles that he can come up with (see my earlier cancellation of a nile cruise problem) I'll be interested to hear how you get on
  3. I most certainly will, they have had two letters already. Is there a cheap method of taking legal advice and action?
  4. Hi there, How did you get on with your claim? I am interested as I have a similar one beginning at the moment where due to their error, we were not allowed to go on our hol and got less than one weeks notice. I hope your was compensated satisfactorily D
  5. It was only last week as you said. I was really wanting to know which lines of attack are open to me, as I don't expect to get anywhere with TC in the first instance, and I want to be in a strong position to answer their stock response letter
  6. Here is the wording of a letter I sent to Thomas Cook, to explain to their legal people, just how unfairly I have been treated. As yet I have not even had an acknowledgement of the complaint! Does anyone have any advice they can offer or know of any direct way to address this, in order to ensure that Thomas Cook are taken to task over this Fiasco? Thanks "Further to our conversation earlier today, please see below the details of the problems, which have occurred with this booking. I originally booked the holiday in April 2008. All the relevant details regarding the ch
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