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  1. Hi I have been fighting for a long time now with GE Money. They have been sitting doing absolutely nothing other than spewing out computer generated statements for over four years on a loan that was secured on my old marital home that I was divorced out of in November 2007. I have no assets. I live in rented accommodation. No debt help whatsoever was offered, no efforts were taken to repossess the house. My ex wife remortgaged and now owns the house and negotiated through her solicitor for the security to be removed. Recently, they started to chase me for the remainder of their charges and interest, but now they no longer have the security of the old house, a bit daft on GE Moneys part if you ask me! A few months ago, my father was diagnosed terminally ill with cancer and he died on 6th November. He lived 70 miles away from my home so I spent the majority of the last few months away from home. In that time, GE Money, using a 3rd party solicitor, filed proceedings at county court. As I wasn't at home much, I missed the deadline to get my defense in on time. Despite many attempts to telephone my local court for advice, the number was never answered or constantly engaged, but I did submit a defense albeit a few days late. Now a judgement has arrived saying I didn't defend. However, the main thing is, they have also got my name totally wrong on the judgement. They have mis-spelt my first name and got a totally different middle name. For example: if my real name were, Jonathan Fred Smith (hypothetically), then the judgement says, Johnathon Albert Smith. Does this have any bearing on the legality of the judgement, even if it only gives me grounds to have it set aside and then appeal for a variation? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. that Friday is good for me too and I reckon we should hit brindley square just by broad street. There is a travelodge on broad street somewhere too. Anyone for a room share, I'm counting on getting drunk, so a sofa is fine!
  3. Just a quick update for you all. I sent an official complaint to the FOS about a month ago. Have since received a letter from the FOS stating they had received the complaint and were working on it, but it might be a while before I hear from them as they have a "significant" back-log of these types of complaint! I wonder why?? Anyway, I regularly check my online banking, just in case, and guess what? The bit showing the loan has mysteriously disappeared completely. I am not holding my breath yet though, as I have had absolutley no communication at all from LTSB. So watch this space! PJ
  4. No no no no not until after 18th August please!!!! Finally, a meet near where I live, so don't you dare book it for when I'm on holiday!!! Friday 21st Aug would be good. PJ
  5. plumberjon

    rotten Egg!

    Hi can anyone help My ex-wife to be (only weeks left now YAY!), had a credit card account with Egg that was started aroud 2000-2001 ish. She liked to spend money and not worry about paying it back, hence the "ex" bit! However, there was a balance owing on her card which amounted to nearly £7k, but that was including all their chages and interest I presume. They have succeeded in getting a CCJ and have had the debt applied as a charge on the property. Is there anything she can do to challenge this. I'm assuming that they MUST have a signed CCA, as they did get to court with it and won? Or doesn't that mean anything? Any help please! PJ.
  6. Good advice from Clemma! And I was also going to say that they will rarely do a re-write when an account is less than about 3 weeks late. If you can return an item to reliee the debt then great. More importantly though, if you do make a payment but they refuse to pay any of your agreements, instead putting it into yellow money, then do 2 things: 1) KEEP THE RECEIPT as this proves you went in on that day 2) TAKE THE CASHIERS NAME which will scare the smelly stuff out of them! Doesn't hurt!! PJ
  7. Hi BH Adviser Welcome and thanks for your input here, it's good to see that there are fellow ex BH managers out there who have a conscience too! I look forward to your help, whenever you can spare it, especially as I have just started a pretty intense job, and can't dedicate as much time to these forums as I have previously done. PJ
  8. Hi all At last it's here again, BH getting the exposure they deserve. Another good day for the CAG methinks. Sorry if I haven't been on here much lately, and this will likely be the case for a few weeks, as I have just started a new job and its finding the time!! Well done to Clemma for alerting everyone to the news break. And to everyone who has helped Cath at the BBC so far, including Clemma, Tristam (not sure if he is a CAG user - but he is on FaceBook). You sound like a valuable asset! And not forgetting anyone else who has contributed. And thanks to Cath, your patience in collating all these stories and travelling up an down the length of the country is admirable. This is not the end, this is just another chapter. We need to keep momentum going, because I can assure you BH won't let the grass grow. PJ
  9. Hi I also set up the Sky+ and saw it. Have texted Cath at the BBC and there is probably going to be more in depth discussion on Radio 1 Newsbeat at 1245hrs. She has said that they have received a very large number of texts over the story, mostly in agreement. So hopefully, there may be more to come eventually as more case studies come to light, as this forum doesn't yet attract every disgruntled BH punter! There is going to be an invite for people to respond ad discuss online too. Unfortunately, as I spoke to Cath several times last week on the lead up to this story, she was up against a lot of potentially conflicting information from case studies and BH. And in the light of it, nothing short of the whole truth is what we need if we are going to make news releases stick and impact in the way we wish on BH. PJ
  10. Hi, I'm really, and sorry no-one has got back to you yet, we are all volunteers and don't have the time to sit in front of the computer waiting for someone who needs help! Simple answer though really. If you have already made your mind up that you no longer want the BH items, then simply return them all, and have done with. They will be grateful to have the debt no longer on their records, and they won't chase you for money outstanding either. If they do, give them the items and then act daft! In my experience, they won't even ask. Just call them and tell them to come and collect everything within 7 days. PJ
  11. Sorry it looks like I won't be able to make it after all. Got an early committment on Saturday, sorry guys
  12. 8th may now sounds like an option, but has anyone got a room they can share?
  13. Hi and welcome to the forums, I take it you have only changed your phone number and not your address? If you leave it any longer without paying then the will be knocking on your door, I promise you that. If you send the letter asking for communication in writing only, then you may also include your immediate family in that letter. But being as you are the only named person on the credit agreement, I am not sure if this will have the desired affect. Your mother may have to write personally to BH to halt these phonecalls. No-one can chase a relative for your debt, as they are not responsible for it, you are. But all this is really besides the point. You say that you have only had this agreement for a short space of time. You are only so far a week late. So far then you have not really paid that much for the item. The very nature of a hire purchase agreement is that all payments are considered a rental until the last payment which buys the item. So, you have only paid so far for what you have used. If you are in that much trouble that you can no longer afford this item, I would advise you cut your losses, return the item and have done with. And if you can avoid using BH in the future, call it a lesson learnt. PJ
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