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  1. ah ok. I used to work in a shop and i worked on the fresh departments, there are times when there just isn't enough room to put it all in the back chillers and has to get out on the shelfs quickly. There is supposed to be a... i can't remember if it's 15 or 20 minute rule. we never used to stick to that rule because it used to take longer than that to get a cage done, but the food was always still cold and we always got through it as fast as we could. but there are some people who don't really care (or think!) and just leave it lying out for ages and ages and go do other things. It can be down to bad management because they should be picking up on that. contact head office. let them know what you see and let them know that if nothing is done about it you will take it further. left out for up to an hour is usually fine, the boxes keep each other cool, anything out longer than that isn't good.
  2. what do you mean by left out all night? do you mean it's been left at the checkouts and they haven't put it back until the morning when they open up again? If that's the case then yes, they should know that you aren't allowed to do that and it's obviously down to bad training or even maybe lazyness. If you know for a fact food isn't in a chiller and is being put back into the chiller hours later then contact your local council, they have an environmental department.
  3. Tennants next door are using it too? You must be so frustrated! what a complete lack of respect especially knowing you have a young child! I mean what happens when your daughter want's to play in the garden? are you not entitled to be able to keep your daughter safe in your own garden? I've read this whole thread and i'm just dumbstruck by the whole thing. I'd maybe try and find somewhere who grow shrubs and bushes for an amount of time so that they are somewhat mature when you plant them.... if this is at all possible... how about brick wall with tar on the top...... is that alowed? pity you can't do that broken glass in cement anymore... I really hope you can get this sorted.
  4. I ordered something to the value of £67 from this website Welcome to Dreamy Nights Online Used the 'worldpay' that they use and my banks security box came up and all so thought must be a safe site, money came out but everytime i go into the 'track order' section it just says 'pending shipment' after a week i sent a wee nice email just asking when they think it might be shipped. got no reply, left it a few days, sent another... no reply. phoned the phone number on the site... just goes to answer machine. 2 weeks pass so i send another email. no reply. It's been nearly 3 weeks now and i am getting no reply from this person (i know this person name, when i did a goggle search it came up with other sites where he's used the same email address i also got a mobile number and a home number, but i don't want to phone them) I left another voice message today telling them to phone me ASAP in quite an unhappy voice. i am going to send an ultimatium email tonight, but what can i say? who do i report them to? what else can i do about this? I used my VISA debit card so i think i read i might be covered? I want to do something though because i don't want others to get ripped off, i was thinking of phoning the police down there.. just to let them know they have practically stole my money? or would they just think it was a silly complaint? Anyway, sorry for blabbering on, i tend to do that. Thanks to anybody who replies.
  5. There are designated people who work in store who go round all day checking the prices and promotions are right. one day the promo works fine and the next it can go to pot. theres one women in our store who works on that department (yes, just one the cut backs on staff in our store over the past few years is unbelivable, when at one point they had say 3 people on a certain department, they now rely on 1) and you can see it drives her mad trying to make sure all the prices are right. it deffinatly is not done on purpose, sometimes the system tells you a differnt story to the checkouts. Now... upping prices every bloody week, then putting them down to a higher price than the price before then sticking up big signs saying " was £3.50 now only £3.00!" when infact a couple of days before they stuck it up to £3.50 it was only £2.99 happens all the bloody time in my store. (i work for somerfield btw)
  6. i suppose it depends on the size of the store. i work in a relativly smaller store. if something like that was to ever happen i would be astonished. 3 years? it must have been on the floor under a shelf surely!!?? i understand its probably harder for bigger supermarkets to keep tracks of things. customers like to plonk things anywhere.
  7. Hiya, i work in a local store. been there for quite a long time now.ive always worked on the fresh departments. it will most likely be a printing error as most others have said. very highly unlikely to have been missed for a whole year!!!! if it was i think the whole store would have smelled it!. in my store date checks are carried out every single day on dairy, bakery and produce and some things do get missed but useualy get spotted the next day (not great, but does happen) it is more likely to happen on grocery items though (tins, cereals ect) as checks on them only get carried out every couple of weeks or so and they don't get rotated.
  8. thanks for your advice peeps. what i don't get is that this is the first letter we have been sent and they are threatning to come to our (well, my fiancees mums) door surely that is usually the very last thing they do? like something they would do after several attempts to contact us. but its not. so who do you think i should send a letter to? 02 or these bullys? has 02 passed the debt on? or are they just hired to 'collect' the debt? in which case i should still be able to nogotiate with 02? it says "we have been instructed by our client" on the letter so i'm guessing they are just the messenger boys? i am planning to do it through post, that way i can write the letters ect cos sometimes my fiancee doesnt really know what to say in these situations.
  9. Ok, my fiancee and i bought a new build flat in december 2006 and moved in in the jan or feb (first time buyers). as soon as we moved in we sorted out all the bills, and scottish power automatically sent us our bill. all was fine to begin with and i thought the bill was for both electric and gas as it was £40 and people i knew who lived in the same flats said thats how much their gas and electric was too. then they put it down to £22 and thats when i relised it was just an electric bill and not gas. so in the.. june or july i beleive, i phoned scottish power and asked them why i wasnt getting a gas bill. they couldnt tell me and said they didnt know anything about our gas. so i phoned scottish gas.. they said it wasnt them and was given transco's number as they would be able to determine who was supplying the gas..... but they didnt know! so over the course of a few weeks, i kept phoning scottish gas and power but because they couldnt find the new estate (but they could for electric?) they wernt owning up to it. so i just left it, expecting that once they decided to find me.. someone would own up to who was supplying me. but.... nearly two years on ive never heard anything from anyone and have stupidly just left it. i was planning to write to them in jan (obviously after xmas, cant afford a big scary bill just now) but im really worried that once they do own up to it i'm gonna be sent a big scary estimated bill and be expected to pay it all at once. can they do this? cos i'm really worried about it now ARGH! any response is great, thankyou for reading.
  10. Compared to my other post, this is a debt we do know about and acknoledge. My fiancee was with an 02 contract, it was like £40 and month and half way through the contract he was posted to iraq and had no use for his contract and was paying £40 every month for nothing. so a few months before his contract was due to end, he enquired about cancelling early stateing his situation. they agreed but told him he'd have to pay a fee, he got a two week compasionate leave and sent of a cheque for this fee and although we didnt get any letters back confirming it, we just assumed that was that. But the other day a letter was sent to his mums house (which was were he was living when he started his contract) from 'powertocontact' saying he still owes this money and that he has made this action necassery because he has igored all requests to contact them regarding this matter! we never recived any final demands are anything like that at all! and that he failed to pay the account and told what time they visit at if he doesnt reply within 72 hours (which he didnt because he didnt get the letter from his mum untill the sunday, it was sent on the thursday. he tried to phone them last night and tonight but got no answer. i've checked his online statement from back when we sent the cheque and have discovred the cheque indeed was not cashed for whatever reason. we now feel angry as we did everything right, and its obviously been their mistake, we cant understand why they did not cash it and are angry at the action they have decided to take! granted its not for alot of money (under £100) and we do intend to pay it, do you think they will let us pay it in a couple of instalements as we can't really afford the lump some at the moment at such short nottice, or are these the kind of people who want their money right here and now? and what happens if they decide to go to my fiancees mums house? can they demand she pays it? we dont want her being harassed over this. maybe if they answered their phones we could get this dealt with. thanks, and once again sorry its so long
  11. Thankyou very much for your response. i'll get that letter filled and printed out tomorrow (on behalf of my fiancee) and sent off.
  12. Hiya, im new here so... hi. I was searching the net for info on connaught collections uk ltd and came across this site. It all started earlier this year when my fiancee got a letter from 1st credit. I opened it because he was in iraq at the time and automatically thought it was some sort of [problem] (well to me their letters don't look very authentic!!) so i just chucked it away, got another one a wee while later.. chucked it away! think i got another one and once again chucked it away!!! then we got a letter from another company on behalf of 1st credit but i can't remember their name, so i just wrote a quick daft letter telling them to get lost i still just thought it was some [problem] because it said it was on a 'NatWest style card for £5XX' my fiancee has never had anything to do with NatWest and he has never had a credit card (we are only 23, ive had cards but i've always paid them) and the couple of loans we have get paid every month. We never heard anything for a while but about a month ago he got a letter from connaught collections uk ltd on behalf of 1st credit asking again for the money. so i searched the net and found this site and came across some usefull information including a cca template which i copied and filled in (on behalf of my fiancee cos he doesnt have a clue about these things.. infact either do i other than what i've researched) and sent by recorded mail with £1 postal order and all. after a week connaught collections wrote back saying - Re: 1st credit ltd - style card -v- Mr ****** ******* outstanding debt - £5XX i write with regard to the above matter and in particular your recent request for further information. i must advice you that unfortunatly we at connaught do not hold such details at this office. copies of the documents have been requested via 1st credit ltd - style card and will be forwarded to you upon receipt. your continued patience is required sincerly blah blah blah its been more than 3 weeks now since i sent the cca and 2 n half since i recieved the above letter. what do i do now? its past the 12 days... do i just sit and wait or .. i don't know. i need your advice! thankyou for reading and sorry it was so long but any responce is very much appreciated. zara
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