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  1. Update: It's been a hard year or so getting thought he reluctance of my wife to allow any kind of input to this problem given the trauma we went through selling up under pressure. But, I got the invoices and costs breakdowns from the banks solicitors with regards to their costs relating to my challenges. Penny for penny, since 2007 the bank have applied ALL of the solicitors invoices to our mtg account (since redeemed in 2013) all £47,400 worth. On these invoices are some telling notes corresponding to the solicitors actions and the cost applied ie: ABC solicitor 21.01.2
  2. Well in March 2012 I had the Order, and then entered into serious negotiations over another issue of the mortgage set-up which continued for some time, including a meeting in Sept 2012 with their solicitor and a member of the lenders legal team. I already had the property on the market, but hoped to sort this issue out and thereafter have resolved the issues of balances...this went on until they pulled a fast one at the end by not answering any questions or considering my proposals which they'd asked me to provide - rejecting out of hand each and every one of them without making any repr
  3. Thanks Bankfodder. Why didn't I raise this before the hearing? - because It has taken more than just a raised eyebrow to extract the details of the costs from the company concerned. The hearing was in March, I saw these charges on the annual mortgage statement without breakdown, without any mention of them 10 months after the event. That's why. Many of these charges were just dumped onto my mortgage balance by the lender as the solicitors invoices were raised to them - not a word to me and these, I might add, are not just costs involved in a repossession action, these cover many char
  4. I had action taken against me by a bank for mortgage arrears and they took me to court and obtained a money judgement on a sum of money. They won and were given a Possession Order and MJ on the outstanding balance of the mortgage.. Included in that figure were a lot of legal costs many of which I do not feel I owe. Rather than be evicted I sold up and had to pay the whole lot so the Possession Order was never effectively enforced. However, the pressure they put upon us was very traumatising and that in itself forced us into selling our home of 15 yrs. My Questio
  5. I have a 1st Mtg with a high st bank which I have ended up having to redeem by selling my house as they have a repossession order obtained which I have good reason to dispute and have done so for some time without conclusion. I have a 2nd charge loan with a dubious 2nd charge lender which also obtained a repossession order and eviction order which I managed to stop due to paying the arrears off, but I also have considerable issues of dispute over. That said, I have now sold my house and due to exchange contracts and complete and by so doing will obviously have to pay both in full to
  6. We should start up a firm of our own - (in-house so to speak!) and take these cowards on.
  7. Hi D.J.F and welcome to the forum. You have a bit of a mixed bag here and you'll need to break these down a little into whether they are pesonal debt or business related. Bit difficult to tell at first glance. some of these need breaking down into their component parts such as your mortgages, the empty house - was that a 1st home mortgage or what? Also when breaking this down, can you say whether there were any further advances on the mortgage, what date they were and what amounts they were? Have you kept all the documentation for all this too? If you can take each debt and bre
  8. You have to ask them for a copy of the Actuarial Accrual Account Summary Sheet and you want it in A3 format as you cannot read the A4 it is too small. If they resist sending that as they are wise to us now, then you need a proper statement showing all the debits and credits applied to the account. They do not supply one as a matter of course with this breakdown so you need to be specific in asking for what you need and don't give up until you have it.
  9. Ell-enn is the best Cag's got on these things, sweetjane has given some good advice too, I've been to court with these people and you must do as both Ell-enn and Sweetjane says and not be afraid of this meeting. That's all this is - a meeting and with the figures and paperwork Ell-enn has given you Swift will probably get a suspended order which means they win the case but you keep your home as long as you can pay something towards the arrears. There are case laws which state that you can have the arrears spread over the term of the loan. It's late now, but even if worst case scenario th
  10. Keep this in mind when looking at s.140 claims and Swift's interest rates which only ever go up. Compare them with bank base rates, Libor and any other rates then apply this from the FSA Unfair relationships cases: Case 12 Upendra Rasiklal Patel v Vithalbhai Bikabhai Patel 10 December 2009 (High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division) Case No: [2009] EWHC 3264 (QB) Claim: The creditor, Mr Upendra Patel, advanced sums to the borrower, Mr V B Patel (no relation), between 1979 and 1983. The borrower challenged whether the agreements were lega
  11. Well it's in the loft and I rarely if ever go up there. I've been clearing things out and went up to see what was up there and that's when I saw it, but it looks like one of those gradual things TBH as it must have been leaking a while, every time it rained I guess. I'm not qualified to know how long it's been leaking, but does one suggest, like the bank charges Limitation Act scenario, that the time begins from when you discover it, not from when the 'offence' (damage) began? It's not like a burst tank which happens in a one-off disaster, this has happened over time I'm sure. But I doubt ther
  12. I know that, but I have nothing to hide about that. I've made no claim or mentioned it to the old insurer anyway, that's why I was trying to decide what the best course of action would be. The honesty is this should be covered by the old policy, but being honest doesn't always get you anywhere. A taxman once asked me how often I used my car for my business and how much personal use and I said apart from the time it spends in my garage at night I used the car about 80% for business that was the honest answer. She said she couldn't accept that for some reason so I said would she prefer I li
  13. So if I take out a new policy I'd have to make a claim from that one would I and say nothing about it? I try to be honest about things generally and if I'm honest then the problem occurred when the other policy was in place. By not saying anything I'm being deceiteful am I not if I claim on a new policy? This will cost thousands to fix as it's up very high and the boards under all the tanks.
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