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  1. Thanks - but doesn't checking credit history mean they will definitely be able to trace my address and link it to defaults? I would rather that didn't happen. edit: Yeah, Noddle appear to be part of CallCredit, which also has a debt tracing business...
  2. I just got an unwelcome letter through in the post today demanding I pay £250 to Arrow. This is probably an old mobile phone bill from several years ago that I have been ignoring - I think my old housemate added me to the electoral roll which would probably explain why I've been traced, I've been at this address for years now with no-one bothering me. Anyway can anyone give me an indication of how litigious this bunch are? From looking at previous threads it seems they are pretty active. Also what next steps should I take? I suspect the last time I made any payment on this was at th
  3. Hiya. I want to get a new (pay as you go) mobile phone, and the website is asking for my details (well obviously, guess I've got to pay!). Any idea whether these get passed on to DCAs or tracing companies? Is it safe?
  4. Hey, sorry guys my dates were out, and the defult will have been somewhere in 2007. Balls. So that's out of the window. So I suppose the only thing to do now is wait and see what Wescots do. Checking back through my old files the debt had previously been assigned to Lewis. They could have sold the debt on I guess, but encouraging that it's not me they're after. I already have a mortgage and don't want any more credit / debt. Is there any way of removing myself from the electoral roll?
  5. Yeah but if I check my credit report I'll definitely have to give a current address, I thought that was a known route they get your details from? I reckon I can work out the default date from bank records.
  6. Yeah I think the default was in May that year so hopefully already statute barred - though I'm not completely clear what the definition of acknowledging the debt is for those purposes. Fingers crossed anyway, and if they continue I plan on seeing what info they've got (is that a FOI request? I forget the jargon). Anyway yeah will ignore. Just back from a wonderful holiday and not exactly what I wanted to see on the doorstep! Thanks all
  7. Hey all! I have an outstanding debt of something like £4000 which was originally to Egg from 2005. This has been successfully ignored for years... Unfortunately my housemates helpfully registered me to vote for the recent elections, and I think the buggers have tracked me down. I also foolishly allowed myself to be registered when buying some stuff recently so I guess my data might also just have been passed on.* I got one of wescot's "the occupier" postcards this morning. Not addressed to me but very coincidental, although the previous owner was similarly useless. It's headed for th
  8. Maybe, but my experience suggests that providing credit reference agencies with a current address is not a good idea if you still have outstanding debts elsewhere. Anyway that's that debt paid off. If the DCAs behave themselves I might settle up that large debt in a few months
  9. Thanks I haven't been chased for a debt for ages. I wonder what the trigger for this letter was.
  10. just to clarify - the other large debt hasn't (so far as I'm aware) ever been owned by Lowell.
  11. Hi all Just wondering what the collective wisdom of the group suggests. I've just received a letter at my current address from Lowell Financial asking for payment of a debt to CIA Insurance. The amount isn't huge and I can afford to just settle it. I'm pretty sure I do owe the money from an insurance policy a while ago. However I have another, larger debt for a few k which has been around since about the same time, and I could do without waking that one up. If I just pay this small one to Lowell, do you think I'll start getting chased for the other debt? Cheers TGFB
  12. TfL said there's nothing they can do (which annoyed me!) and I need to prove who I am to the bailiff. Do I really need to? I told the TfL woman that if the bailiff continued to call I would file a complaint for harrassment.
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