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  1. that is actually wrong. If PPI was mis-sold then its a refund of premiums with 8% interest. If not mis-sold, like any other insurance you are not entitled to it back.

    Insurance is not a policy to take out and gain premiums back years later.


    I am aware that "Insurance is not a policy to take out and gain premiums back years later". So which lender do you work for?

  2. 2 things.


    1,Yes they can time bar, if you dont complain within 6 years of the mis-sale or 3 year from knowing that there is something wrong then its time-barred.

    2, It does not fall under FOS jurisdication,you have already been told this. FOS cant help you. The FLA (Financial Leasing Assocation) may be able to help you.


    2, i have not been told this on the forum. You are of course saying that what w are told by ge money is to be taken without question.

  3. i sent off the fso forms to ge money which became 8 weeks old on the 23/12, i received a letter back after the 8 weeks saying they had closed the complaint, i called and asked why and it transpires they did it in error.

    It was brought to my attention that as i put two claims (one for 2002 and one for 2004) only the last on would be looked at and i will need to send another complaint for the 2002 claim. The outcome will be that it is time barred.

    I understand that i need to go to the FLA rather than the FSO as the claim was 2004.


    any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.

  4. So assuming the 6 year sb rule applies, would this be from the date of last payment or from when the bank decided to default with the cra? The reason for the question is i had a joint bank account, i had the basic hole in the wall card and my ex had the multifunction cheque card, when we split she had a spend up before leaving the country and me with the bank to deal with any way there is nearly 18 months discrepency between date of last payment and default notice.

  5. i have just got reply from equifax regarding showing defaults as credit card on my file ...


    "Please can you advise the consumer Cabot financial are the legal owners of his Vanquis credit card. Please advise to contact Mackenzie Hall (our external agent) that is dealing with this account on our behalf. "


    My question. Are they the legal owners of the card or the debt?

  6. Ok I am starting the reclaim procedure for my wife. the first loan was in 2002 with first national bank in 2005 she got another loan but GE money had taken over first national by then so it was through them. with this loan the first loan was settled, we have no details of the first loan but i am SAR to G E in the morning.


    Is this the correct way to go about getting the info for the first loan?


    as for the G E loan it was taken out over phone wifes job pays full pay sick loan was for 159 months also wife is sure this was not discussed as she would not have taken ppi.


    I have completed stage one letter a la fos ans stated loan from 2002 as this will get the complaint noted whilst we await the SAR.


    Any helpfull comment appreciated



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