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  1. Any idea how much the charge would be? Will I have to pay this charge if the meter was found to be faulty?
  2. To check meter reading, we switched every else off and used a 2 kWh fan heater that was just 2 months old. Would it have drawn more current which increases the load and give a false reading at the meter? Anyway of getting the meter officially tested?! Or is it upto the consumer to somehow prove that the meter is over reading?
  3. Lucky You Dyson Energy Services is asking £1920 and 1greenplace told us on the phone, "We want £1400 as estimated contribution from you" to "proceed with the application". Final figure will be known only before installation.
  4. Good point! Best people who would know are Energy Saving Trust on 0300 123 1234 (9am - 8pm Monday to Friday) The criteria is complex. Answer a few basic questions to check if you qualify.
  5. How reliable are Electricity Meters? Do they give wrong readings after say 30+ years? We switched everything off, swithed on a 2 KW elcctric heater for exactly 2 hours and checked before and after readings. It was 22% to high. Anyway of getting it officially tested? Thanks!
  6. Make and model of the present gas boiler is Potterton Kingfisher RS50. It is over 30 years old and not working despite attempts to repair Property is a privately owned 2 bedroom purpose built 1st floor flat built in the sixties. Of the four walls, three are external and the fourth one is a party wall. There is no loft or cavity wall insulation. Replies received to online applications made, show that eligibility criteria was met. However, no one would say if the boiler would be free or give an indication of total cost involved, if any. What are your experience
  7. Eaga plc that runs Warm Front is giving me a rough ride. They are denying me, heating improvements under the Govt scheme. The boiler is a floor standing Potterton Kingfisher RS50 installed when the flat was built in 1963. The Assessor took a glance at the boiler and told me that it is too old and promised me that the boiler will be replaced. He gave me a glossy brochure about the steps they will take to make improvements such as replacement boiler. The Assessor asked me to sign a Client Declaration. I trusted him and made the mistake of signing it without reading. He told me that I w
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