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  1. DLA low rate for both, Learning Disability, spelling and writing. Speech and Lauguage difficulties, but has really improved, Low IQ? Assessed in 2005, I disagree, he has a lot of knowledge in his head just find it hard to communicate but it doing much better now he is very good at Maths. Proprioceptive difficulties can't tie shoe laces, school tie ect. Emotional issues, low self esteem very immature and naive likes routine ect. He was on Schoool Action Plus in primary school, He is on no action in his new school yet. He was assessed in 2005 at the Learning assessment clinic,
  2. Please help me if you can, my son is currently being seen by CAMHS for learning difficulties low self esteem and behaviour issues, he is very naive and timid and is being bullied by lots of different children over his voice the way he dresses himself and his learning difficulties, I am writing letters nearly every week to the school to highlight incidents one such incident had a racial element. My son self harms so today when every one was laughing at him he began to punch the wall and ended up in tears, he actual came out of the school in a terrible state without any teacher. I am at my wits
  3. When I read this thread I felt like I had wrote it myself, why does it take so long to get help. I am also fighting camhs for assistance and help for my little boy who also feels like killing him self, he can not go out by him self does not like change and has a real low self esteem backed up by learning difficulties, i have been trying since october last year for support for my son who as now started secondary school with no support in place I am at my wits end my son also as no friends except my friends child who also has issues but they live in wales us in london. Most children pick and tea
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