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  1. @Andyorch I will do, I did get a response this morning from Charles dunstone should I keep emailing him as I have heard nothing since
  2. @Andyorch Yes I have noticed the shortend name on my online account but I cannot change it as you cannot get through to that team. Do you think I'm going to get a criminal record and prison for a mistake?? I'm absolutely worried out of my brain now. I can't go to prison I wouldn't be able to deal with that mentally
  3. @Andyorch Ok thanks, I have told them numerous times I have mental health problems but they don't listen. The only thing I can think of to do with fraud is my name went through as a shortened version as auto correct changed it without me noticing can they charge me for that all other details were correct
  4. Hi Okay now I am scared and my mental state is getting worse, I have spoken to someone who says they cannot discuss my account with me as it is marked as suspected fraud, im now really scared I'm going to be arrested and put in jail I have never broken the law in my life
  5. Hi The number I have found is for the ceo office, I called there this morning to be told the tech team are dealing with my issue not them, so pointless emailing the ceo. I have now proceeded and emailed Charles Dunstone who has very quickly emailed me back himself and advised some one is investigating and will get back to me shortly, so I am going to wait til this afternoon if no contact I will call the ceo office again and keep pestering them til I get answers.
  6. Hi Yes I have all to no avail. I think I may of found a number for the ceo office, im going to try it in a bit and will let you know if it is or not. Thanks
  7. Thanks I was supposed to be live on the 9th never happened then they changed to the 16th which I did go live for a whole day , the early hours if the 17th my internet went off I went to check flashing amber, checked my home phone all I got was an engaged tone I decided to call the homephone and was greeted by a message saying the number you have called is out of service. Spoke to talktalk and was told I had an outstanding balance, which I have for a bill due on the 27th April talktalk have blocked all my services f
  8. Hi Does anyone have a phone number for the ceo team I have an outstanding complaint which I now cannot get in contact with them about any help most appreciated
  9. Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? Claimant took out mobile phone contract and failed to pay, This claim accounts for 3 accounts. What is the total value of the claim? Total Amount £922.26 Have you received prior notice of a claim being issued pursuant to paragraph 3 of the PAPDC ( Pre Action Protocol) ? Not sure Have you changed your address since the time at which the debt referred to in the claim was allegedly incurred? No Did you
  10. Hi The claim has 2 debts put together for mobile phone Bill's totaling £750. On the particulars it just says 2 accounts unpaid to claimant. It shows as lowell solicitors but they dont have the claim number on there system so I am guessing it is just lowell portfolio. I was hoping for mediation as I suffer from anxiety and will struggle going to a court and will probably now lose my job so they wont get any money out of me then. I don't have any assets of value I rent and don't drive so there is nothing I can sell to pay this off.
  11. Hi I had a letter from the NCCBC for a small claims case. I responded and done everything requested. I then got a letter asking if both parties agree to mediation which we both did. However today I have recieved a letter saying the case has been transferred to my local county court. Am I now stuck with having to deal with a court case or can I request it be sent back to mediation. I want to avoid a ccj and wanted to try and agree to a plan by mediation but going to court is going to get me a ccj and I could potentially lose my job due to the ccj. Than
  12. Yes I had been paying whilst I was employed but then as soon as I was unemployed they got nasty and then they ignore me now
  13. Hi The ccj was awarded in 2014 and was awarded by default as I had moved and never got the paperwork. Is it worth me making an official complaint to them or can I make one to the court as all offers I have made for the past 3 months have been ignored. If a bailiff did come I have nothing they would take other than a telly that's worth about 20 pound if that. I won't phone them as they bully you on the phone and with my anxiety I will be stupid enough to do whatever they say Thanks
  14. Hi Thanks for the reply it was for a loan with 1st stop and has about 650 left on the account
  15. Hi I have an outstanding CCJ which is being dealt with by tm legal services. I had previously told them I had health issues and suffered from anxiety which had meant I was currently unemployed and after filling in their income and expenditure form they told me they would have their specialist team deal with my case. Since this email conversation I have heard no more from them and this was in December. I have sent emails every week trying to find out what is happening but I don't ever get a response and I have also sent letters in the post again with no response. This
  16. Hi I am looking for a quick but if advise regarding a CCJ TN legal hold for an old 1st stop payday loan I suffer from bad anxiety and have told TM legal a number of times that I will only communicate by email or letter as I cannot deal with things on the phone. They requested I done the income expenditure form which I did and they said that I would need to deal with their specialist team as my disposable income was low and to email them if I didn't want to call. However I am now getting emails which say the following "As the County Court process has been initiated on
  17. Hi Yes they have my correct address, the letters are the normal threats if I ignore legal action etc the normal string of letters they send out starting yellow then trying to be intimidating by changing it to a bright red
  18. I believe they now own the debt I can't find the letter now though I have had so many I binned a load
  19. Super thanks, should I write to Lowell to inform them I am making the request to get them to hold the account??
  20. Hi I am looking to make a couple of sar requests can anyone give me a good template and do I need to pay a fee??? The first sar request is to welcome finance, this debt is now owned by Lowell so do I need to sar both welcome and Lowell??? Also the second is Vodafone whom I am looking to make a small claims claim against do I need to tell them I am doing this in the sar request??? Thanks in advance
  21. I became ill so the judgement was awarded in default to 1st stop payday loans
  22. It is a CCJ its on my credit file etc The CCJ was quite a while back probably 2014 the court just ordered in their favour and I set up an arrangement with first stop which swapped other to tm legal so the court never told me what to pay
  23. Hi I have a ccj with 1st stop and tm legal are dealing with the ccj I had a payment plan in place for about £40 a month however I have now been on long term sick and only getting ssp so I ha e ignored their phone calls but responded to their emails asking me to contact them. I have sent a number of emails offering £10 a month but everytime they just respond telling me I need to call the office. I do not want to call the office but they say if I dont they will send it to the court for AOE or Bailiffs. What can I do as I am off work with servere anxiety as it is and these clowns
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