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  1. When viewing your contacts, you can go into one, press menu and the option to add them to the reject list is there. Admittedly, quite an unlikely scenario to do this accidentally, but worth double checking. You say your partner sent you a text and you didn't receive it? Check their number in your contacts, actually go into their contact where it lists their mobile number, alternate numbers, email address, etc. If there's a blue circle with a cross through it next to their mobile number then you've found the cause. Also, another option to narrow down what is causing this is to get you
  2. Logging off/then back onto the network usually clears through any pending texts that are waiting to be delivered. (what i mean by this is to manual network search, then select a non-Voda network, e.g. O2 or EE, then when this fails as it rightly should you then reselect Vodafone.) An alternative is to ensure that you haven't inadvertently set some of your contacts into your block list on the handset. What type of phone do you have?
  3. When you say that your intention was to payments every 3 months in one of their branches, was this to pay three months of bills in advance? Or to wait until 3 months of bills had been sent before paying them retrospectively in one payment?
  4. If you have concerns that the phone was in this state when it was given to you then your issue is against the retailer who sold you the phone, in this case buymobilephones.net. You would have no issue with T-Mobile, much in the same way that if you had a concerns with your computer you would contact the computer shop rather than having an issue with your internet provider. It will be tricky to prove that the phone was given to you in the condition described so might face a bit of an uphill struggle, but your first port of call would be to contact buymobilephone.net to
  5. No, it does not. It seems as though a mistake has been made, and then rectified (albeit not as prompt or without making further mistakes). However, this does not entitle you to exit the contract, although i would say that some form of goodwill compensation should be given for your inconvenience.
  6. Big Blue One, an important part of your issue is in regards to how you have happened to have no signal. Did you have signal at your property but one day it disappeared? Or when you took out the contract you got home to find there was no signal? Or have you moved house to find the property you moved to had no signal?
  7. Absolute twaddle. They can do it. Ring again and be clear that you need a micro sim. If they cannot do it free of charge then ask if they can treat this like a lost sim card situation and send out a micro sim that way. Either way, they can do it and have done it before.
  8. That is quite strange. Seems as if someone somewhere has tested/used the phone along the supply chain. Although probably not much to be concerned about, if it is a worry then you are taking action in the right time frame. Best to decide not to keep the phone now, rather than a few weeks down the line when it's too late (as gone past 7 days DSR)
  9. I doubt they would have given you a used phone with the contract intentionally, unless that was the specific deal. The only thing i can think of is if you purchased it from a store, they might have taken it out of the box to demonstrate but did not sell it. Nothing wrong with this and this still counts as brand new goods. Did you get it in a shop? Or order it over the phone/internet? Was the box sealed when you got it? You have stated that you are returning the phone so you can terminate the contract and they have accepted that. I would suggest that you return it special delivery to
  10. Also, have you not had signal in one place? Or is it everywhere you go? (if one place then it'll be a local mast issue, if everywhere then this could be a faulty phone, settings on the phone, sim card turned off, etc).
  11. If it's on the paper work then it would be manually written on it as it's part of something specific to that contract, rather than being in any small print or generic writing. As someone upgrading 40 days early would only be carrying over 40 days, 7 days early only carrying over 7 days, etc. If it is written on it and you've signed it then you've knowingly agreed to this point of the contract. Can't really complain that there was a con if it was clearly written on it and you agreed by signing it. However, if it's not written on it then i'd say you'd need to ring them to ask for you c
  12. Seems like a reasonable thing in allowing you to upgrade 3 months earlier than you should but you still seeing out the remainder of your contract term, but only if you were fully aware of this when you upgraded. Obviously, it would be unfair if you entered into the new contract unaware of this. Easy way to find out. From the sounds of it you took the upgrade in a shop? In which case you would have been given a copy of the agreement you signed. If you dig that out that should prove one way or the other, as it should be noted on there in regards to contract dates or new committal terms.
  13. Then your dealings should only be with buymobiles.net as they are who you purchased the goods from (SOGA). Any fault under 6 months then the onus is on the retailer to prove the goods did not have this fault at the point of purchase. If they cannot provide proof (which to be fair, they wouldn't be able to) then they are responsible for repair or replace. You don't need to have any dealings with Sony. Although, there is a larger issue regarding the argument that this crack is due to a fault with the phone rather than being damaged by yourself (i'll be honest - i don't know how you're
  14. Where did you purchase this phone from?
  15. No mobile network offers a guarantee of signal. If you had signal but one day it disappeared then there would be leverage to dispute the contract. However, when it is due to you moving house to an area that they provide little to no coverage then this would not be of their fault and therefore no legal rights to cancel the contract. As dx100uk said, you might as well ask them, you've got nothing to lose. However, don't be surprised if they refuse cancellation without charges.
  16. Distance selling regulations give you 7 workings days grace to change your mind, so can't really be bought into play as a failsafe at this point. The law in regards to this situation is the Sale Of Goods act (SOGA) which means that the seller of the goods are responsible for repair or replacement if faulty. If the goods are less than 6 months old then the onus is on them to prove that it wasn't faulty at the point of purchase. However, there is no mention in the SOGA that alternative goods need to be provided whilst the faulty goods are being repaired. Therefore, any offer of a loan phone
  17. Orange do a repair service. If you want to stick to that model and they don't have them in stock, might be worth asking if they can repair it.
  18. There is no 'porting' of your number as such, if you stay with the same network. (porting is when you take your number from one network to another). So, if you are outside of your minimum term and wanting to upgrade (i.e. agree to a new minimum term in exchange for a new phone and maybe a amended tariff) then your choice is to do this with T-Mobile directly (over the phone, on the website or in their shop) or through a 3rd party dealership (e.g. Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4 U, etc.). The choice is yours. That's what an upgrade is, keeping your number/account and agreeing a new minimmum te
  19. If you are getting an upgrade then, yes, you keep your number. Doesn't matter if you get the upgrade directly from the network or from a third party dealer. Is it an upgrade that you are intending to get? (i.e. are you approaching the end of your current minimum term commitment?)
  20. How was the £99 paid? Credit card? Debit card? IF so, then call you card provider and ask them to initiate a chargeback as you have paid for goods/service that you did not receive. Sounds like you've given Vodafone a good opportunity to refund and still no joy, so i would certainly suggest the chargeback route if paid by card.
  21. I'm sure the store can copy your phonebook to the new micro sim, but i'm guessing it's the fact that you want to keep your number that's the issue. If you specifically asked the salesperson whether it would take standard sims and he said yes, and you have since realised that it only takes micro-sims then you still have a right for refund due to it not being as the sales person described it. However, you might not actually need to do that, depending on a few things. Is the main thing you want to get sorted is keeping your mobile number? Are you not planning on using the contract that
  22. You cannot cancel under 14 days cooling off period as you have rightly said that this was purchased in person, not via distance selling. You have an opportunity to examine the goods before purchase. However, you are covered by the sale of goods act, specifically the part that mentions that goods must be 'as described'. Copied from the office of fair trading website: By law everything that is said about the product must not be misleading - whether this is said by a sales assistant, or written on the packaging, in-store, on advertising materials or in a catalogue. Therefore, you
  23. What type and model of phone do you have?
  24. All modern smartphones utilise data in the background for various services/apps and therefore incur some data usage even when not being actually used (it only needs to be switched on). If your tariff includes a data allowance then this is not usually a problem as it does not incur any additional charges. However, if your tariff does not include any data allowance then this small daily automatic data use can incur charges which certainly add up over the course of the month. The solution is to move to a tariff that has data included, or at least purchase a bundle that gives some data. Alter
  25. Whoops! Just noticed that Goodwill has already said this. Sorry for repeating!
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