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  1. Could be an advert designed to scare you into buying a piece of software you don't need. However, need some more info first. What type of phone? What were you doing when it appeared? (i.e. on the browser, playing a game, etc) Have a look at this link, see if it is the same as what you saw: http://grahamcluley.com/2013/12/android-scareware/
  2. Just to be clear, i don't think they are asking her to work extra hours (she is contracted for 16 hours) but more of a case they want to her to have greater availability. Currently, she does not work Sun, Mon and Tue as looks after my son. They want her to say she can work those days, so when they publish the shifts some/all of her 16 hours might be on those days. Not sure if this makes a difference, but just thought i'd mention.
  3. Sorry for not updating the thread yesterday. Here is the outcome of the meeting, as mother in law came out and chatted to me straight after. Probably easier to bullet point this: She has submitted her revised availability - the manager said thanks, he doesn't reckon this will make the grade but he will pass onto HR and will hear back soon He apologised for deputy manager agreeing for me to attend, he will take that error up with the deputy manager When asked what is being put into place to support those with childcare requirements: "Nothing at all." When asked what difference a F
  4. Yes, is a large organisation with multiple units. She's been working there a few years, approx 4 or 5 I think. She is not in the union. Still sitting in the staff room twiddling my thumbs.
  5. Just a quick update. I'm sat in the staff room at the supermarket as I'm not allowed into the meeting as not an employee or trade union member. To be honest, this was partially expected despite last week the deputy manager (store manager was on holiday) confirming to mother in law that a family member would be allowed to accompany her. I've given her a list of points/questions she can raise, waiting to see the outcome, hence me sitting in the staff room.
  6. My mother in law works part-time for a supermarket in England, an has worked there for over 2 years. In July there was a store meeting where everyone was advised that they will be requiring people to offer more availability for the times/days they can work due to business requirements, and that redundancies were on the cards. On the way out of the meeting they were given generic letters for them to fill in with their new availability. Mother in law extended her hours of availability even though she didn't want to and she cannot commit to much more (she cares for my 2 year old a few days a
  7. Details are sketchy at the moment, but a friend has lived in a rented house for 20 months with pets (cats) with no problems. The house has been sold, new landlord doesn't want pets to be in the house. If having pets was accepted by the precious landlord, does this acceptance automatically transfer to the new landlord or can they rightfully enforce their own wish for no pets to be kept in the house?
  8. Completely agree with the 'not known as this address' approach. I used to work for a major mobile network (not O2) and the if any mail got returned as 'not known at address' then the account was barred and flagged as potential fraud, with a suppression on any future mail being sent. The only way to clear it was for the account holder to provide recent proof of address (bank statements, fax of passport, etc.). I'd assume O2 have a similar process so definately go down this route. (also, do not open mail addressed to others - it is potentially an offence).
  9. Just a final update on this one. This morning i have had an email from Smart Parking advising that thay have now cancelled their parking charge notice. A reiteration of the steps i took: Emailed Asda exec team who wouldn't help me unless i had a receipt from that day's hopping Completed the Smart Parking online appeal form and took screenshots to prove it was completed The appeal only mentioned that i deny the request for payment, the charge is not proportionate to their loss and that if it is declined then i want a POPLA code Email received today from Smart PArking that th
  10. What is the boat mention in the title of this thread? Just wondering?!
  11. Just a cheeky bump. Anyone know the timescales i should expect from hearing back from Smart Parking regarding my appeal? Is there a maximum time, after which they lose any right to pursue?
  12. Hi all, to update this thread: I emailed the Exective Team at Asda. They said they'd look into it and contact the store manager if i could provide a copy of the letter from Smart Parking and copy of receipt from shopping on that day. I emailed them a scan of the Smart Parking letter and a scan of a later receipt from another purchase at Asda, along with an explanation that 'the driver' is an ongoing customer of theirs but no longer has the receipt from that day. They replied that without the receipt from the purchase on the day they can be of no further assistance. I used the online
  13. I was thinking of waiting to see what Asda's exec team can do before going down the appeals route. What time scale have i got to actually lodge the appeal? And what is the POPLA time limit? I can;t find this info in the stickies.
  14. Recently I went to Asda to do a bit of shopping. I noticed the notice board upon entry to the car park clearly limiting the parking duration to a maximum of 2 hours. I drove around the car park until i found a spot and then parked. I wondered off for an hour and a half or so to do some shopping elsewhere. I came back to the car and changed my son's nappy (in the back of the car) whilst my missus went into Asda to pick up some groceries and essentials. I then realised that i had been parked for 5 minutes short of two hours. I therefore drove out of the space and circled around the car park
  15. Firstly, where did you get your new contract? Over the phone/internet or in a shop? (i'm just thinking of DSR which gives 7 working days to cancel the new contract in case you cannot break from O2). As for whether you were out of contract or not, can you remember when you took out the contract and if it was 18 month or 24 month?
  16. I called EE earlier today and heard the automated message offering me to queue jump for 50p. I obviously wouldn't pay, so chose the option to wait in the queue. I was answered approx 10 seconds later and had my query dealt with. This then poses the issue on how many people will pay the 50p, when there simply is no queue to jump? A little bit like the queue jumping charged schemes at a theme park, but there's no one waiting anyway, but you're blindfolded and can't see that. (sorry for my poor analogy!). Maybe only making this service available when the waiting time only longer than 4 minut
  17. Hi Lostforwords. Hopefully you'll hear good news from the RM. Especially before you go on holiday so it is not on your mind whilst you should be enjoying yourself. In regards to the the 160 characters, this does include spaces, symbols, commas, etc. Most phones (iPhones included) have a 'character counter' as you write your text showing how many characters are left of the current text message. Once going over 160 characters it then will display something like "2/160", i.e. onto the 2nd text with 160 character remaining of it. This is to the right of the text as you write it, next to the s
  18. This hinges on a customer's understanding of what defines a text message. A text message is 160 characters, anything more than that (e.g. 161 characters) then the phone will send it as two separate texts and the phone that receives it will then combine it back into one message. This is known as a concatenated text message. From a customer's point of view "i only sent one text message". From a network's point of view "we delivered 2 text messages". I don't think that it would be appropriate to explain concatenated text messages at the point of sale, as essentially that is a phone feature a
  19. To rule out a rogue app or setting being the cause of this, the next step would be to backup all your data and then do a full factory reset and test for a day or two to see if things return to normal. Is they do, then the problem was with an app or setting. If it is still the same problem then it would be the phone itself and would need repairing (which either Samsung/O2 would do). One more option if you want to try something without going for the nuclear option of wiping your phone is to install a 'battery doctor' app from the Play store which might be able to monitor what apps use what
  20. Also, did you get the contract in a store or over the phone? Did you do this direct with Vodafone or via a third party (e.g. Carphone Warehouse)?
  21. All good supportive advice here. However, in balance to these views given already it is worth pointing out that when it comes to faulty goods, Vodafone wouldn't necessarily be depriving a customer of their statutory rights by not providing a brand new replacement phone after 19 days. SOGA states that: Customers are entitled to reject goods if they are faulty and receive a full refund if they have not yet accepted the goods. Before a customer is believed to have accepted the goods they have purchased, the law allows customers a reasonable opportunity to inspect or examine the goods and thi
  22. No, you are entering into a service agreement for provision of mobile service. The hardware which is provided is either a free or subsidised inducement to the contract. The contract itself does not cover the provision of or repaying of hardware - it is solely a service contract and not covered by CCA.
  23. Would also suggest contacting the local paper. Although there might not be any legal recourse, the local rag might publish an article to name and shame the letting agency regarding how they talk about their customers.
  24. I think the key question here is who said you could port your number to O2 and then have a different number in its place on your EE contract? If EE, then the complaint is with them, if CPW then it is with them, or if it was an assumption on your behalf then would be your own mistake. IMO, the organisation to pursue a complaint against and send SARs, etc would be determined by the answer to this question.
  25. You would have agreed to their Ts&Cs - where it is referenced within. They are quite covered in charging it, and although i don't agree with the charge myself it is fairly above board and not something you can get away from paying if you have taken out a contact with them (and have therefore agreed to their TS/Cs)
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