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  1. If an individual within EE had caused this issue by human error, then this would obviously be raised the individual with an outcome of needing more training, disciplinary, sacked, etc. For EE to then go back to a customer and say "Thanks for reporting it, we've now sacked/disciplined the guy" would be a breach of employment law. Therefore, it's not surprising that they said they cannot confirm with you the outcome. I'm not sure what sort of response or proof you would be wanting from them TBH.
  2. I have now spoken to my neighbour regarding this. I asked him if they had had their guttering done recently to which they replied no they haven't. I said that i had recently noticed their back gutter diverting contents into my gutter, to which they replied that they know, it was like that when they bought the property and they haven't had any work done on the guttering since they bought it. (They've been there for about 3 years, we bought our house 2.5 years ago). They asked me if it is causing a problem, to which i replied that at present it isn't but we had only just noticed it and thought t
  3. Let me ensure i understand this: When you had finished your minimum term you changed your tariff to a 'sim only' / rolling contract? You never cancelled this contract, but only cancelled the DD (i.e. stopped paying them)? You were under the impression that the new rolling contract needed only to not be paid for it to close? If this is correct, then i must say that Vodafone haven't really done anything wrong here. They had a contract with yourself, you stopped paying for it and therefore they have marked your credit file with unpaid markers. Once paid they have duly updated
  4. Hi all. Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. To answer a few of the questions: I've tried to look but not 100% sure. It appears that there was a downpipe on the right hand side of their house-rear wall, but without breaking into their garden i cannot be sure. Their guttering looks new, no colour fade or algae (see image in pdf below. Their house is the one on the right, mine is the one on the left). I am owner-occupier. Yes, we're on good terms. I'll be speaking to him this week in a friendly manner on the assumption that he is not aware of what the builder
  5. My missus text me today at work to say that she's just realised that the neighbour's gutter along the back of the house is emptying onto our roof. I got home and sure enough it is. We think that they've just had it done over the past few days as we've heard drilling/noise coming from their side recently, but are not 100% sure. We are mid-terrace, as is our neighbour. We live slightly downhill, so their roof is a good 2 or 3 foot above ours. Looking at the back of the houses tonight i can see that the neighbour has no downpipe. All houses on our terraced row have downpipes apart from their
  6. Quite simply, you need to contact their ADR scheme directly. A quick search online shows that BT's ADR is ombusman-services.org. You can take the issue to them once 8 weeks has passed from the initial time of making the complaint, or if you are unhappy with the outcome from the complaint. Taken from their website:
  7. Can you locate it on Google maps to check what camera it is? Or if still not sure, post the coords from Google maps for us to have a look?
  8. Hi. Have just been given a weekend paid for caravan at a Parkdean site by a friend who can no longer go. I called Parkdean to advise that my friend is no longer going, but she has given it to me. I was informed that there was a £20 admin fee for changing the name. Whilst i'm grateful that my friend has given me a free weekend away, i can't help but think that they're taking the mick charging £20 for changing the details. I sent a message via Twitter, and have had their twitter team call me and reconfirm that there will be a £20 charge which will not be waived. I've asked what it was for,
  9. I was going to ask the same question. Why do you think it is Vodafone? Some marketing companies will say they are calling on 'behalf of Vodafone', but this is not like Vodafone asked them to call you or gave them your details. Do you have the number they called you from?
  10. The CEO might sell it to you at the lower price as goodwill, but I frankly can't see that happening.
  11. This is quite simple, if this was a genuine mistake and they had forgot to remove the sticker after the sale end: you are wrong. Game don't have to sell you the item at that price. The stickered price is merely an invitation to buy, not a committal to that price. Rebel11 has given a link above to a great website, but there's a more specific page on that website which covers this exact scenario. It is: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/consumer_e/consumer_common_problems_with_products_e/consumer_problems_with_price_or_payment_e/prices_of_goods_are_changed_on_the_website_or_at_the
  12. My take on it is that yes they can keep the person in work (i.e. not suspended) then sack them. However, to do so would be extremely silly thing to do from business point of view. Suspending someone pending an outcome of a disciplinary is there to protect the company from any potentially unwarranted actions continuing. Not suspending would be very foolish by the company, but that would be it. However, this is only my opinion. Those with more knowledge on this might disagree.
  13. OP = original poster. OP update = an update from bolly1
  14. Yes. The part where the OP has not stated that the call was recorded where they were promised the tariff drop. It reads in the initial post as though the OP called them in October to ask about dropping tariff and they were told that they could do this after the 12 month part of the contract. There is no mention of this call being recorded. In a subsequent post the OP mentions that the sales call was recorded, to me it reads as though they were referring to the initial sale (i.e. at the start of the contract). But, i might be reading that wrong. Hoping Sirbob will come back and clear
  15. BazzaS: for you suggested plan of attack the OP needs to have prove they were misadvised about dropping their tariff. (i.e. told they could drop it after 12 months when the reality is that they cannot).
  16. Yes, I've come across this before. It's quite common. Most service providers will limit or not agreed to tariff reductions during the limited term. Usually the cost of the phone they give us based on the monthly tariff that is agreed, therefore the upgrade is given on the understanding that they will get £x for x months. Where you told that you could drop? Are you with Orange or on 4gEE?
  17. I don't think so. This would be a breach of your contract. Reply back to the email with this exert from your contract included to point out where the request is breaching the contract.
  18. Surely if it was the other way round and they had given your mother's phone to someone else you would be asking them why they hadn't checked the identity of who they were giving it to? I'm assuming it doesn't have to be a copy of her passport, it could be other ID. But this was they would then have some retainable proof for audit purposes in case their was an issue in the future. Seems sensible.
  19. I can't see you getting far with this with the mis-sold arguement, but it's worth a try to ask for your insurance premiums to be refunded. The problem you face is your claim it was mis-sold. If it has been mis-sold, it has been to their detriment, not yours. I.e. if you had to make a claim they would have had to honour it. In regards to "there is no way on earth they would have honoured the claim if you had to make one". That is incorrect. In these situations where you had to make a claim, they would initially explain that it shouldn't have been applied and then offer you a refund of
  20. Ahhh, in that case it is Virgin's property and strictly speaking you should call them to let them know so they can arrange for you to return it to them. You cannot recycle it, as any recycle company will check to see if it is blacklisted and therefore either not accept it, or take it and not pay you anything as per their Ts&Cs. If it is a smartphone and you are not going to call Virgin, then your other option is to keep it at home and use it as a sort of small tablet device connected to home wifi. You would not be able to use any of the mobile facilities on it (calls, texts, etc) as i
  21. It depends on how you got your replacement phone from Virgin. If it was an insurance claim, then the old phone will be their property and strictly speaking you need to return it to them. You will not be able to get it unblocked. If you got the new phone because you paid Virgin for it, or it was simply time to upgrade then the old phone is still your property and all you would need to do is call Virgin to advise that it is now found and for the phone to be unblacklisted. You can then use it as a spare, sell it on, etc.
  22. Thanks for your reply, but I'm confused even more. I thought that I am entitled to minimum of 28 days annual leave? Everything on the gov.uk website says this. If an employer chooses to not include bank holidays as part of this then they need to give 28 days plus bank holidays. Or if they choose for bank holidays to be part of this then they're entitled to give just 20 and let the bank holidays make it up to the 28 total. If I'm understanding that right and my employer wants to only give me 20 days annual leave and have the bank holidays make up the remaining 8 then the terms of emp
  23. My company gives me 20 days annual leave per year. In the terms of employment it states that any bank holidays are in addition to my annual leave, they do not form part of my annual leave. Reading the Gov.uk website it stays that I'm entitles to a minimum of 28 days statutory annual leave per year. Companies can choose to include bank holidays in the amount if they want. As my company has chosen to not include bank holidays in my annual leave (as clearly laid out in the terms and conditions of employment - I get the days off but they are not part of my annual leave) then my annual l
  24. Whoops - i wrote a response to the OP but then realised that was an old thread - so have removed my rambling response.
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