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  1. Hi Birch, One quick question: why are Dialaphone sending you a new battery? Do you have insurance with them?
  2. Unfortunately it's a quick answer: no. If you are trying to use their services outside of their range of their transmitters then either no or fluxuating signal will occur which will result in poor call quality/dropped calls/not being able to make calls. Obviously very infuriating to the end-user but it's not grounds for not fulfilling your contractral agreement to 3. They seem to cover it clearly in their Ts+Cs which you would have agreed to when taking out the contract. That said, make sure that it is 100% a signal/network issue before you desair. If you have anyone at your or your
  3. You need to give some more details. Why are you not happy? Under what grounds are you wanting to cancel the contract? How far into the contract are you? Etc... The more info the better.
  4. Absolute twaddle that they cannot transfer the balance! Ring them again and tell them ver clearly that you have two mobile numbers and you would like to transfer the balance from one number to the other. Give them the mobile number of the sim card that you did top up, you will need to provide some security details to prove that you have permission to transfer (e.g. date of topup, swipe card number, date of activation, etc.). Then give them your new mobile number to transfer the credit onto (again, maybe some security questions here too). The only reason i can think of for them n
  5. Ring them and speak to their collections department. Explain to them what you can afford and when, see if they can set up a payment arrangement or do anything to freeze impending charges/bills untill you are back on track. I'm sure they'll be more willing to accept a payment plan of what you can afford as opposed to a situation where they need to write the debt off and not get anything back. Give them another call and be very clear as to what you can afford and how often you can afford it. Hope it works out for you.
  6. Take the battery out of the phone, underneath where it was next to the connecting pins you should see a white piece of litmus paper. This paper reacts to water. If the paper is white then it hasn't been in contact with water. If it's pink or has pink blotches then this is no good and is probably the reason that they refused repair. As to how it happened? Well, i guess that T-Mobile can only speculate about that, it wasn't them that was using your phone. What you can do? Check the litmus paper, if it is white then i would contact T-Mobile to challenge their refusal to repair and expla
  7. Although companies do bend over backwards to keep customers, they will only do it so far as that customer still makes them a profit. You got to ask yourself how much money you would be paying to O2 over the course of a new contract. Out of that money they have to pay for the phone (N96 is top of the range at the moment and probably ain't cheap for them to buy) and pay commission to Carphone Warehouse. If you were on a tariff less than £45/month then that would make it unprofitable to keep you. They're a business at the end of the day and no business would agree to an unprofitable contract
  8. They should have Ts&Cs covering this if they've any brains! Let me check online... Right, i couldn't find Ts&Cs on their website, but Carphone Warehouse seem to have a copy: T-Mobile Terms & Conditions Unfortunately, section 2.7 seems pretty definiative. Sorry! Also, seeing that it is you asking to vary the price plan it doesn't seem to follow that it is TMobile varying the agreement, it appears that it is you that is trying to do that. Sorry to be bringer of bad news.
  9. If you got the phone from their website or over the phone as so it was delivered to you then you are covered by the distance selling regulations. As far as i know it is 7 working days starting from the day after you received the goods to cancel the contract for any reason. If you took the contract out in person theSn you're probably stuck with it. Sorry!
  10. I've never known Vodafone to have this service when i was with them where they could impose a monthly usage limit, so it's probably true what you've been told. However, i assume they have some system where you can check how many inclusive minutes are remaining mid-way through the month? Get your son to manage his usage himself by him checking every few days how many minutes are left. This should stop any more future bill shocks! And if he doesn't manage the usage himself then move him onto Pay As You Go?!!!
  11. I think a drop of £10 per month rental is very generous. I'd take it before they change their mind! You have signed a contract with a service provider for provision of signal and service within a range of their base stations. It'll probably be covered in their Ts&Cs that they cannot provide coverage in ALL parts of the UK. The fact that other providers can provide signal in your location is irrelevant. Unfortunately for you, T-Mobile are completely within their rights to hold you to contract, and there is nothing wrong about them doing so. However, if they have agreed to lower a
  12. Well i am gobsmacked! I'm glad that they've helped you, but i would advise caution until you get it in print on your next bill. It would be a shame to get your hopes up and then find it's not all as thought. But if it is: congrats!
  13. I wish you all the luck with your dealings with them. As has been stated before, you are liable for the charges and T-Mobile don't have to do anything to reduce the debt. However, that said, if you appeal to their human-side they might agree to a goodwill reduction in the outstanding amount. £3 aint much, they seem to be having a bit of a joke there! Maybe a £50 reduction might be reasonable if you have been a good customer of theirs. However, this would be a goodwill gesture and if they didn't offer any reduction then you don't have any grounds to argue. But i think the key would be to t
  14. Hi, i know bits and bobs about mobiles and email connection and i just thought i'd share my thoughts here (although it won't help with the bill dispute i'm afraid). Mobiles have facilities to auto-check for new email from a server. When the phone checks this inbox it makes a data connection to query if there is any new emails to download. There is usually an option for the phone to make this check for new emails at regular intervals (every few hours, every 5 mins...etc.). This connection will involve a small amount of data usage costing pennies, but could add up if repeatidly over a perio
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