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  1. I came across something called resolver and was going to use that. Decided to try a different store one last time armed with the CRA, and they changed it no questions asked even before I got into the legal jargon. They were willing to change both to 2 new ones as well. A huge inconsistency between 2 different stores but atleast it’s resolved.
  2. This was the Harrow on the Hill store (not Debenhams one). Regarding the brand, i already considered going direct to them, but quickly realised after browsing the website that is was awfully similar to the SportsDirect website. Didn't take long to realise Gelert are owned by SportsDirect. Almost gave up caring as they are so cheap, but considering i need them next week, going to stick to my rights.!
  3. Ah ok, thought warranty was always the thing to quote. The first person i dealt with was the manager, and he basically fobbed me off and told me to complain to head office. I'll try a different store and will quote the CRA this time. Hopefully the next one is educated.
  4. I purchased 2x hiking sticks from Sports Direct 2 months ago. Whilst using them i realised one was longer than the other. Upon further investigation i realised one of mine was missing a piece to make it complete. Few days ago took it back instore asking for a replacement of the same product but was told that SportsDirect only offer 1 month warranty on all their products, even if they are faulty. They basically refused all service on the matter and was told something identical at a different store. Are they correct in only offering 1 month? As i thought warranties were supposed to be
  5. Thanks andyorch The company is optionsxo https://www.optionsxo.com - They are a binary trading company so not sure if it is covered by the new regulation that replaced the distance selling act.
  6. I deposited some money to an online trading account who have an operations in the UK. This was about 7 days ago and i have come to have some reservations about the company. I am trying to withdraw my funds but according to their system they charge a £25 fee for withdrawals. Do i still have a penalty free option for 14 days using such a service or am i liable for the fee.? Not sure if this is in the right part of the forum but any advice would be useful.
  7. Thanks for your reply, It is such a small amount, and the only reason why i now want the full amount back is because they tried it on with the £15 admin fee, which i said was quite ridiculous. I was willing to accept the £10 up until that point. Just a quick update, they have acknowledged the £15 fee was incorrect and staff member was misinformed but the £29.95 charge will stand because that is what the original agreement was, and they cannot alter the agreement down to £19.95 because i haven't agreed to it, and all existing members will have to pay the higher amount for an extra mon
  8. So on 01/08/14 my local gyms price went down to £19.95, yet I was still charged my original price of £29.95 on the same day. I have been told by customer services that they will not refund this. On top of this, when I asked about the membership pricing update, I have been told that all members have to pay a £15 processing fee to get the price updated to the cheaper amount. Just doesn't seem right to me, am I right in complaining about the £25?
  9. Yeah alot of people have said need evidence, but there was also no training from my employers what so ever regarding computer use, breakage etc. Plus i advised my doctor that the pain initiated from work and progressed to other areas after months.
  10. well it doesn't say company name, but thats me protecting the firm name. nothing signed from my end on paper, but they did put the money through into my account, really hope that can't stop my claim.
  11. Right i have been suffering from RSI from work, standard mouse and keyboard stuff and work were aware of the situation. Upon leaving recently i did not make my employers aware that i was going to potentially seek legal action, only going to proceed if im entitled. Anyway upon leaving i was given a signed letter by my director (not signed by me), nor explained to me which stated the following: "Please note that on acceptance of your final wage you agree that you do not hold any outstanding dues against (company name)" Is this legal and can it protect them from any workplace
  12. khy86

    Medical Negligance

    Around 14-15 months ago my brother started having serious upper back pains. After going to doctors they noticed a vitamin D deficiancy and put him on tablets. This still didn't sort his problems and after numerous checks and x-rays they just put him on pain killers for all that time, and as a result he was in pain everyday. About 3 weeks ago he had an MRI scan, admitted into hospital the same day and pretty much into quarantine the day after as it turned out he had spinal TB. As a result of the damage caused by the infection he had to be operated on and a titanium bracket was placed into
  13. i managed to cancel with no problems, they said it didn't affect me, but i came out with that one day it might, so legally i can cancel...she put me on hold and gave in, cancelled the same day. Its really easy to do and well worth it
  14. p.s. i was joking about the sick thing u fool. Which is why i put the wink. sorry Mrshed, i missed your post, do you have any idea what Tesco will do in this situation. Anyway ill inform some sort of agency and see what happens, then ill check with Tesco.
  15. £30, its a year, i was hoping for £30,000 . o well one can only hope. Do you think i will get more if i pretend i have stomach cramps . I think ill get some advice from the citizens advice bureau. and yes i have packaging and receipt
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