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  1. I think, from their Facebook post, it was their doorstep. They don't specifically state that but do go on to say they have no fencing so everyone has a direct view of the door.
  2. I gave advice on the Facebook site explaining this was an issue with Game and their liability regarding the delivery. As it was neither placed in to their possession nor left in an agreed safe place, Game are liable. I advised they write or email game quoting the legislation (as already mentioned earlier in this thread). As far as I know, nothing came of it and Game are refusing to take any further action. As far as I can tell - DPD were advised to leave the parcel at a neighbours house 4 doors down as the alternative safe place. - DPD did not do this and left the parcel on the doorstep. - Item was not there and has, by all appearances, been stolen. - Lots of phone calls with Game who refused to accept liability. - Advised to send them a letter/email outling their obligations under the Consumer Goods Act and highlighting how they had failed these obligations. - Demand a refund or replacement giving a reasonable time frame. - This was, by the response on Facebook, done. Game still refuse liability. Since then, all is quiet. If this were me I wouldn't be letting this lie. Court action seems like the next step but...they've disappeared.
  3. For repairs I have to email the letting agent just to let them know what needs doing and that's it. They have no further involvement. I've then got to contact the handyman directly and let him know and it is he that speaks to the landlord to get permission. I call or text him nearly everyday tbh. It's not a national company, just a local business. As for smoke alarms, they need to be fitted on every floor - a fireman told me when they came to my old house to see if I had smoke alarms (which I did) as they were fitting them for free. It possibly isn't retrospective though so older tenancies may not require them It's all a bit of a mess around and I'm thoroughly fed up. I know what's what now though so I'm just going to sit on it until we want to leave and then give him a chance to settle it without court. Unlikely, but we shall see. I'll probably be back in a few months to get some advice. Thank you
  4. They did. It's all in the tenancy agreement. Says something like "the deposit has been transferred to the Landlord as requested. He has been advised to protect the deposit..." etc. Plus being a Landlord is his job. He has a huge portfolio of properties.
  5. I haven't got an energy certificate either. Nor did I get that guide to renting leaflet/booklet. I know he can't serve one now but wasn't sure he could afterwards as "revenge" and just wanted to check. I think I'm going to wait it out until we leave next year then hit him with the claim. At that point he can't protect the deposit to get out of court action Thank you. Usually I wouldn't contemplate this at all, but so far he is showing himself to be a landlord that won't do repairs never mind a gas safety check. And I'm annoyed.
  6. Hi all. Ok, so I know the law surrounding deposits so I'm 100% sure my landlord is in the wrong. We paid a deposit of £400 on the 28th June 2019. We have had no notification of the deposit being protected and a quick check of the main three shows it's not with them (not sure if there are others I can check). We paid the deposit to the letting agent but, in the tenancy agreement, it states that the deposit is handed to the landlord who has been informed that he must protect it. Now, I'm not about to go diving in demanding compensation or start court action yet. At the moment, the fact we didn't get the prescribed terms within 30 days is enough to stop a Section 21 eviction should he wish to get us out for whatever reason. Bit of backstory I suppose. The landlord failed to make good repairs before we moved in. There was rubbish from the previous tenant and no cleaning had been done either. The repairs are still all outstanding - this includes a broken hob, broken internal doors, broken kitchen units amongst other things. He has also failed to ensure there is a CP12 gas safety certificate and there are no smoke alarms and, despite me telling the letting agent repeatedly, this is also still outstanding (another reason a Section 21 can't be done). It's a managed property so I can't contact the landlord direct. I'm going to say he's a bit of a rogue landlord - our neighbour has the same issues (same landlord, same letting agent) so I'm pre-planning. Anyway, best get to my point. If, and when, we decide to take this further (I'm waiting to see if he becomes a model landlord first...) and we end up having to take this to court - if the judge awards to us could the landlord then use a Section 21 as "revenge eviction" or, does the fact he didn't protect the deposit preclude him from this? To be honest, it's something I may not do until we want to move (not that we have a break clause in the tenancy so are stuck until June 2020 ) as I'm as sure as I can be that he won't pay it back. His issue is - I'm not an idiot and I know what his responsibilities are. I'm just trying to weigh up all the options. Thanks for reading
  7. Going to guard it It's going in my filing box thing that I've got where important docs are stored.
  8. Thank you. Am relieved. They chose to wipe up to September 2013 (which is only 5 years) and I'm not entirely sure why. But I have the letter now so I don't mind at all. Maybe they just thought it wasn't worth the hassle? Some of it would have been SB for sure as they started chasing the 2011 bill in April 2012 and, apparently, defaulted me in July 2012 (I haven't got a default from them though. I just checked). And I've just realised the default would have dropped off by now. But I've never noticed one on there anyway.
  9. Update. Southern Water have sent me a whole load of information after I sent them a SAR request. In their letter they have stated that they have removed charges up to September 2013 and won't be pursuing the rest. The matter is closed. Phew.
  10. I've just seen this, sorry. It's for £700 and odd quid. It wouldn't get as far as bailiffs as I will pay what I owe. Rather do it before a CCJ is granted tbh. Just got to wait for all the info from sw and go from there. Thanks for the heads up though
  11. Oh ok. No I didn't tell them, they just wrote to me. Anyway, regardless I just wanted to know if UKSL should have given me chance to pay before issuing lba. They're not the most helpful DCA I've come across... Thanks anyway. Until I get info off sw I'm in status quo anyway.
  12. Bill is for an old address. But they have my current address too (I don't live in the area anymore so sw aren't my supplier).
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