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  1. A lot of companies record all sales calls and keep them for a certain amount of time. If you have not signed a contract it is then up to Vodafone to prove that you agreed to this. If it was me I would withold any payment till it is rectified. Be aware though that you may get temporarily cut off. From my own experience though, it is very hard to get money back that you have overpaid.
  2. We are a company who recently went into administration. The MD bought back the company after it was administered. We have opened a new company but the phone company cut off the phones - incoming and outgoing calls. They were outstanding monies from the old company and they haven't yet been given notice of how much they will receive from the administrator. They cut the phone lines off within 5 mins of being notified of the administration. We spoke to BT and ordered new phone lines and asked for our old numbers (I am under the understanding that BT own the phone numbers and if a line has been cu
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