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  1. Hi, Thanks very much for your reply, if I can't change suppliers then I may have a problem, but hopefully not. You are correct that my water supplier is Welsh Water, I'm actually in credit by £8 with them over the year. I'm also on benefits, and paying back a loan from the Social Fund. With the cavity wall insulation my usage should be lower, so do you have any ideas about negotiating the new DD. Is there a formula etc, sort of before and after. I'll defintely give WW a ring tommorow:), seems strange to me that a water company can potentially help when the gas supplier can'
  2. Hi Folks, Sorry for the long post, questions are at the end. Just had my latest bills and I am in arrears which I wasn't expecting. Gas £440 Electric £160 When I moved here approx a year ago I had no idea what the payments should be so I asked Swalec, and they set gas at £35 and electic at £25. They want to increase my DD to £99 and £40 respectively, I don't have this sort of money. After speaking to umpteen people, according to them my average usage is £60 and £30pm. I had free cavity wall insulation installed a couple of months ago, via Tesco of all people so n
  3. Sent this a few minutes ago to OFT Dear Sir, All of the above have been contacting me regarding a debt which is statute barred. In the letters they say that they may take legal action via the county court, may apply to make me bankrupt, may instruct a legally approved door step collector etc. All of this causes a degree of stress which is unacceptable, and legally unenforceable. I have read on your press releases that dca’s should not persue debts once they have been advised in writing that the debt is statute barred. Why not change the rulin
  4. Just rang OFT, can't discuss ongoing enquiries but they did point me to this, a decision about practises the above are certainly guilty of. The Office of Fair Trading: OFT imposes requirements on Mackenzie Hall to improve handling of disputed debts With regard to statute barred debts the fine can be upto £50,000.
  5. Would be interesting to know who has actually been punished and what action was taken. Don't have a clue personally how to find this information. Happy to create a new thread and do the research if someone can advise where to start.
  6. Hi Everyone, I've read loads of threads/posts where the above muppets have been reported to Trading Standards and the Office Of Fair Trading etc. Has anyone ever received notice that action has been taken against them, I know they are still upto their old tricks cos they are still sending me letters. Cheers Wooks001
  7. Gave in and paid the £50 fee. Certainly leaves a bad taste though.
  8. I did apply for income support but was turned down. On the form that shows how much housing benefit you get there's something to the effect that the government reckons you only need £83 to cover all your needs. Since I get more than this, they deduct it from the rent. My income isn't going to increase, but the landlords fees are, £50 will probably be £75 next year. For doing what?
  9. Just incapacity, don't qualify fir anything else cos I can walk. Would like to find some work I can do from home, but most adverts seem to be scams
  10. Don't know mate about a loan. Even if I got one how would I pay it back!!. For over 20 years I never spent a day out of work, now I'm reduced to begging, cos of ill health.
  11. Hi, thinking of taking this with me tomorrow:- I genuinely do not understand this situation, I wish to renew my tenancy for a further 12 months but am prevented from doing so because of the £50 fee which I do not have. I have been a tenant of yours for over 2 years and during this time have caused you no problems. Had you issued a new contract by post, housing benefit would have paid the increase in rent from the date of the new contract onwards. Effectively you have lost £100 already. I still don’t have the £50, and if you evict me then you will lose another £100
  12. No idea on the leagle stuff at all. Made good neighbourhood friends etc so comfortable. There are potentially other properties but don't have the bond, advanced rent etc.
  13. Sorry mate, posts crossed over. Already on a rolling contract, he's told council that I have already been issued notice to quit (wrong - may have instructed the previous agent but they haven't done it yet), and that there won't be a rent increase unless I sign a new contract.
  14. P.S. Landlord refuses to negotiate the fee "payable in all cases", nor will he post a new contract. I have to make an appointment which I have done for 100hrs tomorrow. Short notice I know but I have only just found this site. Should I cancel and wait for advice?
  15. Difficult to answer this without naming names but I'll try. Landlord is called bloggs, he has a company called K Bloggs with whom I initially registered, company employs some members of his family. For some reason he transfers management to another letting agent. 2 months ago transfers management back to K Bloggs
  16. Hi, I registered with my landlord in July 07 and paid a £300 registration fee. Six months later he had engaged another agent who wanted to charge £10 to issue another contract. Didn't like it but paid it. Contract is now due for renewal with the original landlord but he wants £50 to issue a new contract, and to increase the rent by £10. Housing Benefit have agreed to make a discretionary payment to cover the rent increase on a short term basis, but not the fee. Are these fees legal?, by paying £300 I thought I had already paid for this. Any advice would be most apprecia
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