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  1. Had a letter from the FOS yesterday, they have asked HSBC to send them the information they have on my complaint so they can investigate further. Presumably this means copies of letters, emails etc. This info will then be passed to the adjudicators who will then contact me. Process could take upto 12 weeks. Spent yesterday scanning all letters from HSBC and compiling these into a document along with emails, messages I've sent and received in chronological order.. So far it's 30 pages long and starts with my first email & message to HSBC informing them I'm in the smelly stuff and
  2. If he is dodgy then he's made a mistake - fingerprints on your phone. B Gas will be well unhappy too and they have loads of dosh to make Crapquest miserable.
  3. Done, asked them if HSBC are allowed to do this as they are well aware that the account is in dispute and a complaint raised with the Ombudsman.
  4. I wouldn't give them/confirm any information, just quote the reference number off the letter they sent. There's no way you could know this without having received the letter in the post.
  5. Hi cb, Got to be a downside though, waiting for the paperwork to see what it is. Already know of one potential problem, arrears for utilities will be wiped out too. Spent ages negotiating a while ago to pay them at a £10 a month which I'm happy with. Wondering what they will do if they are wiped out. Contacted ofgem yesterday to see if there are any rules/guidelines on the issue.
  6. Default notice arrived this morning, 3 weeks to pay £xxx I don't have or it goes on my credit file. Doubt if they will remove it once its there, and not much chance of negotiating a fair repayment before then with their attitude.
  7. Rang National Debtline this afternoon and they are sending out forms for a DRO. They reckon its the best thing to do with HSBC's attitude, part from knackering my credit record for 6 years it seems like a possible option. Any opinions on DRO's please.
  8. Rang the FOS this morning, they have logged my email and asked me to return a signed form to them giving permission for them to act on my behalf. Case is now with the ajudicator, so I guess it depends how busy they are. Had a CC statement this morning, more charges and interest, also mentions a default sum whatever that is.
  9. Thanks for your help folks in drafting my letter to the FOS. I've emailed it to the guy who I dealt with in June to start the ball rolling, and will call him tomorrow to confirm receipt and check he hasn't moved on etc. No idea what if any response to expect or when, but will update this thread when I've news.
  10. Ok this is the draft of the letter I'm sending to the FOS, can anyone suggest anything to add please before I send it off. Further to our telephone conversation in June I have been unable to resolve the situation with HSBC. I first contacted HSBC at the end of May 2012 and before I missed my first credit card payment, to advise them that I was in financial difficulties and could no longer meet my monthly payments. I also provided them with a court oriented income and expenditure document, and advised them that I only wished to discuss the situation in writing or by email.
  11. Thanks for your replies, I'm trying to read about up about bcobs before drafting a reply but it's not easy at the moment as a migraine is starting and I can't see too well. Taken some meds and if it goes away I'll draft something today if not then tomorrow. Not at all convinced that reminding them of the rules will work but will give it a ago. Have quoted the oft guidlines in the past but they simply ignore that part of the letter.
  12. HSBC do not have my number so I don't think this is relevant.They just send me loads of letters/emails asking me to contact them. Advised them many times that I only wish to discuss the matter in writing, and they reply please call.....
  13. Ok, the fact that nobody has replied makes me wonder about the advice to communicate in writing only. I don't want to talk to them over the phone because I get upset, they refuse to discuss in writing. Is there a legal basis for my position which I can quote, or are the banks allowed to make up their own rules.
  14. Well, still haven't made any progress with this lot. Latest letter from them makes it clear that we are at an impasse. Despite doing everything I can including recovering £150 from an unprocessed refund, their financial guidance team cannot agree a reformal repayment solution without speaking to me. I quote "Whilst I appreciate your preference to be contacted by email, I confirm that we are unable to set up a repayment plan if you are unwilling to discuss your current circumstances by telephone." What more can I do?, I informed them of my difficulties before I missed my first payment,
  15. Why are they being nice after the nasty phone calls etc is my first thought. Others can advise better but I'd ignore the letter, sounds like they need you to admit something.
  16. Sign up at noddle.co.uk for free credit checks and to find out what the current situation is in respect of your credit file. Charges etc could have been added which you are not aware of, and the debt could have been defaulted. Info seems to be about a month behind equifax etc but it is free. Apart from writing to Argos to see if they will accept a proposal and checking your credit record I don't know what else to suggest at the moment. It may well be a case of waiting to see what comes through the letter box.
  17. It's all the same place, lowlife, red debt etc just use different box numbers. There are templates for SB letters on the forum, better to quote the regs to them and send the letter recorded.
  18. It's about what I am expecting, had the may issue a default letter already and despite them saying the have followed their procedures no answers to my questions, or sensible response to my situation. Think I'll just see what happens. Thanks for the info.
  19. Well that's one gone anyway, it's just the way lowlife carry on their business. From what I understand you have advised them it's statute barred, and like others have said it's up to them to prove it's different. Pain in the wotsit I know, but maybe they will give up.
  20. Ok, if it's less than 6 years it's not statute barred. If CSL are acting for Argos then they are probably on commision and looking for quick bucks, if they return the debt to Argos then they may instruct someone else, or indeed sell the debt on which means someone else will start the process again. Since you are obviously willing to pay something towards the debt I'd try and negotiate with Argos direct, they may come to an agreement if they know regular payments are on the way. Was your cheque cashed btw or returned. CSL have definitely broken the rules by contacti
  21. If they fit a pre-payment meter they may well pre-load it to claim the debt back, explain that the debt is not yours and they should not do this. Apart from the inconvenience side I don't think gas etc costs any more now by pre-payment meter.
  22. How old is the debt with Argos, do you have any paperwork showing when you last paid anything.
  23. Response from HSBC 020812 - Per.pdfWell I hope this works, scan became a thumbnail when uploaded!! Hopefully here is a pdf of the letter. Response from HSBC 020812 - Per.pdf
  24. It really isn't worth the time. If I take out the personal info there's nothing left. Simply refers me to their final response which is full of phone numbers to call, no addresses at all. As far as they are concerned they have followed standard procedures and my complaint cannot be upheld, but they will cooperate with the FOS and abide by their decision.
  25. Well got a response, a whole page which says nothing new. Ignored the part about communicating by email. They acknowledge my comments about proof of benefits but still require them, and because I am in the process of providing them have suspended calls for 30 days. This after I have specifically asked to be contacted in writing or by email only, plus I removed my number from their system. Talk about banging heads against walls!! Any ideas apart from doing nothing.
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