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  1. Haven't got that far yet still waiting for compensation (surprise surprise). Going to ask but I doubt they will agree cos they lost.
  2. Hi Wendy, the attached document is how I created a log to get my head around who said what and when. Don't know what the experts think but it helped me at the time.
  3. A spreadsheet is probably the easiest way to do this as you can easily insert new lines and columns, I got a bit lost with dates etc on my own case with the FOS.
  4. Since you have contacted your MP this link might be of use http://www.parliament.uk/briefing-papers/SN05178.pdf it's a guide for MP's re bancruptcy. (fonts gone crazy) It mentions something called a charging order which can last up to 12 years. If the trustee agrees to this (their primary duty is to serve the creditor) they retain an interest in the property but you don't have to sell. Might buy you some time to sort things out. Obviously I'm no expert just looking for things that might help. What has happened is wrong, plain and simple.
  5. Just done a quick search for local housing associations in Wales where I live, found one who represent over 70 housing associations and 153,000 properties. There are bound to be similar organisations where you live, how about giving one a ring for peace of mind. I know social services can be a funny bunch but if you have an offer of alternative accomodation from an association, it is secure. Not like a private landlord who can sell at any time.
  6. Obviously you want to keep your home and I don't know the details, but why would he have to, no reason why you can't rent somewhere to live. Local council/Housing Associations would help, and in your circumstances with a child to look after you should get priority.
  7. I think I'd also want a proper statement of payments etc so you can check they have worked it out correctly.
  8. I'd still give it a couple of days for advice, be as patient as you can. Law is very very complex and you need an expert . It might also be worth employing a Barrister rather than a Solicitor, I used one years ago for another matter and it was £500 fixed fee. Some place in Leeds but I can't remember the details. Can't say as I know much about law but I'd explore all options/costs and take my time. Don't know if this idea is worth exploring or if you have the time.., but how about contacting your local CC and seeing if there are any similar cases going on. I think you can sit in and
  9. I can understand how stressed you may be, wait for The Mould to get back to you. That way when you do speak to a solicitor/barrister etc you might be able to offer/suggest a defence, their answers should give you an idea of how competent they are in this area of law.
  10. Maybe but they have 6 months I think to apply the default. HSBC waited 3 months in my case.
  11. Default Jan 08 to now is only 5yrs 8 months. Very close, so you need to buy time.
  12. Mould I think cheeseysocks has got his date wrong, in the first post he states 19/8/13 not 19/7/13 as the date the SD was hand delivered.
  13. Possibly the latter which is why you need to check your file. Trust them at your peril. Default date is roughly when you started to miss payments, if it's not on your file then it's probably SB and I'd tell them to prove it isn't.
  14. Trouble is that by the time lowlife etc are informed they have caused all sorts of mischief. We didn't know isn't much of an excuse then, it's about time the rules were changed to stop them.
  15. Think Brig is right on this one, most policy's offer a refund if cancelled but after a certain number of months this is 0. You can cancel (probably with an admin fee) but you lose any remainder. Did this a few months ago to get the proof of ncb as it was cheaper than changing vehicle with my existing insurer. I am wondering though what proof of ncd you used with the new insurer, if the AA policy was still running as they didn't cancel. Only mentioning this because they can deny any claim you might need to make if you give them a reason. Could potentially cause you major problems if the
  16. This sort of behaviour happens all too often with DCA's, they will bend/break the rules and then plead sorry it was a genuine mistake etc. To put an end to it I think you will need to prove it is statute barred by obtaining a SAR from the original creditor. This will prove date last payment made etc, and you can then send this information to Lowell's in a statute barred letter. You could just send the SB letter but chances are they will just pass it on or ignore without proof. Ex-directory just means your number doesn't appear in the phone book, it is still available via 192.com if y
  17. The only issue I've had with experian etc was when my local council miss-spelt my address (voters list). Had to wait months for an update to be issued to experian etc, could it be that simple for you - current or a previous address..
  18. Personally I'd cancel the cheque, she only paid under duress. I think you need to send a SAR to ascertain the last date payment was made, let them prove the debt is still collectable. I think it costs £400 to apply for bancruptcy , so they aren't going to do this unless they think they can collect. You mentioned earlier that she had written saying that she could only pay a proportional amount to each creditor, but at the same time you say her credit file is clear. Have I missed something or does she have more old debts to deal with.
  19. The credit report will give you a list of your wife's debts and who currently owns them. There is a chance that this loan is statue barred or very close to it, it really does depend when the last payment was made. Try and dig out old bank statements etc, anything which will confirm this. DCA's can get quite agressive when the date is close, cos they lose any legal options and the debtor can just say not paying - statute barred. If you are having problems with experian try noddle, it's not quite as up to date but it is free.
  20. OC = Original Creditor, who was the loan with. PPI has been mis-sold loads of times, so there is a chance it can be claimed back. Same with any life insurance sold with the loan. So the guys on here can help you need to give as much info as possible e.g. Date loan taken out Who with How long for Date last payment made Charges added by DCA's Try and get the wife to talk about it and see if she has any paperwork. These **** bags often don't have a leg to stand on, they just buy debts for pence and try it on to see if they can claim loads. Chances are she has had th
  21. Hi Brig, I've been harassed by DCA's and reported them but never found out the outcome. Will the results of your mass complaint be made public. Cheers Wooks
  22. In answer to the original question - email, the answer is nothing. Been there with HSBC and the Ombudsman accepted their view that email is not a secure method of communication. If a company is willing then that's ok, and it's quick and free which is why I prefer it. But you can't force them even though it's your data etc.
  23. Because of the size of the alleged debt, crapquest are likely to send loads of letters. But the truth is that unless you own your own home there is very little they can do, although they MAY threaten all sorts of things. Since you have children, I doubt they can force a sale anyway. Santander have sold the debt on so they don't think they can collect, chances are nobody else can either. I'd sit down and work out your income and expenditure to see if there is anything left to potentially pay them with. If the answer is no then you have nothing to fear, even if it goes
  24. All I can say is that I hope it never happens to me, it's absolutely appalling. Have you considered contacting your MP, the law needs to be changed so that there is a single point of contact for this sort of situation. No way you should have to write to all the credit agencies, they should be required in law to update each other. If a default etc is placed on someones file by mistake, compensation should be automatic and in proportion to the damage caused. I'm sure people have been denied a mortgage etc because of this sort of thing, and the stress involved must be immense. Hope you ca
  25. I totally agree mate, but I'll see how it goes for now and update later. Signed the petition by the way, currently being pressured into doing charity work. If I could do charity work regularly, I'd do paid work wouldn't I.
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