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  1. Have a read at this folks, looks like a trustee is appointed by the court, and can be removed by the court!!. Must be a way to complain then. http://bankruptcy.cleardebts.co.uk/bankruptcy_trustees.html
  2. Wendy, researching this but it's somewhere to start. Google Trustees Act 2000, if I can find a regulator etc I'll post it up.
  3. It's games Wendy, she doesn't want a paper trail. I think trustee's are appointed by the court, maybe they can advise on a complaint. Your ex could complain too, he is very worried about his share of the equity, trustee ignoring his requests as to how to contact him etc.
  4. Just reply stating that your ex has already contacted her by email, please comply with his request. He's your ex right, you don't know his number so why is she contacting you if she wants to contact him.
  5. I'd get everything in writing, not exactly trustworthy are they!! If you do ring make sure you can record the conversation.
  6. Hi Wendy, Well done for getting to grips with the computer issues, all scans are perfectly readable now. Even a novice like me can now see the unfair charges and the fact that your bank took your benefits making things worse. Wish you all the best Wooks
  7. It's always up to the individual what action they take, but if they don't take their complaints to the governing bodies how do they expect the phone calls and other forms of harassment to stop. The only way I could get my bank to behave was to involve the FOS, and in the past have made complaints to the Police re harassment. In both cases the outcome was in my favour.
  8. Just had a thought, if printer settings/paper was set to landscape and you fit to page you'd get this.
  9. Hi Wendy, It's a pdf alright but it looks odd, like the document was scanned at A5 size not A4. Text isn't readable at this size. Think this was the worst quality one though. Wooks
  10. Wendy you have left the account number on default 2, would be best to edit the post I think. Apart from that I think they should be good enough for the experts to comment on. Talk about small print!!.
  11. Not sure what problems you are having uploading documents, so we will have to start from scratch. Computers can be very frustrating at times, but you'll get there in the end. First question is what version of windows are you using, I've never used Windows 8 but the principle is the same. First I scan the documents and save them as a jpg to keep file sizes small. Next I use MSPaint to remove personal information, save the file and then copy it. Then I open Wordpad and paste the jpg in using a new page for each file. This will give you a Word document which can be saved and printed.
  12. Unfortunately I'm not legally trained so can't advise. What I do know is that what has happened is wrong, plain and simple. Could we all (thousands of us) complain to our MP or Wendy's one, if they get fed up of complaints they might get involved.
  13. Normally you are correct never speak to them, but you have a problem and are offering money rather that them chasing it. You could send the letter by courier next day, can't think of any other option.
  14. I don't trust any DCA so I understand your situation. But if I was a DCA and you were offering 10 years worth of payments for example it would be foolish to refuse just because of a couple of days. You could ring them if time is a problem, your family need a bit more time to get the money together.....
  15. I don't know anything about how courts work, but it seems sensible that if the claimant is happy they would be too. You could always phone and ask first.
  16. Get confirmation in writing from their "client", or can you make payment through the court. Would be worth a small fee for peace of mind.
  17. Not much else to say. He'd been with BT for 20 odd years, same number. Tried to ring him the other day, number not recognised so emailed. He took the next day off work, rang BT who told him sky had disconnected him.
  18. Hi, hope this is the correct section of the forum. Sky have disconnected my brothers phone without permission or warning, he's not even a sky customer. When he complained they said it would be 2 weeks before it could be put right (industry standard) and they couldn't guarantee he would get the old number back. He needs to complain in writing so who does he contact and what legislation relates to this please. BT have given him a different number for now, but it's going to be a real pain if he has to advise everyone of a new number, and he will no doubt miss calls in the meantime
  19. It's my understanding that when a default is issued, interest and charges stop being added to the account. HSBC acted "fairly" because they stopped adding interest and charges within 6 months of my last payment. Will try and dig out the paperwork and scan exactly what was said.
  20. I took HSBC to the FOS and complained about them adding interest to the account. Was told that charging interest for 6 months prior to issuing a default was acceptable. Hope you can get some of yours back but I wouldn't be too hopeful.
  21. You should only be contacted by one company at any given time in respect of any debt, but if the debt is valid there isn't much you can do to stop them contacting you. Debts tend to get sold on and on, so it's likely that over time there will be several company's trying to collect until it is eventually statute barred. If you own your own home check your credit file regularly, as dca's are becoming more likely to take legal action.
  22. The trustee acts for the creditor not the debtor. I am not an expert but I think this matter can only be settled in a higher court, trustee is just fobbing you off.
  23. Ok folks update time:-). First thing is I've made a donation to the site as promised, wish it could be more. It's vital this site keeps running so help if you can. Compensation arrived this morning, late as I expected, but it makes me smile to be making token payments with their money for the next six months:-D. Would rather have done without the hassle though. Going to try and summarize what happened below, and if anyone in a similar situation has questions just ask and I'll help if I can. If you are reading this then the chances are you might be in the same situation as
  24. I did ask HSBC to freeze interest and charges and they replied we only do this in exceptional circumstances, but wouldn't say what these were. They also advised that they do not set up repayment plans for customers who are not in employment, and refused to set one up anyway because I refused to speak to one of their advisors despite being required to do so in their procedures. Hence my appeal to the Ombudsman and compensation which arrived this morning:-). Default notice was issued ages ago so they have stopped now anyway. Ombudsman has ordered them to accept token payments hence
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