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  1. The laptop was the business laptop, it was in my own personal laptop bag, i returned to work that day and was called out into the car park and dissmissed there. I could not at that time go back into the office as they would not allow it, the information in the bag was my own personal information in my bag. At the time i was too busy wondering what was to happen to me as we had paid fully for a holiday and i now had no job and no money. I had kept the information secure as it was with me. I can not keep it secure if i am not allowed back into their office.
  2. I have an ongoing tribunal this month with my previous employer, but a question i have is this. I asked if i could come to the office to collect some paperwork that was important to me, they replied that i could get access for this. Now i work away and usually have limited acces to emails, my previous employer then went through my laptop bag and scanned (as directors they would not have done this) my personal medical paperwork (and made comments about this that were derogatory and in depth so they have obviously read them) and my personal financial paperwork stating that i had numerous debt letters. Now they also copied in my wife (she did not work for them or had ever met them and had not given them her email and neither had i) and my union rep and their legal team, they suggest that i was hiding this information from my fie (which i most definitely was not, this was to cause problems as they never included her in any emials prior or post). Surely this must be a data protection breach as i have given them no permission to do this and my wife. Please can someone advise.
  3. Nothing would stop me meeting the 10th. ....it is their legal team saying they dont know if they will be able to meet the next deadline of the 10th ( as there are three deadlines for information.....6th 10th 13th because they say this has delayed them)
  4. Hi and thank you very much for your advice, it was meant to be in on the 6th just gone and i had that in late that night as i work away. They have responded today stating that it is incorrect as it does not have the information mentioned above. They also say it can not be used as it has without prejudice in the heading.... ..but as i say i simply replied to their email and not start a clean email so the heading remained. The next deadline is the 10th.... ..although i i have already forward all relevant details that they would need for this deadline anyway.... ...should i still ask for an extension?
  5. I have no legal rep apart from my union rep who really does not seem to be helping at all. I received confirmation of a tribunal hearing date and three deadlines to supply information to the respondent. One was the 6th just past which asked me to explain my losses which i did......but that was not correct. It wasnt until i delved deeper i learned that i had to submit a schedule of loss. Now i filled this in with what i believed to be my losses, but my previous emplyers legal team have said that this was not correct as it does not contain any information on steps taken to reduce my loss (including any earnings or benefits received from new employment) now when i was dissmised (firstly simply because "it was not working out" and then when i challeneged this it was changed to gross misconduct) i was unempoyed for three months before i took my new job, i wasnt aware that that could be a loss. Please please can someone assist me on how to complete properly a schedule of loss...... ..their team have also said that my original email could not be accepted as the heading was "without prejudice" this was there because i simply replied to their email and that was in the heading. Now i sent this on the 6th and they have only responded to me today and said they may now not be able to meet the next deadline of the 10th because of this. Do you think it would be possible for me to ask them to grant a day extension to cover this. Hopefully someone can help as this is really stressing me and i have no legal knowledge.
  6. No reply yet, the letter was sent four days ago. I'll be ringing them to let them know that I'm not happy with how it was transported (no foam lined box either)
  7. It was definitely not bubble wrapped, it was just in his hands with the power pack. And it was taken in the same manner.
  8. I didnt take any specifically as i didnt think i had any reason to. Stupid yes i know, but i genuinely had no reason to believe otherwise. Do i still follow through with my appeal and forward a letter of complaint with this?
  9. http://s28.postimg.org/8pm7qk0d9/image.jpg http://s9.postimg.org/4r8j328v3/image.jpg
  10. Sorry for the delay, ok, now I am fuming. I arrived home today and can't believe the state of my laptop, the hinges were damaged, but now it's been returned I can see the hinges are far worse than when it left. The driver never put the laptop in any box, it was just put in the back of a van.......I'm fumming!!! I'll put some pictures up.
  11. I have three items with the same plan, generally i buy about 3-4 items a year from them (or did until now) and ive claimed on one laptop 8 years ago where the fan stopped working and it overheated (fan was at the bottom of the laptop beleive it or not) ill take some pictures when i finish and put them on here.
  12. Monthly cover, and never claimed on it. Regarding screen bent back, no, but where the hinges have come out there are wires showing......it is unsafe.
  13. Ok, so i emailed the CEO from the email given. I have also sent a recorded delivery complaint in the same format. Yesterday I received an email back saying "as part of our customer action team, your correspondence has been passed to me to investigate and respond. I have been unable to locate your details on our system with the information provided in your email. If you would be kind as to forward on your address and receipt information do we can assist you. Yours sincerely Michael Hibbard. Now whether or not I received a speedy reply was because I sent it from my work email as a director at BT or not I don't know. I have provided them with my address, receipt would mean me looking through online banking over four years ago. But I will get that if needed. Peter
  14. I really didn't know that SOGA covered you up to six years later. Also, a friend who owns a small PC shop has said that the parts are probably no longer available due to the age, or would not prove cost effective to repair. So more than likely a new laptop would be required. Hence them rejecting the first instance.
  15. SAR for the report on inconsistency?? sorry but i am a noob to this. I wont give in though, i pay for a service and they have taken my money. Regards to DX100UK, i previously had a whatever happens cover for a Fujitsu laptop that went faulty after 2 years, and they replaced it without a fuss. Same with a washer, so i had no reason to believe that this would be different.
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