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  1. Surely Trading Standards must be informed of these [problematic]...
  2. When i joined ebay i didn't enter into any credit agreement and neither did i agree to any. More importantly, without a credit agreement they wouldn't have any basis for a claim...
  3. If the insurance was sold upfront as part of the loan (ie. a single premium payment protection policy) you should demand all of it back because in March 2007, the Financial Services Authority said it thought that policies sold by this method were likely to be unfair to consumers as they were restrictive and most didn’t allow refunds if a contract ended early.
  4. If they persist i would ask them to provide a credit agreement
  5. Hi, I had a call the other day from a salesman from a company called capital returns who asked me if i had any loans, ppi etc, so i stopped him and told them i knew all about that stuff and had already CCA'ed and claimed back everything i was entitled to. I was then asked if i had a mortgage and he said that the brokers fee and arrangement fee can be reclaimed, and as my mortgage will take me into retirement, it was sold to me illegally and i am entitled to compensation. He seemed really confident about getting loads of money back and asked if i would like them to act on my behalf and when i agreed he told me there would be a £995 upfront fee! So i suggested that if they win the money they can take it out of that, apparently their solicitors don't work that way... Seems all very fishy to me. Has anyone heard of Capital Returns? Their website doesn't give much away. What about the money he said they could claim back and telling me that my mortgage was mis-sold to me as it takes me into retirement? Does anyone know if theres any truth in this? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Excellent, thanks for the reply, will send on monday morning.
  7. I have recieved a letter from EOS solutions that says they are collectiong on behalf of paypal private ltd who they claim i owe over £100. I know nothing about this so whats the best thing to do? Can i ask for a credit agreement and do i need to send a £1 fee? Thanks in advance.
  8. You could try what evancosmo suggested....
  9. I have heard the same thing from the ICO and the FOS but my argument is that i am not disputing the existence of the debt, but the fact that no CCA has been provided means that the creditor cannot enforce the debt at all. I have just sent a long email to Brighton and my local TS departments pointing out the UCPD and the CPUTR 2008. Hopefully they will take some action. Lloyds TSB can't continue to get away with this, they have no regard for what is lawful or otherwise whatsoever and need to be stopped, i will take it all the way to court if it comes to it...
  10. Excellent, thanks for the link babybear, i am going to write to theirs and my TS dept. immediately
  11. Thanks for the reply, I think i will look into the court option, it's a bit daunting but i really don't want to let them get away with it. Still not sure whether I should complain to TS though....? Surprise, have you made any complaints about your situation?
  12. I asked for a copy of my credit agreement relating to a loan i have with Lloyds TSB last November, of course my request was completely ignored as were all my subsequent letters notifying them of the default. Despite the dispute, Lloyds have continued to apply interest, and lodged a default and have passed the account to BLS collections who i have refused to discuss the account with. I want the default removed as Lloyds TSB should not have lodged it while the account is in dispute so I complained to ICO who replied saying that the default was lodged fairly and they wont get involved with s.77 CCA issues and referred me to the OFT who i have already complained to anyway. I also complained to the FOS about the breach of 13.7 ofthe banking code but i know from experience that it will take ages and most likely wont come to much anyway. I did receive a letter from Lloyds a week or so ago which appears to be a response to a letter i sent to BLS collections telling them that i wont deal with them and why. The response from Lloyds basically tells me that the default was issued because i didnt keep to the terms of the agreement and that they are aware of the dispute but they intend to continue with enforcement action anyway! I replied telling them that i will provide the OFT with a copy of their letter as evidence of their breach of the OFT's final guidance on unfair business practices. What i need to know is; Who else can i complain to? I want the default removed but the ICO are'nt interested, the OFT won't investigate individual complaints (i have complained to them anyway), the FOS are useless and complaining to Lloyds is completely pointless. I was thinking about complaining to TS but not sure if it's something they would look at and if they would then which TS would i complain to? would it be my local TS or the department that serves Lloyds TSB CSRC? (which is Brighton in my case) Also i remember reading somewhere on here about a part 8 claim in the court so if anyone knows anything about this or my other questions i would be grateful for any response. Thanks in advance...
  13. Lloyds really are a law to themselves, i am currently fighting a battle with them that has been dragging on for nearly 2 years now and one thing i have learned is that Lloyds care about no one but themselves, they operate by procedure only without any regard for customer care, codes of conduct or even the law. Good luck with your complaint. Don't let them get away with it.... ;-)
  14. I'm not sure about the enforceability of your agreement but i see that you have been sold a single premium PPI policy. These types of policies sold under this method are frowned upon by the FSA so even if you find your agreement is enforceable i would certainly dispute it on that basis and demand a refund of your premium under the policy.
  15. Theres no date on the T&C's, but the bottom of the sheet is cut off...
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