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  1. Do you have a link to this guy's case, WAY?
  2. Thanks all. Gyzmo, taking them to court to seek some form of binding judgement, is exactly what I want to do. The big question is how to go about it?
  3. After receiving an erroneous demand from Barclaycard for 4005 Pounds, and politely telling them where to go, I received phone calls and letters from 1st Credit Ltd. I ignored these, then received a statutory demand from Connaught Collections UK Ltd, stated as on behalf of 1st Credit - Barclays Bank. Using a template from herein, I sent via recorded delivery to both Connaught and 1st Credit a CCA request for accounts, deeds, etc, and enclosed the statutory fee via P.O. To date, 1st Credit have completely ignored my request, (I think perhaps they and Connaught are one and the same), but kept the one pound fee. Connaught got back within the initial 12 days, stating: "I write with regard to the above matter and in particular your recent request for further information. I must advise you that we at Connaught do not hold such details at this office. Copies of the documents have been requested via 1st Credit - Barclays Bank and will be forwarded to you upon receipt. Your continued patience is requested. Please call should you need to discuss any of the above. Yours sincerely Mr. R Maggs" After allowing 12 days, plus a further 30 calender days, and failing to hear anything further, I wrote back to Connaught informing them they'd failed to discharge their statutory duty. I informed them they'd committed an offence and that I'd report them to Trading Standards, (which I have). Connaught replied with: "I refer to your letter dated xx/xx/xx. As advised in our letter to you on xx/xx/xx, the documentation you have requested has been requested from Barclays Bank via our client, the assignees of this debt, 1st Credit Ltd. This information shall be supplied to you upon receipt of same. We confirm no action shall be taken whilst we await this information. Yours faithfully Mr. D. Williams." So apart from one of them being faithful, and the other sincere, how can I cement this position? Can I go along to The County Court and instigate proceedings, with a view to permanently ending these clowns antics? Any advice or observations would be most welcome, and thanks in anticipation!
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