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  1. Just a quick update. I issued a dispute via Noddle. MyJar did not respond in time and the record was temporarily removed. I got an email yesterday from MyJar stating that they are changing the date to August 2011. Seems a fair outcome.
  2. Thanks. I'll contact them both right away. Most defaults on my credit file will clear in 3 years time. I was hoping to buy a house - get on with my life - once they had disappeared. This 3/4 year late default from nowhere is very upsetting as it will stick around for 6 years. It just seems very unfair.
  3. That would be great if you could, fkofilee. I do not deny I owe them money, but a default dated 4 years after I was in breach of the agreement is annoying!
  4. Would this invalidate the default notice... The date of the notice from MYJAR is December 2014. The date of the letter of assignment of the loan from txtloan to MYJAR is Feb 2015. The default notice was issued by MYJAR prior to them owning the debt. They have separate consumer credit licenses however they are under the same ownership. Effectively however MyJAR sent me a default notice in December and I would have little idea who they are and it is prior to the notice of assignment that was issued by txtloan in Feb 2015..
  5. Thanks for your post Bazooka Boo. I do owe money (although £600 is much more than the loan agreement), and the date they gave to rectify was 14 days. They only sent the notice by email, not by post. Also they stopped claiming fees or interest back in 2011 - so it was in default back then. Why add a default dated March 2015 when the default happened in 2011.
  6. Hi, I was checking my Noddle report and noticed a default by MyJar dated March 2015. At first I was confused as I had never heard of this company. Anyway after a quick google search they were related to txt loans with who I did have a loan with back in August 2011. I checked my old email account that I no longer use and noticed that they had sent me a default notice December 2014. The amount was for over £600. The original loan was for £300. What really frustrates me is that I did have serious financial problems in 2010/2011 however they have since passed. I was kind of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the defaults now becoming 4/5 years old. This newly registered default will now be on my credit file until 2021 which is a bit upsetting. Is there anything I can do about it? I sent them an email threatening ICO, trading standards, financial ombudsman and all sorts but they just replied back with.... The reason that the default has not been registered before now is that we have only recently begun sharing data with a credit reference agency. It was not therefore possible for us to register defaults before that time. Now that we do share account information with CallCredit, we have become obliged to send them updates and, where an account is seriously in arrears, to register a default.
  7. I have never heard anything so outrageous. I wouldn't even waste postage on sending him a letter.
  8. As long as he doesn't use that route regularly he is probably in the clear.
  9. Hang in there! This almost sounds a bit cruel to keep having adjournments? At what point does a judge just say this has gotten ridiculous and orders the case dropped!?
  10. I would see your solicitor. This is outrageous. For a start they have trespassed as the Warrant was incorrectly issued. If the electricity contract was in the name of another company then that is between the liquidators and Eon. Did you inform Eon as soon as you moved back in that the former company is no longer at your premises? If so they had no right to disconnect.
  11. You may wish to speak to a right of light chartered surveyor. Also the Party Wall Act does not have to be applied, it is voluntary. However, the courts take a dim view if notifiable works are undertaken outside the Act and especially so if damage occurs. In this case the bit of the Party Wall Act that applies relates to excavations. If they are within 3m of the neighbours foundations and go to the same depth as their foundations or cross a 45 degree line from the bottom of the foundations. I believe courts can demand that the PW Act is complied with, and it may be worth requesting the court to require the neighbour to serve a Party Wall Notice (if their excavations meet the above provision) as a part of any injunction.
  12. From what I know as Landlords do not share data with the CRA they can only view public things like CCJs/Bankruptcy/Electoral records - things that are published or of a public record. I don't think they can see defaults or payment history of accounts.
  13. Are the upper parts occupied by the Landlord? Do you pay a service charge which includes building maintenance (if so have you seen the service charge accounts)? What are your responsibilities under the lease with regard to repair? What are the Landlords responsibilities under the lease with regard to repair? From what you have said it sounds like the problem is the Landlords responsibility. I would speak to your solicitor and request that they write to the Landlord requesting that they undertake repairs to parts of the building that they are responsible for. Essentially the Landlord could be (the lease is king in commercial property) in massive breach and this could become far more expensive than just enacting the necessary repairs if he chooses to do nothing. *EDIT: Scrap all that I should learn to read as the leak has been repaired. It would definitely be covered by the Landlords insurers.
  14. You will have to pay Stamp Duty if you are also having a mortgage. You may possibly be able to force through a purchase if you are paying cash as the risk is all on you. Remember that your solicitor is also acting and owes a duty of care to the mortgage company. Without the HMRC certificate the solicitor cannot register the change in ownership with the land registry - putting at risk yourself and the mortgage company. I don't believe there is anyway to defer or come to any arrangement with HMRC regarding this tax. Speak to your solicitor however as they will know more than us!
  15. You can issue a Section 21 tomorrow but it would only come into effect at the end of the 12 month period. There are some breaches that would allow you to seek eviction before the end of the term. I cannot remember them all but it can be for things such as constantly being late paying rent, damaging the property, being anti social. That would require a court order and the breach would have to be substantial for a judge to agree an eviction. Generally it is best to issue 6 month leases. It gives you the Landlord more flexibility and if the Tenants are good you do not have to constantly issue new leases - just let it become a rolling lease and you will only ever need to give 2 months notice.
  16. What are the circumstances? Remember that you have contracted to the Tenant for 12 months. Short of them unreasonably damaging the property or not paying rent there is nothing you can do unless the Tenant chooses to leave which as someone said above you may have to pay compensation for (I would say at the minimum you should offer the removal costs and 1 months rent for a similar property). You will also be contracted to allow the Tenant quiet enjoyment of the property. It would be advisable not to harass your Tenants to leave.
  17. After 6 months of been on the WP I found a job (no thanks to them) That was about a 16 months ago and in February it will be 2 years since been referred to the WP. Anyway since then I have moved house earlier this year and never bothered to tell A4E. In fact I never told them I got a job and signed off. Got a fair few aggressive letters for missing appointments and phone calls for a few months until they got the message - then they demanded to get details of my employment! The last voice mail on my mobile a few months ago was asking if I was still employed and that they can provide extra support if I need it. My job is secure but I was just thinking hypothetically if I were to become unemployed tomorrow would I be sent back to these clowns and sent on the post WP thing after my two years despite being employed for the vast majority. At what point would it be a reset? I guess soon I am coming to the point where I can claim contribution based JSA rather than income based which I was on before.
  18. Hi, I have been having some trouble with these guys relating to a Wonga loan. They are claiming I owe £600. The debt is 3 years old. I have been getting 4/5 phone calls a day, 2 emails a day and numerous texts. I have been keeping a record of this. I have not yet received anything in writing. Anyway their calls (Mike a door step collecter seems to call me a lot ), emails and texts are all very threatening. I have fired them off a recorded delivery letter denying them a home visit and I have asked for a notice of assignment and a break down of the alleged debt (I might be interested in making an FF offer if they provided me with this info but I only want to pay the original loan and a months interest - around £250). However I have had no response to my letter. I have also sent replies to each of their emails asking for the above, again other than a confirmation of receipt I have had no response from MMF. What's more they like to send messages that I am refusing to contact them! I have only spoken once when they called me, and this was to ask about my letter and emails which they claimed they will be responding too (2 weeks ago). Any more advice? I have experience with numerous debt collectors as I was unemployed 3 years ago and defaulted on a lot of stuff but these chumps seem to be exceptional. I am in a better place now and I am trying to settle some of these debts but I am almost tempted to not bother with MMF and wait for them to take legal action before responding to them (or let the debt go statute barred).
  19. Sorry to necro this thread... I would have thought that this is the sort of case BTP/TOC/CPS(as it is fraud) would be all over. Since I would imagine this kind of fraud is on the rise and any victory/statistic is good for awareness and prevention.
  20. A bit off topic but when I was a student 5/6 years ago I always lived in purpose built places for students. For my final 2 years I lived in a brand new block, with a double bed and ensuite with nice kitchen/lounge and all new appliances - even had on site parking and all this was in a great spot in Manchester. On top of that it was good value and even better they aligned the rent payments to my student loan payments so easy to budget.
  21. I guess the success of this scheme should be judged against what jobs this group of people would get without any input from the Work Programme? For instance I found a job by myself - with no help from A4E.
  22. Hello. I am thinking of booking a holiday with holidaygenie.com. I cannot tell if this company is reputable or not. It has an ABTA license that is valid but some customer reviews are terrible. Usually I would steer clear of a company with 50/50 reviews but their prices are very good. Anyone here have any experience with this company before I give them my cash? Booking with a credit card is not an option for us as we do not have one.
  23. Charging someone on benefits or low incomes £15 is an incredible amount. Yes it certainly is. Quite a few people I know have been tempted to switching from a easycash card account to a reward current account with an overdraft of £250 Funny since in the past they say they were always turned down for an overdraft. The basic reward current account has no monthly fee and if you are careful its possible to avoid any charges. With an overdraft using it costs £1 a day -much less than the charges we have seen previously.
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